Chapter 701 - The Script Is All Sweet

Chapter 701: The Script Is All Sweet

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“Meow, meow!”

It was rare to see someone rear a cat like this.

There was alcohol placed on the soft, fluffy carpet, cables connected to various electronic devices were next to it.

This was practically cat heaven, but it was well known that Princess was a valiant cat.

He had always believed he was a tiger.

Pouncing into the pile of cables, but due to his big face, he was trapped…

“Meow, meow, meow!”

That was the sight that greeted Qin Mo after his shower; Princess tangled in a mess of cables.

According to habit, Qin Mo wouldn’t have cared. With a towel still covering his head, he opened the small fridge housing alcohol and expensive mineral water.

Princess watched his handsome master as he opened a bottle of mineral water, lifting his head upwards to down the mineral water. His perfect abs and dark hair was simply irresistible.

If that weird smelling youngster were to see this, he would definitely pounce onto Master, he has to safeguard his master!


Princess flashed his paws in agitation, trapping himself deeper in the pile.

Qin Mo seemed out of sorts, his dark eyes watching the fog outside the window. It was only when droplets fell onto his fingers that he retracted his gaze, sweeping past his phone screen where a certain number had yet to appear.

It had been three days since he kissed that guy.

Three days and he hadn’t shown up or even sent a message over.

Qin Mo lifted his lids, taking another sip. This time, his actions carrying slight aggression.

Cats were sensitive creatures. Princess seemed to have sensed the cold, hostile air that was emitted by his Master. After escaping the mess, he took a step back cautiously, prancing beside his nest. Perhaps Master would feel better after admiring his handsomeness!

But that was all wishful thinking.

Qin Mo didn’t seem to notice. After his phone screen lit up, he turned to light a cigarette, accepting the call in his half-naked state. “Speak.”

Just one word, calmly.

Feng Yi seemed to have gotten used to the Almighty’s behavior, his lips still carrying a hint of a smile. “Channel Orange has a variety show which has maintained the top viewership in the country. Several shareholders in the club wish for Boss Qin to participate…”

Qin Mo was prepared to hang up.

Feng Yi was all too familiar with his actions, speeding up his words. “Simply put, it’s a program that would allow you to sleep with Little Spade for two days. Are you interested?”

The air stilled.

Qin Mo pressed the phone to his ears, his voice calm. “Time?”

“What time?” Feng Yi asked.

Qin Mo tugged his towel, his dark hair concealed, looking very much like a historical prince. “The time of the program.”

“Boss Qin, is such a drastic change really good?” Feng Yi couldn’t help asking.Was he not even willing to hide it anymore?

Qin Mo blew out a puff, a smile lifting his lips. “Young Master Feng, have I been treating you too well?”

Feng Yi wasn’t as naive as Feng Shang and knew that the moment Qin Mo called someone young master, their fate wouldn’t be anything good.

He immediately went back to business. “Tomorrow night at 7 pm. I would arrange accommodation. The next morning, Little Spade would be tasked to wake you up. That’s what I understand from the script.”