Chapter 711 - Mission: Kiss

Chapter 711: Mission: Kiss

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Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “He wasn’t their captain during the competition.”

“It indeed wasn’t him.” Qin Mo turned his head, his gaze fixed on the incoming person. “He’s their previous captain, Rao Rong.”

The previous captain… Hadn’t he left the industry?

Bo Jiu diverted her gaze over. If the Almighty could remember his name, his skills were probably at a certain level.

“I’m back.” He glanced at Lin Chentao. “Back once again.”

It was a simple phrase yet, held a deep meaning.

This program had another arrangement they weren’t aware of.

Some said that there were three players in the esports industry that carried the soul of their teams.

Qin Mo from Supreme Alliance and Almighty Sun from the Xiangnan no doubt.

And lastly, this person: Rao Rong.

Actually, he faced the same problem as Yin Wuyao; he had to retire from old age.

This had been the club’s decision and also the investor’s intentions.

Some thought that now the team was strong enough and it was time to recruit new blood, which was better than keeping the old warriors.

The battle against Supreme Alliance shocked those people into their senses.

They had to get Rao Rong back as without him, they would never win the future matches.

Of course, in the beginning, no one could contact him.

As a fanboy, Lin Chentao kept writing letters to his captain.

Everyone in the Alliance was aware that Lin Chentao was waiting for him to come back and today, his wish was finally granted.

Of course, it wasn’t a good thing to the other teammates because Rao Rong’s god-like skills should still be intact.

“Welcome back.”

A simple greeting was enough to put a smile on Rao Rong’s face.

Next, he moved his gaze towards Qin Mo, a smile curving his lips. “Have I been away for too long? You actually participate in variety programs now.”

Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket, remaining silent.

Lin Chentao rubbed his red eyes, looking serious. “Captain, listen to me, Qin Mo this ice mountain has been acting weirdly recently…”

The program crew gave them time to catch up.

After about a minute, the cameraman lifted his equipment.

In this entire minute, Bo Jiu could sense a change in the air around the Almighty.

Was it because of Rao Rong?

At this moment, the cameraman was already in position. “Action.”

The recording continued.

“Alright, the mission shall commence. After the teams have completed the first task, you’ll be able to activate your respective ability ball. Now, can everyone check their mission?”

The first two teams received normal missions.

Both were common games, which tested the team’s chemistry and cooperation, but it wasn’t the same for Bo Jiu, she must have taken the wrong mission card.

What was with this mission? Kissing for three seconds with a paper in between both parties.

The storyboard director was slightly confused when she saw the content on the card.

She turned back immediately towards the main director, who was here late due to his hangover.

The main director appeared strict without any emotion.

Therefore, he couldn’t tell them he had been forced to drink alcohol by his old classmate and wasn’t sure of the mission that he had changed…

The storyboard director was planning to discuss it further since Almighty Qin didn’t like too much intimacy with others.

However, Qin Mo had already retrieved the card from the youngster, his voice calm as he asked, “Where’s the paper?”

Almighty-Almighty Qin… was going to accomplish the mission?!