Chapter 703 - Overwhelming Handsomeness

Chapter 703: Overwhelming Handsomeness

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Feng Yi definitely wouldn’t tell the youngster about the program. This was also part of the script and in order to get interesting footage.

He lifted his lips into a crafty smile. “There’ll be training in Lin City.”

“A training located in another city?” Bo Jiu lifted her brows.

As an experienced manager, he already had an excuse prepared. “The recent loss affected everyone’s spirits. With the beautiful scenery and beaches in Lin City, it’ll definitely reduce the pressure on everyone.”

Bo Jiu retracted her legs, giving up on going to the basement. “When are we leaving?”

“Today.” Feng Yi lifted his wrist towards the time. “The tickets have been booked by the company, someone would come and get you in an hour so just pack up, bring along an extra set of clothes. Most importantly, remember to look good.”

Bo Jiu lifted her lids nonchalantly. “We have to care about our appearance during training now?”

“It’s mainly because of your popularity, it’s inevitable for there to be fans waiting for you.” Feng Yi endorsed a document, smiling lightly. “You probably don’t need a reminder about your image.”

Bo Jiu sat on the chair nonchalantly. “Don’t worry, I’ll always be handsome.”

Feng Yi: “…”

That explained why the Almighty fell for him; they were both equally self-obsessed.

“Bring your sunblock, we won’t be gathering, everyone would leave individually and meet at the hotel afterward.” Feng Yi wanted to add more, but was afraid he would leak something. “That’s all, I’ll be off now, you just wait to be brought over.


Bo Jiu had always been decisive. After hanging up, she peeled a lollipop and stuffed it into her mouth as she started to pack.

Some things were indeed essentials, especially her chest binder.

Thankfully, the training started today.

If it had been two days before, she would have to come up with an excuse.

Lin City was indeed a good location as long as she wasn’t asked to swim.

After taking this point into consideration, Bo Jiu took a short-sleeved black t-shirt and a white pair of shorts.

This should be a safe outfit for water games.

Due to the high temperature in Lin City, there wasn’t a need for thick clothing.

But since this was training, she would have to face the Almighty.

The youngster hesitated, according to the Almighty’s personality, he wouldn’t mention anything if she didn’t.


She would start to convert him bit by bit, but that would still require some time.

This time, she just had to prevent sharing a room with the Almighty.


The packing was done.

Bo Jiu glanced at her reflection in the mirror, no problem.

Feng Yi had always been reliable.

As he had mentioned that the driver would reach in an hour, it meant he would be on time.

But after entering the car, Bo Jiu realized they looked unfamiliar. “I haven’t seen you in the club. Are you new?”

There was someone else in the backside with her; both he and the driver nodded instantly.

“Mmh, we’re new. We will be tending to you in Lin City as well.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Thanks for the hard work.”

“You’re too kind.”

They had been momentarily startled by Big Spade’s question.

They eyed each other, not daring to say a word as the car drove steadily.

Bo Jiu wasn’t one with many words. With a white earplug along her black ear studs, she glanced out the windows.

The camera crew yearned to capture the youngster’s suave yet aloof side view, but in the end, he suppressed the desire since it wasn’t time yet.