Chapter 706 - Here!

Chapter 706: Here!

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Variety programs would usually include such surprise footage in order to capture their sleeping state as those pictures would usually bring a high viewership.

But where was the surprise? Why were the lights switched on?!

The youngster, who was supposed to be asleep, was sitting on the sofa, a glass of wine in his hands, looking suave and attractive. “You finally took action.”

Bo Jiu paused momentarily. She never expected them to be carrying a camera, it was unlike what she had predicted.

The unconcealed shock was captured successfully.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “What’s this situation?”

We would like to know that as well!

Weren’t you supposed to be asleep looking like a little prince?

What was with all these actions so early in the morning!

/  NovelFull /   “We wanted to film you asleep.” The storyboard director sighed deeply. “The kind without any make-up, looking slightly dazed.”

“Apologies for foiling your plans.” Bo Jiu swept them a gaze. “Is this a variety show?”

“Such intelligence.” The storyboard director laughed bitterly. “Did you notice something fishy and waited to catch us?”

Bo Jiu lifted her lips. “It was too obvious, Supreme Alliance’s crew doesn’t act like this.”

It was our fault now?

The storyboard director didn’t appear in front of the camera, passing a mission card over.

Bo Jiu opened the card, her gaze fixed on the words.

“Spade Z, welcome to The Treasure Hunt, you are required to accomplish your first task: Wake up your partner.”

Bo Jiu tilted her head. “I have a partner? Who is the other person that old fox cheated?”

“You’ll have to find that out for yourself,” The storyboard director replied seriously. “We aren’t sure either.”

Bo Jiu smiled faintly. “Babe, that’s sincere.”

“Calling me babe won’t get you anywhere.” The storyboard director blushed, but fortunately, her logic was still intact. “Hurry, there isn’t much time. His room number is on the mission card.”

How did it feel to be cheated into a variety show you simply could not leave?

That was exactly how Bo Jiu felt.

She still thought she could play a game of cat-and-mouse, but she had instead been tricked by Manager Feng.

She had to reorder her thoughts.

Who exactly was the other person?

It couldn’t be the Almighty.

It was simple because Manager Feng would never have the guts to trick the Almighty.

So it might be Lin Feng or perhaps Coco.

As such programs usually depended on appearance, it probably wasn’t Yun Hu because he had such an aggressive personality and he would ruin the atmosphere.

Variety programs relied on the effects.

Bo Jiu pondered as she walked towards the room.

/  NovelFull /   The mission card was still in her hands. That lowered shot was simply adorable!

The cameraman went all out while filming.

“This room?” Bo Jiu pointed to the room ahead and the storyboard director nodded.

Bo Jiu smiled faintly. “Before I enter, babe, could you return my phone? I don’t feel at ease without it.”

“When did you realize I took it?” The storyboard director widened her eyes in shock.

Bo Jiu took a moment. “Yesterday during dinner.”

The storyboard director: …

Then why had she been subjected to a whole night of ringing?!

“Both your phone and wallet would be confiscated for all participants.”

Bo Jiu understood instantly.

Since there was another unlucky being, she decided to let it go.

“Time, be mindful of the time.” The storyboard director reminded.

Bo Jiu laughed, holding the keycard and pressing it onto the door…