Chapter 698 - Almighty Qin Takes Action

Chapter 698: Almighty Qin Takes Action

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Old Master Wu felt his heart tightened and he shut his eyes. “Do you know why grandfather wants you to let go? This time, if your Grandfather An were to help Qin Mo investigate, it won’t just be a court case. Right now, your Grandfather An has a clear stand, he already understands the situation and isn’t willing to help either side, but you should also be aware of Qin Mo’s ability. So Zhen’er, let it go.”

Wu Zhen wanted to say more, but her phone went off.

The call was from Director Huang.

The moment she picked up the call, her face darkened as it wasn’t an ordinary call ━ it was an official call to remove her from the crime squad.

Wu Zhen tightened her grip around the phone, her gaze sinking.

She didn’t seem to understand that she had violated the basic principles of police.

Instead, she placed all the blame on a certain someone.

It was probably because she never truly liked her profession that Wu Zhen wouldn’t understand that her actions were not fitting of that uniform.

After hanging up, Wu Zhen’s gaze was filled with malice.

“Grandfather, I worked hard for an entire year just to enter the crime squad, but now I’m kicked out because of that person. I can’t just let this matter rest, Grandfather An won’t help us right now, but once he finds out what sort of motives he has on Brother Mo, he would definitely give us a hand. I’ll listen to grandfather. This time, I will endure it and take a step back. Once the time is ripe, I’ll get everything back.”

Old Master Wu laughed. “It’s good you think this way. There is still hope, you just have to wait for it.”  ( NovelFull )

A pity that Qin Mo never intended for it to end so easily.

He arranged for a lawyer to fight the case.

Meanwhile, Old Master Wu used his connections because he assumed that Qin Mo was just a young person, but he was wrong.

Wu Zhen was no longer qualified to be a police officer and if it wasn’t for Old Master Wu’s connections, she would probably be facing jail time as well.

Even after spending large sums, he still wasn’t able to protect his granddaughter’s reputation.

Initially, Wu Zhen couldn’t accept the situation because of her background and knowledge on how to manipulate the loopholes for this case.

When the judge asked, she kept emphasizing. “It is worth it to place him under suspicion, which prompted my questioning. I was just doing my job.”

Wu Zhen remained secure and confident, knowing the system she based her argument on.

But the opposing lawyer caught her off guard. He pushed his spectacles. “It isn’t wrong to take action on a suspect, we have never questioned this point. But masking it as an official order and bribing the station chief is. Miss Wu’s actions were swayed by her own personal emotion and have caused harm to my client. We have the right to sue Miss Wu Zhen for exploiting her powers for personal reasons.”

Wu Zhen paled, she was clear who was behind that argument.

Brother Mo, you are too much.

Wu Zhen clenched her hands before loosening.

No, he wasn’t the ruthless one.

It was because of someone’s presence that caused a rift between the two of them and he even caused her to lose her rights as a police officer.

( NovelFull )  This hatred would never be forgotten.