Chapter 708 - More Intimacy with Almighty Qin Teasing

Chapter 708: More Intimacy with Almighty Qin Teasing

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Variety programs wouldn’t allow their guests to sleep for long.

After about ten minutes, they arrived at their stop and Bo Jiu had to be woken up.

The storyboard director was originally tasked to wake up the youngster, but before she could do it, Almighty Qin who was listening to the script glanced at her.

Next, he tilted his gaze, inching his lips towards the youngster’s ear. “Haven’t you slept enough? Mmh?”

Even though she was grateful for Almighty Qin’s help, wasn’t he a little too close to Big Spade’s ear?

The storyboard director regretted not having the cameras on, but it wasn’t too late.

She hurriedly gave her colleagues a signal.

The cameraman carried his equipment, prepared to take the most realistic footage.

The lens was so clear that even the youngster’s thick lashes could be captured clearly. After hearing his voice, the youngster’s thick lashes fluttered slightly before he opened his eyes.

There were two upright strands on his head that seemed like kitten ears.

Refreshing and ravishing.

This was the feeling that the youngster gave off ━ but that was only without Almighty Qin’s presence.

With Almighty Qin around, this image was completely different.

When Bo Jiu was asleep, she had been leaning against Qin Mo’s shoulders.

Now that she woke up, a slight turn almost caused their lips to collide.

They gave off contrasting vibes; one was aristocratic and unapproachable while the other was a handsomeness which was pleasant to the eyes.

Once they were placed together, it was hard to not to think elsewhere ━ which was probably due to their position.

When Almighty Qin turned to glance at Spade Z’s half-awake state, he didn’t seem like a brother at all, instead… Instead, he seemed like a boyfriend!

The cameraman shook slightly.

Even though the storyboard director appeared calm, she was actually bursting inside.

If this couple didn’t go viral, she would be letting down her job!

Lin Chentao stood outside the bus. Ever since he woke up this morning, he hadn’t had a sip of water.

“That… I want to know who is here to find me? Did he lose his way? He had better not be bad at directions! Can a hero player go missing? Eh, why isn’t anyone acknowledging me? Say something or I won’t play anymore! This can’t be, you guys really aren’t speaking? Alright, I’ll just ask one more question, is the person coming better looking than I am?”

The cameraman glanced at him, looking at the skies silently.

What was he going to do? Once the show aired…

Would there be a lot of fans quitting?

They never would have expected the distant and aloof top assassin to be a chatterbox!

And this appearance…

The cameraman focused the lens at Lin Chentao’s body once more.

Almighty Lin opened his green umbrella immediately, he was dressed as an assassin… in a historical outfit.

“If the person getting me is too ugly, get him to return. I’m afraid he would cry when he sees me.”

The cameraman: … You’re thinking too much.

He was having so much fun by himself, but his excellent eyesight caught the arriving public bus.

He was familiar with two of them!

They belonged to the same WeChat. How could they not be familiar?!

“It’s them?” Lin Chentao’s sharp inhale was captured by the cameraman.

Lin Chentao didn’t believe it. “When has Qin Mo ever participated in variety programs? The entire world is aware he doesn’t expose his face. Did your program get an imitation?”

Cameraman: … As compared to Almighty Qin, you look more like the imitation. Where was the arrogant assassin male god? Did you forget to bring your arrogance out?!