Chapter 70 - CEO Qin Went to Look for Fu Jiu, But...

Chapter 70: CEO Qin Went to Look for Fu Jiu, But…

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As soon as Qin Mo walked into the club, he saw that his goofball manager was waiting for someone on his tiptoes.

Feng Yi was in fact waiting for someone, but that someone still hadn’t shown up yet. His eyes lit up when he saw the Almighty. “CEO, didn’t you say that Spade Z is gonna come today? Where is he? I’ve been waiting here for so long! I had to put on a disguise, so that the media won’t recognize me and request interviews from me. You know that… I’m pretty popular myself.”

Qin Mo took a look at Feng Yi’s head with a cap on, and he straightforwardly said, “So this is the result of your disguise—a dumb, silly fisherman?”

Feng Yi turned to Secretary Liang immediately. “Don’t I look good?”

Secretary Liang blinked.

Feng Yi was fed up with his young master’s vicious tongue, so he took his cap off. “Fine! Then where is Spade Z?”

“He’s in there taking the tests.” Qin Mo informed him and headed to the examination room.

The people at the club all backed away, covering their mouths after seeing his gorgeous godlike face.

Almighty Qin… actually came!!!

It seemed like a bomb had just exploded outside the club!

The third round of the test was happening in the exam room. They were logged into Hero to test their ability at raiding dungeons, and they were all using their own accounts.

Manager Li was still angry over Fu Jiu’s issue, and he said coldly while walking in circles, “Listen, if you want to play games then play games with the right attitude. Don’t learn from that black sheep who just left and think that just anyone can join the Qin Group. You…”

Before he could finish, he was stunned by the sight of the person standing at the door.


Why was he here!?

Manager Li saw that noble figure and instantly went up to him. “CEO Qin, I…”

Qin Mo didn’t even look at him. He directly walked in with a cold face, looking extremely distinguished in his neat suit.

Everyone in the room stopped moving and looked at him with their heads up. They couldn’t hide their excitement!

Almighty Qin!

They saw the living version of THE Almighty Qin!

Qin Mo didn’t get so popular just because of his good looks, but also due to his extraordinary maneuvering skills. One had to admit, he was not only the male god for all the girls, he was also the hero that so many players wanted to follow.

Now, with his presence here in this room, it would naturally create an uproar.

But Qin Mo just stood there, not really caring about anything or anyone. His eyes swept over the room and all the players. At last, he knitted his beautiful eyebrows together.

Why wasn’t he here?

Qin Mo lowered his head. He looked at his WeChat chat history for Fu Jiu’s number.

No. 19?

Qin Mo looked for that number, but he saw the seat was empty.

Secretary Liang knew his young master well enough. He soon understood his intention from his eyes, and he turned aside and asked, “Where is Contestant No. 19?”

Once the question was delivered, the examination room fell into thirty seconds of silence. All the players looked at one another, and their looks couldn’t have been more interesting.

No one dared to speak up, and everyone sneaked glances towards Manager Li.

Manager Li paused too. After all, he didn’t expect this question, so he was trying to find an excuse.

Qin Mo just stood there and narrowed his eyes.

Secretary Liang realized that his CEO was running out of patience, so he hurriedly asked again, “Speak up, what happened?”