Chapter 714 - Jiu Was Getting Girls Again

Chapter 714: Jiu Was Getting Girls Again

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“Brother Mo.”

Over at this end, the youngster had slipped off while they bickered, looking cheeky amidst his handsomeness. “Let’s hurry and pick a good cart, the customer flow here isn’t that good, it won’t be suited for selling coconuts.”

The cameraman managed to get footage of the youngster’s words.

Both of them were action-oriented and acted silently.

When Lin Chentao finally won the bicker, he glanced back arrogantly only to be left in a daze. Where was everyone?!

Rao Rong rubbed his temples. “You haven’t changed a bit.” Then he laughed. “Let’s go, we have to hurry and start selling.”

Zhao Sanpang headed towards Almighty Sun, wearing a look of utmost seriousness. “Captain, if I play for them live, will they buy all my coconuts?”

“When you’re shopping and the owners are gaming, would you still buy?” The air around Almighty Sun seemed to have chilled.

Zhao Sanpang’s eyes lit up. “Of course not!”

Filming crew: His intelligence seemed to be still intact.

“I’ll play with them!”

The filming crew: …

Almighty Sun caressed his temples. “Just shut up.”

Everyone team had its own unique color, which was perhaps the reason they were invited to the team.

Even Director Wang, who often filmed variety programs, found this particular episode interesting.

Even though the guests didn’t go according to the script, they weren’t stiff!

The storyboard director glanced at the main director silently. Director Wang, are you sure they were acting according to the script?!

The cameras turned towards Supreme Alliance’s teammates, who left first.

They could hear the youngster’s clear voice. “Hello, excuse me, where’s the nearest tourist attraction?”

The footage zoomed in along with the youngster’s voice.

Bo Jiu was asking two girls looking like students for directions. They were probably here for travel and had parked their motorcycle at the side of the road. Just as they were about to buy a can of coke, they caught sight of this refreshing pretty boy, stopping them in their tracks!

He-he-he was too handsome, ahh!!

The cameraman could see an obvious blush creep up their faces while they replied bashfully, “If you walk from here, there’ll be a beach.”

“Thank you.” Bo Jiu smiled before a thought struck her. “Ah, if you’re thirsty, would you like to buy a coconut? Coconuts are best suited for fair-skinned girls and are healthier than coke.”

He really was going all out!

Especially when the youngster smiled at them, their shy eyes dimmed.

One of the girls held onto her face. “How much is one?”

Bo Jiu: …

The youngster was stumped.

Indeed, how much should one of them cost?

“My brother is over there, he calls the shots.”

Bo Jiu reached out to point at the figure nearby.

That was when they realized there was someone more handsome and with an entirely different style.

He lifted his lids, indifference seeping out of his gaze. He looked like a royal vampire who had walked out of a manga ━ the only difference was the cart beside him that was filled with coconuts and mangoes.

“Handsome!” The girls couldn’t hold in their compliments. “Both of you looking amazing.”

Bo Jiu chuckled lightly. “I think so, too.”

Ever since they met the youngster, their hearts hadn’t stopped thumping.

Bo Jiu brought them to the Almighty. She wasn’t sure if she saw right, but the Almighty’s gaze seemed colder than before.

The two girls could sense his hostility, but that made him all the more irresistible.

How could he look so handsome?

Was he of mixed blood?