Chapter 704 - Start of the Variety Program

Chapter 704: Start of the Variety Program

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After reaching the airport, they passed security and deposited their luggage.

Bo Jiu did everything in front of the camera crew.

She probably wouldn’t notice anything from this angle.

The footage was great.

Especially when the youngster lowered his lids to smile in thanks at the crew at the bag drop.

Even his back view was ten out of ten.

The cameraman had a hunch that once this footage was flashed onto a large screen, the fans would fall in love.

He had been in the industry for a while and had filmed many stars.

Even those within the industry didn’t have the same lasting visuals as the youngster.

Most importantly was the difference in behavior.

The youngster didn’t express it deliberately and exactly this causal behavior made him shine above the rest.

But those aspects didn’t matter as it still boiled down to his face.

The youngster looked handsome, especially when he bit onto his tickets, folding two ears onto the slip. It was simply irresistible.

It was a pity that the cameraman couldn’t capture it with ease.

Bo Jiu didn’t notice the cameraman’s thoughts as no one would actually associate this with a variety program.

This wasn’t the first time they had training.

Hence, she wasn’t suspicious.

As there would usually be a coffee shop in the airport, Bo Jiu got herself a cup of coffee but didn’t forget to buy two additional cups.

When she bit onto the straw, she glanced at the boarding gate. Once it was time to board the plane, she lifted the black luggage.

Her actions were suave from the very beginning, but both the cameraman and the storyboard director realized that youngster wasn’t talkative as there was a big difference between being polite and being chatty.

“Would it lack variety effect?”

The average audience would know the importance of talking in a variety show.

After all, what was there to watch if Spade Z wasn’t going to speak?

The storyboard director glanced at the hot chocolate the youngster bought her, her voice slightly blurry. “It’s been a while since I met someone like him.”

Anyone who had been in the industry for a while would know what she was saying.

The cameraman chuckled. “You want to bash him?”

“I’m just a small director. Who can I bash up?” She laughed lightly. “Many people have bought me coffee before and have treated me well, but that was after they have been aware of my identity.”

The cameraman nodded. “He doesn’t know our identities yet.”

“I checked him up, his fans splashed coke at him.” The female director tapped the paper cup. “I assumed he was just bright on the outside for him to be hated to such an extent, but he seems like a nice person.”

The cameraman laughed louder. “With such a compliment, we would be able to present a variety effect even if he doesn’t speak.”

Don’t underestimate a storyboard director, especially one for a variety program.

Whether or not one was famous depended on the background and the investment.

But to be well-liked by the audience, depended heavily on the storyboard director.

The three of them boarded the plane.

Bo Jiu glanced down at her phone, prepared to ask Feng Shang and the others when their flight was.

When the cameraman caught sight, he advised, “The plane is about to take off, it’d be good to switch off your phone.”

This was something Bo Jiu had always abided to.

Even though she always kept her phone on in the mini plane she had overseas, but with a plane full of people, this was the minimum respect she could give in order to cooperate with the others.

The entire journey would take two hours, the hotels had already been arranged.

Bo Jiu lowered her luggage, tugging her collar, eyeing the cameraman beside her. “When will the other members arrive?”