Chapter 712 - Almighty Qin Kissed Voluntarily

Chapter 712: Almighty Qin Kissed Voluntarily

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The storyboard director wasn’t the only one in shock.

Even the main director had widened his eyes in disbelief.

Almighty Qin had just agreed to the mission and hadn’t directed a hostile glare at him.

All his exhaustion and hangover disappeared instantly.

When the main director first saw Qin Mo, he had come with Feng Yi.

At that time, the director had been overwhelmed!

That appearance was meant to be in movies!

Without even asking about his background, he had declared, “Stop playing esports, enter my crew, I’ll make sure you become famous!”

At that time, he turned slightly, lighting a cigarette, his voice calm. “I’m the investor of the series you are filming now.”

The main director: …

He could still remember Boss Qin’s gaze from back then.

He was a high school student at that time, but his aura was already formidable.

Basically, he was handsome and rich!

But because of that gaze, the main director always believed that someone like Qin Mo would be perfect as his male lead.

Right now, as he had actually agreed to such a mission, the main director was clearly agitated.

He came down personally to direct and he directed it as a kiss scene!

“Wait a moment.” Bo Jiu laughed lightly. “Brother Mo, we aren’t suited for such a mission.”

Qin Mo lifted a brow. “Why? Are you afraid that I’ll take advantage of you?”

Bo Jiu replied bluntly, “I’m afraid your fans would say I’m taking advantage of you.”

“That’s easy, I’ll take the lead.” Qin Mo lowered his head, slightly aggressive as he pushed Bo Jiu onto a coconut tree. That stance really seemed like the start of a kiss scene.

A few females in the filming crew blushed.

Being CP fans, they wanted to squeal in excitement.

Meanwhile, Lin Chentao stood in shock, affirming once more. “Is this really not a gay program?”

The cameraman forgot to zoom out, seemingly in a daze. This wasn’t in the script?

The camera zoomed in.

Bo Jiu lifted her lids, her face millimeters away from his face.

The deep pair of eyes appeared calm as he turned towards her ear. “If we don’t complete the mission, how can we end early?”

This was exactly what she needed to hear.

After being reborn, she enjoyed being in the nightclub and thus wasn’t unfamiliar with such games.

This was a popular game when everyone was intoxicated and high while another one would be truth or dare.

Besides, it was much more open overseas ━ but Bo Jiu always played it with girls.

For her and the Almighty…

Bo Jiu was still thinking when the person in front lowered his head and placed the paper onto her fast before following with a kiss on her lips.

Qin Mo has always been like this: oblivious to others.

He was like a devil of mischief in an anime; calm, cold and yet so dashing he could cause a ruckus.

Some of the girls couldn’t help covering their mouth.

This was probably the first time Almighty Qin kissed someone in public.

Even though they were separated by a piece of paper, this stance was enough to leave them with other thoughts.

Without any prior warning, Bo Jiu stilled.

The breath was familiar although it wasn’t hers and carried a slight coldness.

When their lips touched, Qin Mo’s tongue moved, sweeping across the gap between her lips.

That fleeting aggression ━ even though she picked out what was wrong, it left her frozen.