Chapter 710 - Brought a Little Boyfriend

Chapter 710: Brought a Little Boyfriend

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Lin Chentao paused. “WeChat? You’re referring to Sanpang!”

While Bo Jiu refused to comment, Lin Chentao glanced at Qin Mo, feeling slightly cold. He was indeed the real deal.


“Why aren’t you surprised to see me?” Lin Chentao had been caught off guard when they appeared.

Bo Jiu didn’t even bother turning. “You’re too handsome.”

The storyboard director and cameraman exchanged glances, both of them remembering that Spade Z and Almighty Qin had guessed the participants earlier this morning.

The naive boy Lin Chentao said, “Little Spade, if you manage to maintain your honesty, we will be friends for a long time! Hahaha!”

Bo Jiu paused. “I can’t believe I lost to such a person.”

“I’ll win it back for you,” Qin Mo replied faintly, but he tugged onto the youngster as he spoke, appearing incredibly intimate. “Look in front when you’re walking, don’t keep looking back.”

Bo Jiu bit onto her lollipop. “Oh.” She was behaving surprisingly obedient.

The filming crew all had a common consense: Almighty Qin didn’t bring a teammate to the program, he brought his little boyfriend!

Lin Chentao felt like a third wheel, but he still asked, “Did the program only invite guys?”

As the storyboard director nodded, Lin Chentao turned. “And you still aren’t admitting this is a gay program!”

Cameraman: …

“I think I see the number one handsome esports player.” Bo Jiu paused, stuffing a hand into her pocket as she glanced ahead.

Those that didn’t know better would have assumed Psy had decided to join in the cast since Sanpang was dressed… in both gold and silver and was driving a Lamborghini.

Beside him was the really handsome one, Almighty Sun. With a push on his gold-rimmed spectacles, he looked like a male god.

Sanpang must have wanted to attract the cameraman’s attention as he blew onto his three stands of hair confidently ━ that was until he caught sight of Qin Mo.


The filming crew: …

Then Sanpang caught sight of Bo Jiu.

“Little Spade, I have missed you! Why don’t you join Xiangnan? Other than the vice-captain position, we can give you everything!”

As the five of them weren’t acting according to the script, the storyboard director interrupted softly. “We assumed you guys weren’t familiar with each other since you barely speak during competitions.”

This was a warning to act with more reservation!

Sanpang didn’t get the hint, replying, “Where did you get that misconception from, we often enter the Japanese server together… oh, oh!”

“Fatty’s spouting nonsense,” Lin Chentao declared seriously, “We aren’t close at all.”

The filming crew: … Do you really believe that? If you aren’t close, how could you hug each other the moment you meet?

Almighty Sun walked over, his mannerism at ease, but he paused his gaze on Qin Mo. “There’s one more guest.”

Thankfully someone still seemed to remember the existence of the script!

“Lin Chentao, who do you think it is?” Almighty Sun turned to ask.

Lin Chentao was still covering Sanpang’s mouth. “Don’t ask me such things…”

Before he could finish the sentence, someone walked out from the side.

Dark hair, sharp nose and a gaze that was imprinted in his memory, deep with a hint of a smile.


Lin Chentao was clearly shocked, but the others weren’t the least bit surprised.