Chapter 707 - Such Silky Skin

Chapter 707: Such Silky Skin

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The sensor beeped.

The room was entirely dark, especially at this hour, with the curtains securely shut, blocking out every inch of light.

To a hacker, this was the best environment.

A contrast to the other steps were Bo Jiu’s. She moved without any sound, but it went unnoticed.

The camera lights were on, casting a weak glow. Bo Jiu lifted her lips, heading towards the big white bed.

Although she could see a figure beneath the sheets, she wasn’t able to pinpoint who exactly it was.

Bo Jiu’s smile deepened, taking another step forward. She reached her left hand out, prepared to pull open the sheets.

Unexpectedly, that person grabbed onto her wrists, pulling her towards him forcefully.

When the sound went off, the lights were switched on.

That perfect, ravishing yet aristocratic face appeared.

Especially when he was dressed in is cotton pajamas, his tousled black hair looking sexy, wild and sinful, but his aura remained overwhelming.

The-the Almighty?

Bo Jiu would never have expected to see the Almighty here.

She widened her eyes in shock.

He glanced at her lazily, not moving an inch.

Perhaps it was because he had just woken up, but his eyes seemed unusually deep.

They were so close that their noses were touching ━ the intimacy was over the top.

The storyboard director tapped the cameraman in agitation.

This loving scene could be used as sneak preview.

Especially when both parties were this ravishing, it gave off another artistic and beautiful shot.

Qin Mo glanced down at the youngster. His skin was clear and flawless with a hint of tiny hair while his dazed expression was satisfying.

“Why are you here?” Qin Mo asked calmly as if he wasn’t aware of the program.

Bo Jiu wanted to ask that as well.

Why was the Almighty here?

She stood up, the action suave. She arranged her clothes before replying, “I was cheated by Feng Yi.”

“Almighty Qin, we are a variety…,” the small assistant started to explain while she stood by the bed, taking in his handsomeness.

The storyboard director frowned, slightly confused. This wasn’t going according to the script.

She took a moment.

Even though the footage was a good take, but the script clearly arranged for Almighty Qin to be asleep, he just had to open his eyes.

Almighty Qin had agreed to participate, only with his approval did they dare to film him.

Now that he was feigning ignorance and had even pulled Spade Z into his embrace… This… The storyboard director was confused.

Hadn’t they been told to limit physical interactions with Almighty Qin? His status was clear, after all.

Almighty Qin didn’t like being intimate with others and was even more unwilling to be coupled with others.

With the Qin family’s power, even their director was cautious.

But today… Almighty Qin behaved intimately voluntarily?

The storyboard director was still confused.

Qin Mo had already finished listening to the little assistant’s explanation. He straightened his lithe body. “Little Spade, stay here, the others can head out first.”

“Almighty Qin, it’s not possible, we have to film!”

Qin Mo glanced at the camera, his fingers circling the buttons on his pajamas. “You’re going to film me change?”

“That… isn’t necessary.”

But why had you asked for Little Spade if you were going to change?!

She had to add that line afterwards!

The cameraman, storyboard director and assistant were all left outside.

Since it was a variety program, it couldn’t be too fake even though there was a script.

They should at least film a following shot.

Before the cameraman left, he left a smaller camera for the youngster. “Spade, you take over.”

What was she going to take?

The Almighty changing?

She hadn’t succeeded yet with the converting.

If she took over… It wouldn’t work out.

Bo Jiu thought of a solution, directing the lens at her face. “Just as everyone heard, the Almighty is going to change, so let’s wait a moment. Even though like everyone else, I would love to see the Almighty’s abs, living is still the most important thing in this world.”

After she was done, she turned the camera lens, directing it towards the toilet door.

In fact, Qin Mo was standing beside the youngster. After lowering himself, his shirt was off, exposing his perfect figure.

“I never knew you were interested in my abs.”

Even though nothing was being filmed, their conversation was still being recorded.

Bo Jiu lifted her head, gazing into those deep bottomless eyes.

He stood there half-naked, with just a pair of black pants, his legs looking unusually long.

If such an image was filmed, many of the viewers would end up with a nosebleed; his abs were perfect.

“What’s the mission we have to complete?”

The Almighty finally had a shirt on.

He bent, buttoning his shirt.

His ravishing appearance.

Bo Jiu still had earplugs stuffed in her ears, connecting her with the filming crew.

With a sign, they came pouring in.

They could finally get a shot of both of them.

The storyboard director couldn’t explain her excitement.

Bo Jiu glanced at the Almighty. “Brother Mo, my mission was to wake the person in this room. I didn’t expect it to be you.”

“I guess I successfully helped you with your first mission.” Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket, looking more ravishing than a celebrity.

Bo Jiu was still seated on the bed, leaning back slightly. “That’s right, but I think we should take a short nap before proceeding.” Ever since she discovered the identity of her partner, this program was starting to seem dangerous.

Qin Mo didn’t give the youngster a chance to lean back, tugging onto her. “You want to sleep after waking me up?”

That sentence could only come from close friends.

At this moment, the doorbell rang and the crew came over with another mission card.

“Another mission?” Bo Jiu lifted a brow. Opening the card, she read the words out loud. “Other than your partner, there are other people playing as well. After you have located them, you will have to team up to save the world?”

Save the world?

What was with this ridiculous plot?


“You don’t know the identity of the others, right?”

The crew nodded.

Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket, a faint smile tugging her lips. “According to the style of this program, there should be two members from each team. Lin Chentao and San Pangjun would definitely be here, the other one is probably Almighty Sun.”

She managed to guess three out of four of them.

The storyboard director and cameraman glanced at each other.

How could the guest see through everything at the start of the program?!

