Chapter 7 - Young Master Qin Lifted His Eyebrow, Was He Rejected?

Chapter 7: Young Master Qin Lifted His Eyebrow, Was He Rejected?

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“He must be a rookie, but his skills don’t seem like a rookie’s at all. He got ten first-clears; Captain only had nine back then…” The cat-like young man changed the topic quickly. “But he is definitely no match against Captain. He’s not bad though. If we get him, along with Captain, our Supreme Alliance will be invincible!”

Qin Mo looked at the game figures on the screen. He didn’t say anything at first, but when he saw that person turn his weapon and devour everything around him with fire, he raised his eyebrow. “PM him.”

The cat-like young man’s eyes brightened up as he received the order. While holding a stuffed toy, he sent a friend request directly to Spade Z, aka Fu Jiu.

But to his utter surprise… Spade Z rejected his request!


The cat-like young man felt like he had taken a critical hit of ten million points of damage!

His in-game name was on it. How could it get rejected?

Now we need to clarify that the cat-like young man’s name was COCO. His in-game name was the same and he was ranked in the top ten of the nation!

But this was not the point. The point was that he was a famous professional godenon. Every time he live streamed, he would get millions of viewers, but this person even dared to reject his friend request?

“I’m gonna make him add me no matter what!” COCO, who had a head full of blond curls, logged into another account. “Captain, what’s your passcode?”

Qin Mo didn’t stop him, and a set of numbers came out as his thin lips moved slightly.

COCO logged onto the game page again. Just as he got onto the home page, the entire server exploded!

“What did I just see! A god! Sh*t, it really is a god!”

“AHHHH! Please enlighten me with the coordinates of the Almighty!”

“Seems like it’s set to private…”

Of course COCO would set the coordinates as private.

He would crash the server using his captain’s account to log in!

Again, he sent a request to Fu Jiu.

COCO was holding that big white rabbit stuffed toy, feeling so full of himself.This time, he will kneel down before me and call me Big Brother!

Who would have thought that he was once again rejected?


Spade Z, what the heck do you want?!

COCO bit the rabbit’s ear out of fury. “Is he illiterate? Anyone who plays games would know Young Master Qin. The National League Contest was broadcast on both television and the internet for goodness’ sake!”

Qin Mo put down the physics textbook in his hand and put his right hand on the keyboard. He sent another friend request. “This is Qin Mo.”

Fu Jiu was still testing the flexibility of her fingers, but the friend requests kept popping up. Seeing that that person was so persistent, she casually freed one of her hands and replied with a lollipop in her mouth, “So what?”

And there was a rejection notification again. Only this time, there was one more sentence.

COCO saw the message and was utterly stunned. “He, what does he mean? He still rejects Young Master Qin despite knowing who he is?!”

Qin Mo narrowed his slender eyes as he became intrigued. The corner of his mouth was lifted up slightly.

No way? Young Master Qin smiled?

He must have seen that wrongly!

In order to distract himself, COCO snatched the keyboard back again. “Why aren’t you accepting the request if you know?!”

No reaction?



COCO felt like he was teased by something, and the one that teased him had disappeared before he even got rid of the itch!

“Young Master Qin…” COCO turned his head, the look on his face making him look like he had already lost the battle before it even started. How unfair.