Chapter 71

Chapter 71: CEO Qin Is Enraged. You Told Him to Leave, Who Do You Think You Are?!

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Manager Li was still acting like nothing had happened, so he sighed deeply. “What else? Secretary Liang, I’m not sure who recommended this No. 19 to come to the internal signing. You might not be aware what he’s like, but he was extremely lame and didn’t follow the rules, so I told him to leave.”

Nobody knew why, but the atmosphere in the exam room instantly froze because of a certain someone.

Secretary Liang looked towards his CEO.

That extremely beautiful face was covered with a cold frost that he had never seen before.

And that voice was so horrifyingly low that each and every word made people’s hearts palpitate from fear. “You said, you told him to leave?”

“Yes, CEO Qin.” Manager Li laughed sycophantically. “That prodigal son was no good. I’m really glad I asked him to leave before you arrived.”

Qin Mo laughed and directly walked up to him. He picked him up by his collar, and his eyes were so cold that they could freeze someone to death. “Who do you think you are, asking my contestant to leave?”

“Boss, CEO Qin, I, I…” Manager Li tried explaining.

The first one who went crazy over this was actually Feng Yi. He could tell from the Almighty’s words that the one who left was freaking Spade Z!!!

That Spade Z he wanted to sign so badly was told to leave by this Old Li. He didn’t want to believe his own ears!

“Old Li, why the hell did you do that!”

Manager Li clearly knew that VP Feng was his only hope at this moment, so he hurriedly said, “I asked him to test his hand speed, but he refused to. He tore up his result sheet, saying that he didn’t want to join our club!”

Qin Mo didn’t believe his explanation, so he raised his hand up and called out to a contestant. “You tell me, what happened?”

That contestant didn’t expect that his idol would call him up. He stood up to answer excitedly, “No. 19 finished the hand speed test the fastest, but Manager Li insulted him by saying that he was showing off, asking him to not be so full of himself and to redo the test. When No. 19 heard that, he tore the result sheet into pieces on the spot and said… said that if the club would hire someone like Manager Li, he’d rather not join.”

That contestant tried with great difficulty to finish the entire story because he saw how Qin Mo’s eyes kept getting colder and colder as he listened, until his eyes finally turned into what appeared like deeply frozen pools of water. He looked like he was going to kill someone.

Feng Yi was listening on the side. He didn’t expect the whole process would be like this. He looked up at Manager Li, and his hand was quivering in rage. “You, you, you… I asked you to keep an eye on the tests, not to make trouble for me!”

Qin Mo didn’t bother speaking further. He dragged that Manager Li by his collar directly to the front of that computer!

He was a third generation child of a military family. He was never gentle, and now, he was showing his iron-blooded harshness to the extreme.

“Look for yourself what his hand speed was. He can be arrogant all he wants!”

That Qin Mo was so scary.

The nobility and indifference he carried while doing business had disappeared.

His eyes were full of bloodthirsty viciousness.

Manager Li was trembling all over. “Boss, CEO Qin, I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t mean to.”

“You told him to leave? Who do you think you are?” Qin Mo forced him down with one hand in his pocket, sounding tremendously cold as he said, “Didn’t you want to know who recommended him to the internal signing?”