“Cough.” The storyboard director struggled to maintain her composure. “You guys need to take the bus at 8 am in order to meet the next member.”

Bo Jiu pointed towards the Almighty’s face. “Forget about me, but is it really suitable for Brother Mo to take the public bus?”

The storyboard director didn’t think it was suited either as his aura was too obvious, but the script… This was embarrassing.

But regardless, having them take the public bus was also a blessing to others, especially as the next stop would be a high school.

This meant that a large portion of the passengers would be students, but there would obviously be the middle-aged and working class as well.

Hence, when Bo Jiu and Almighty Qin boarded, some of the kids, who had their heads lowered and concentrated on their games, lifted their heads.

On second glance, they froze.


What did they just see!

Almighty Qin!

It wasn’t just Almighty Qin, Big Spade was here as well!

Agitation was inevitable.

Some of the girls covered their mouths with their hands.

Actually, the filming crew were caught off guard.

This was the south, after all.

If Xiangnan had been here, this reaction wouldn’t have been out of place, but Supreme Alliance belonged to the North…

“Almighty Qin! It’s Almighty Qin!”

“Hurry, snap a photo!”

“Do you think we made a mistake? How could Almighty Qin be here? And even on a bus?!”

“It can’t be wrong, that’s my Big Spade beside him!”

There weren’t many fans, just those students who had their heads lowered, hence, it wasn’t very chaotic.

A few working class adults asked, “Are they celebrities? They look really handsome.”

“I’m not sure. That’s weird, I haven’t seen them on television before.”

The students wanted to help brush up their knowledge on the esports world, but decided to give up, they had to post this on WeChat. Too busy!

The main point was, they could snap photos and could hear their conversation.

As fans, they were already soaking in bliss.

“Brother Mo, who do you think will meet us at such a location?”

Even though it was already 8 am, there were still a lot of seats on the bus.

Bo Jiu sat near the window while Qin Mo sat beside her, replying with a name. “Lin Chentao.”

The storyboard director: …

“Brother Mo, look at the storyboard director’s face, you must be right.” The youngster lifted her lips, emitting an aristocratic air.

The storyboard director felt herself collapsing internally as though her chest had just been struck while the students at the side couldn’t help laughing.

As fans of Supreme Alliance, this was an overwhelming moment because they would never have dreamt of taking a bus with their idols.

With them being in this state…

“Almighty-Almighty Qin, are you-you filming a variety show?”

A few of the fans couldn’t help interrupting.

“Mmh.” Qin Mo was polite yet distant, which felt more realistic.

The Almighty Qin they met just now was definitely a fake.

The Almighty that was with Little Spade must be fake as well.

The fans were ecstatic. “I really like you, a lot.”

Qin Mo changed his position. “Thank you.”

Just two words.

They must have been disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm as their gazes darkened.

Next the fan that had come forward glanced over at the youngster before turning to look at Qin Mo. “As a Qin fan, I hope that Almighty Qin can stay away from some people.”

Qin Mo broke into a laugh, his gaze hardening as he replied calmly, “You can quit.”

The student froze, not expecting such a response.

Her face flushed with embarrassment.

She didn’t understand Almighty Qin’s attitude. Why wasn’t he cherishing his fans?

He didn’t seem to notice the harshness of his words.

The temperature seemed to drop.

As the storyboard director didn’t wish for any incidents during the filming, she eyed the cameraman, who was well aware that the footage can’t be used.

“Let’s alight and take the next bus.”

The students wanted to follow behind because their benefits were going to disappear just like that.

Why did that person have to interfere with Almighty Qin’s social life?

Honestly, a real Qin fan would never act like that.

She was aware that they were filming. The first interruption was because of her adoration, but she kept going on and had even sprouted such an intolerable request with that hateful expression.

This was bad, they were going to alight.

“It’s fine,” Qin Mo spoke calmly, “We’ll just sit on this bus.”

He meant that since he didn’t even mind if they screened the previous footage.

The storyboard director seemed to understand why Supreme Alliance was so well liked; they weren’t pretentious.

This was probably the sort of person that others yearned to be.

After a short distance, the students alighted unwillingly.

In the bus, Bo Jiu supported her chin. Since Lin City had warm temperatures, the black t-shirt she wore was unusually striking amongst the crowd, and with the person sitting beside her, her presence grew by three times.

Since they woke up too early, she didn’t have enough sleep and her eyes started to drop while her gaze started to glaze.

When Qin Mo glanced over, the youngster’s head was inching lower and lower.

Usually at this moment, the cameraman would have switched off his camera and only switch it on again once they reached their destination.

But under the camera lens, Almighty Qin reached his hand out to support the youngster’s forehead.

When that action unfolded, the cameraman could only conclude.

This pair didn’t need to be pushed together as a couple; their every act was filled with familiarity and love.

When this was screened, their couple fans would definitely go crazy.

This wasn’t even the end as the youngster wasn’t fully asleep, lifting her lids. Asking for permission without asking a real question, but just saying, “Brother Mo.”

Once Almighty Qin had agreed, the youngster leaned over, his sleeping form looking like a prince ━ especially when his head leaned against Almighty Qin’s shoulder.

Everyone was aware of how handsome Almighty Qin was.

The storyboard director was feeling excited again as she tapped the cameraman’s back repeatedly.

The cameraman would never let such a footage go to waste.

Especially when Almighty Qin turned, glancing down at the head that was sliding off his shoulder. Without a second thought, he used his hands to support the youngster’s face, a faint smile on his lips as he seemed to deliberately announce, “Such silky skin.”

The storyboard director: …

She wasn’t the one who wanted to stir such a couple, but Almighty Qin’s every action was filled with love!