Chapter 713 - Taste Good

Chapter 713: Taste Good

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Perhaps the camera wasn’t able to capture much, but with the storyboard director’s proximity, the entire scene was like a real kiss scene.

As soon asBo Jiu wanted to retreat, the camera opposite kept reminding her that if she moved, the paper would rip and they would have to go for a second take.

It would be less embarrassing to do it once, but to stay in this position for three seconds…

Bo Jiu glanced at that ravishing face, which was inches away. When the Almighty turned, his lashes brushed past her face like a feather, lightly with a numbing sensation.

Her brain seemed to have been emptied, with only the sound of her heartbeat.

One second, two seconds… three seconds.

After enduring three seconds, Bo Jiu escaped. Even though her white, flawless face hadn’t reddened and still carried the same suaveness, her gaze was clearly in a daze.

Qin Mo took a look at the youngster, a tender smile tainting his lips as he spoke nonchalantly, “Tastes good.”

The storyboard director: …

Tas-taste… ah!!!

Her nose was going to bleed!

Why was she so agitated?

Stay calm!

The Almighty was just kidding.

The phrase was the main point ━ the Almighty added such an intimate phrase and along with that image, the fans were going to go crazy!

In contrast, the main director was satisfied, nodding his head repeatedly. “Good, very good, the expressions and lines are all perfect.”

“Director Wang, this isn’t a movie,” the assistant reminded softly.

The main director’s expression changed instantly, seemingly in deep thought. “That, the expression is great, don’t cut this scene, it has a great effect.”

Lin Chentao stood beside them as he took another look over at the cameraman.

The cameraman glanced at the skies: He didn’t seem to have much confidence to deny that they were a gay program…

Meanwhile, Qin Mo looked the same as usual. He held onto the paper as he left the youngster, his gaze fixed on the lens, distant and forbidding, his aura remaining intact, high and mighty yet not the least bit detestable. “This mission is complete, what’s the next one?”

The storyboard director coughed heavily, to remind the others to pay attention.

They had experience filming top star’s kiss scenes. So why were they so jittery around Almighty Qin. They had to get it together!

“Collect hearts.”

Rao Rong had to announce the content next.

He had a nice voice, deep and smooth with a hint of laughter.

“Everyone must be hungry, in front of you are the mangoes and coconuts sold by the old farmers. Help them sell everything and you will be awarded lunch.”

With that, the guest’s faces started to change.

“Sell?” Bo Jiu lifted a brow.

Zhao Sanpang appeared serious. “Don’t sell them, I’ll finish it off. Tao’er, buy them all.”

“I don’t have cash, my phone and wallet was confiscated by the crew, don’t you remember?” Lin Chentao complained. “Besides, Fatty, we are enemies right now, do you know what that means? Little Spade, come over, let’s discuss how to sell these coconuts with our appearance.”

“F*ck, aren’t we opposing teams?” Zhao Sanpang asked. “Don’t snatch Little Spade.”

The storyboard director: …

“Split into three teams and the lunch portion would be determined by the team’s sales.”

The main director announced using a loud hailer.

These esports almighties weren’t acting according to the script!