Chapter 700 - The Boy Jiu Wanted to Bring Up at Home

Chapter 700: The Boy Jiu Wanted to Bring Up at Home

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Feng Shang couldn’t seem to figure it out, deciding to use another tactic. “Whe-where’s Princess?”

“Him? With the Almighty.” Bo Jiu changed to another game, prepared to clear her thoughts. How should she deal with this problem if the Almighty had been gay from the start and had fallen for a cross-dresser?

With the Almighty’s discomfort with females, how would he react when he would find out the ‘brother’ he confessed to was actually a girl…

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. Would he feel cheated?

Feng Shang glanced at the face which seemed like a royal vampire, ravishing and elegant. He seemed to understand his idol already. “I-I had a pet when I was younger. If-if he disappeared all of a sudden, i-it would indeed be hard to get used to.”

Bo Jiu lifted her lids.

When Feng Shang saw him react, he sat upright, speaking seriously, “You just have to ge-get used to it. I-idol, have you reared any pe-pets when you were younger?”  ( NovelFull )


When she was younger?

A puppy-like little boy floated into her mind. He looked at her disdainfully, his arrogance overwhelming, but yet, he still managed to look adorable.

She had had the desire to rear him at home, especially when she had tackled him.

The little boy had looked as though he had wanted to kill her, it had simply been adorable.

But he had still been rather obedient. When she had touched him while using her keyboard, he had just eyed her, allowing her to do as she pleased.

She had even fed him before, even though he had an allergic reaction, which he had kept silent about, allowing her to hug him to sleep.

Bo Jiu halted her thoughts, replying, “I reared one before.”

“O-oh? Wa-was it a cat or a dog?” Feng Shang had originally planned to discuss having pets further, but Bo Jiu stood up, a smile lifting her lips. “A human.”



Feng Shang jumped!

Ho-how was that a pet?!

Idol didn’t seem to understand what pets are!

Night time.

The skies started to darken.

There tended to be aggressive comments on the net.

The shareholders of the club approached Feng Yi, emphasizing on the need to control the member’s image.

After the recent loss, many people starting losing confidence Supreme Alliance.

“There’s a certain variety program that is specifically made for esports players, the Xiangnan team will be joining in as well. The entire program would take two and a half days, it would increase the exposure of the members and not affect the revival match five days after. But the problem is this: How should we convince Boss Qin to participate? the producers value Boss Qin’s popularity, choosing to invite him despite the loss.”

“Coco would always be the one attending such events, but this time, he obviously can’t.”

“It’s a program to show the chemistry between the members, two members would have to participate. It depends mainly on Boss Qin, it’s rather hard to say…”

( NovelFull )   The entire Jiang City was aware of Young Master Qin’s resistance towards interviews, much less to say such variety programs.

Feng Yi thought otherwise, a crafty smile lifting his lips as he thought of something. “If they need two participants with two and a half day of schedule, they would probably start filming the moment they awake right?”

“That’s how it is for outdoor variety programs.”

Feng Yi closed the report. “I’ll convince Boss Qin.”

The fact that they could sleep together was enough attraction…