Chapter 697 - Wu Zhen’s End

Chapter 697: Wu Zhen’s End

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At noon in the An family’s mansion, Old Master Wu appeared, just as Qin Mo had said.

But he was smart, or rather, at this age, he understood the need to think twice before taking action.

He didn’t bring Wu Zhen, instead, he brought a box of superior tea, under the pretense of having a chat.

Old Master Wu said a lot, a large bulk of it was about the experiences they had when they were younger.

Old Master An listened, nodding occasionally with a faint smile on his face.

Once they were about done, Old Master Wu spoke, “Once Zhen’er falls for someone, she would start to act recklessly, losing the opportunity to explain. This is my fault because I have been indulging her actions, but you should know her nature. Both of them hadn’t caused any trouble but this time, Zhen’er arrested his member, someone who harbors many thoughts, causing the matter to escalate to this state. Old An, after all the years we have known each other, such a person isn’t worth it. You should know how Zhen’er treats Qin Mo, but some matters can’t be controlled, even the reason behind her profession is to get closer to him. No one expected this to happen. Zhen’er didn’t have malicious intent, she just brought him over for questioning. If it really angered Qin Mo, Zhen’er can just apologize. Why must he bring this to court? That would just hurt both sides.”

Old Master An listened. “Old Wu, let’s just leave them to settle their own problems. My grandson has been distant since young, his actions have never been within my control. Old friend, honestly, if Zhen’er really did something out of hand, you should just let go.”

Old Master An wasn’t ignorant, he had connections and could analyze the situation.

After his grandson came over, he contacted his old friends in Jiang City.

Even though he was in business and never dabbled in such matters, he knew that a case the crime squad prioritized would never be handled by an ordinary police station.

Moreover, after understanding more, he realized the head of that station had received favors from the Wu family.

Hence, the matter was clear; his grandson didn’t come over without reason.

Since his grandson has always watched over his teammates, he would never allow anyone to cause them trouble, especially not to the extent of keeping them in captive.

This morning, Old Master An specifically watched the recording of the competition, seeing the youngster press on despite his injury.

He seemed to have caught a shadow of his grandson in the youngster.

Hence, Old Mater An decided to stay out of this matter.

However, as an old friend, he needed to warn him.

Old Master Wu never expected that response.

There was clearly no hope, but he calmed down quickly, not showing anything.

The moment he left the mansion, his expression changed.

Wu Zhen was still waiting in the car. When she caught sight of her grandfather, she straightened. “Grandfather, how is it? What did Grandfather An say?”

Old Master Qu glanced at his granddaughter, his tone grave. “This problem lies with Qin Mo, Old An can’t make the decision, but Zhen’er, listen to grandfather, you have to let go of this matter.”

“What did I do, why do I have to let go?” Wu Zhen clenched her fingers, unwillingness tainting her gaze. “Grandfather, why are they all so ruthless? After all the years we have known each other, how can they do this to me? I have liked him for such a long time, how can he do this?”