Chapter 705 - This Isn’t Training

Chapter 705: This Isn’t Training

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This question… The cameraman froze, but the storyboard director chipped in instantly. “Around 1 am. After such a long flight, don’t you want to rest for a bit?”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu smiled, looking suave, but there was a slight change in her gaze. “Where’s the training being held?”

Another question that caught them off guard. The cameraman replied subconsciously, “The beach.”

“We are gaming at the beach?” Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “Was this also part of Feng Yi’s training schedule? Isn’t he afraid we would be distracted?”

The storyboard directed broke into a smile. “It’s to train your concentration.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu turned. “I’ll take a shower and rest afterwards, you guys can take it easy.”

The cameraman sighed deeply.

The storyboard director glanced at him silently, walking towards the youngster’s phone on the bed.

When Bo Jiu came out while drying her hair, she glanced at the empty bed, a smile spreading across her face.

Something wasn’t right, but Bo Jiu wasn’t worried about her phone.

With external control, no information could be leaked even if the phone was stolen.

“I’m a hacker, after all. To steal a hacker’s phone…”

Bo Jiu shook her head, a slight smile on her lips.

But one thing…

These two people were indeed arranged by Feng Yi.

Before boarding the car, she had done a verification check.

There was another question she pondered about: What was with their behavior?

It had been some time since she had played cat-and-mouse.

The youngster lowered her lids, blowing the fallen strands which fell over her forehead. She didn’t mind playing.

The three of them had dinner together and the atmosphere was pleasant initially.

In the end, the youngster asked, “I lost my phone, in the room. Don’t you think it’s weird?”

The storyboard director seemed to have suspected this question. “You couldn’t have lost it in the room. Maybe you could take another look or perhaps you forgot it somewhere.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu was unexpectedly obedient, but her next line was startling. “My phone has been locked with a special code. Even if someone picked it up, they wouldn’t be able to switch it off. I’ll just have to call a few more times tonight.”

More than a few times!

The storyboard director could barely get any sleep as even though the ringtone was pleasant, it went on endlessly…

She couldn’t sleep at all!

“Sir, do I continue calling?”

The hotel staff blushed as she glanced at the overwhelmingly handsome youngster.

Bo Jiu smiled lazily. “Continue until after 1 am.”

“Eh? That late? Why?”

Bo Jiu’s smile turned sly. “Its the time that humans crave sleep the most.”

The hotel staff didn’t seem to understand, but since the youngster paid her so much and she was going to work overnight anyways, this job didn’t seem that bad.

Bo Jiu returned to her room.

She was indeed curious about her their motives ━ or, it was more accurate to say, about Feng Yi’s motives as this was definitely not training.

At 6 am, the youngster was still in deep sleep on the big comfortable bed.

Usually, no one else than elders going for a stroll would be awake at this hour.

However, this wasn’t the case for variety programs.

Other than the cameraman and the storyboard director, there were two other people, one of which belonged to the lighting crew.

“Lighting is good, timing is okay, start!”

The next second, someone came in using the hotel key card, causing a short beep.