Chapter 709 - Gay program?

Chapter 709: Gay program?

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“Since it’s them, I’ll keep a low profile. Everyone knows that Qin Mo is all of our goals, I’ll have to show my expert-like behavior.” Lin Chentao straightened his back. “Do I look formidable and out of reach like this?”

The cameraman gave up speaking with him entirely.

When Lin Chentao wasn’t blabbering, he indeed gave off an arrogant vibe, but after maintaining it for a minute, two minutes, three minutes…

Lin Chentao glanced over at the bus, the two of them seemed to be kissing. He turned back to ask, “Is this perhaps a gay program?”

Cameraman: … Could someone pull him away?!

“How can you torture singles like that? There’s no equality in this!”

Lin Chentao was still fuming.

On the other side, Bo Jiu was fully awake, alighting the public bus with Qin Mo.

According to the script, when Qin Mo glanced over, he was supposed to be shocked.

Instead, Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket, glancing at Lin Chentao nonchalantly.

Where was the shock?!

Both the storyboard directors were on the verge of collapsing.

Bo Jiu chuckled, heading over to tug Lin Chentao’s assassin outfit. “That’s a jarring outfit you have on.”

Cameraman: … Someone finally expressed his inner thoughts!

“F*ck, don’t touch it.” Lin Chentao jumped to the side. “Don’t you know how to admire my handsomeness?”

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “Honestly, I don’t.”

Qin Mo turned towards the filming crew, his voice crude. “You guys made him wear that?”

The storyboard director shook her head vigorously, unwilling to take the blame.

Lin Chentao reaffirmed her dismissal. “How can the program crew have such an amazing set of outfit, I brought it myself.”

“You have standards.” Bo Jiu tapped his shoulders.

Lin Chentao replied arrogantly, “Of course, don’t you know how poor this program is? I haven’t had breakfast this morning. Oh, right, should I be letting you know about the next mission?”


One word and all the cameras focused onto his face; only Qin Mo could have such an impact.

Lin Chentao gathered himself. He couldn’t compete in terms of looks, hence, he decided to compete with his aura.

He lifted his umbrella, looking like an ancient assassin. “This person claims to be the most handsome hero, he carries the visuals for the entire esports, his motto is: Why can a man not be tall and sturdy! Wait a minute, where are you going? Please respect the partner you are supposed to pick up!”

The three of them proceeded side by side, a rare sight indeed.

If those that gamed were to witness this, they would definitely crowd over.

Three esports almighties in real human form, circling the island on foot.

Lin City was indeed scenic.

With azure blue skies, jade oceans on one side and bungalows on the other, which were surrounded by beautiful gardens. Occasionally, there would be a couple passing on a motorbike.

Dressed in a striking assassin outfit, this was the nth time Lin Chentao was being stared at.

However, he remained confident, turning towards Qin Mo and Bo Jiu. “Don’t you find the introduction familiar?”

At this hour, everyone was starting to feel hungry, especially Bo Jiu the glutton, she unwrapped a lollipop and stuffed it into her mouth. “Open our WeChat and you’ll understand.”

“My phone was confiscated. Didn’t they take yours?!”