Chapter 699 - Do You Wish to Kiss Me?

Chapter 699: Do You Wish to Kiss Me?

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Cars streamed past endlessly, the temperature falling.

Ever since their loss, Bo Jiu hadn’t shown up, making Zone C’s player Feng Shang very worried.

While Feng Yi wasn’t paying attention, he sneaked out and went to the Fu family’s mansion.

Feng Shang was prepared to sacrifice himself in order to comfort his idol.

Unexpectedly, his idol wasn’t even upset, instead, he was playing with a little warrior.

Super Mario, a game everyone was familiar with.

His idol played with utmost seriousness, a heated water bottle in his arms and a cup of red ginger water in his hands.

Feng Shang glanced over at the cup. “What is this?”

“I specifically made it for you. It’s cold outside, this can warm you up.” The youngster placed the game console aside, a sly smile on his face.

Feng Shang was touched, clutching the cup with both hands. “Id-idol, ho-how did you know I-I like ginger water.”

Bo Jiu lifted her lids, she must have overestimated Baby Feng’s intelligence in the past. “Drink up, there’s more in the kitchen.”

“Mmh!” Feng Shang nodded, his eyes bright.

A thought struck her, she inched forward, her left hand placed behind Feng Shang as her ravishing face approached him.

Feng Shang blushed instantly. “I-idol, you-you…”

“Aren’t you gay? Don’t you have a crush on me?” Bo Jiu lifted a brow.

Feng Shang widened his eyes. “How-how is that possible?! I-I like gi-girls!”

“Oh.” Bo Jiu seemed to have thought of something. After asking, she released her hand.

What did you mean by that?!

Feng Shang stuttered as he explained, “I-I worship you, idol, bu-but I am straight! Extremely straight!”

Bo Jiu looked at Baby Feng’s flushed face, muttering, “Such passiveness, you didn’t even fall for the Almighty.” How could you have fallen for her?

“I-idol, wh-what did you say?” Feng Shang wanted to hear it again.

Bo Jiu caressed his head, inching over, her voice falling into his ears. “If I’m like this, would you want to kiss me?”

Feng Shang watched as the heartbreakingly handsome face approached, his heart skipping a beat.

But this wasn’t the point.

The main point was that his idol had noticed him, but he wasn’t gay!

How should he resolve this? Waiting online for a response!

“Do you want it?” Bo Jiu whispered.

Feng Shang couldn’t stand it any longer, pushing him aside, shouting frantically, “N-no!”

After pushing him, Feng Shang regretted instantly. What if he hurt his idol’s feelings?

Feng Shang glanced at the person on the floor.

His idol seemed to be muttering again.

He could faintly hear the low voice. “Even Baby Feng, someone who seemed easily converted into a gay isn’t affected. That shows that I’m not the problem, maybe he has been gay all these while…”

He had been gay all these while?

Who was it?

Feng Shang was filled with questions.

And what do you mean by Baby Feng was someone easily converted into a gay?!

He was extremely straight, alright?!

Fortunately, after that, his idol seemed to have returned to normal, slouching on the wooden floor, his entire being emitting an aristocratic air.

Feng Shang sighed deeply, he could finally drink his red ginger water in peace.

But what exactly did his idol do today?

Was it because of the loss?