Chapter 715 - Acting Cute

Chapter 715: Acting Cute

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“Brother Mo, how much is one coconut?” Bo Jiu didn’t forget about the matter at hand.

Qin Mo paused, his voice calm. “A hundred.”

“Ah?” A hundred? So expensive? Was this a scam? Their gaze visibly changed.

Bo Jiu was shocked by the amount as well. “Hundred is too expensive.”

“Too expensive?” Qin Mo frowned, not understanding how that was expensive.

At that moment, Bo Jiu was reminded of the mineral water that the Almighty drank. Each bottle was costing more than a hundred. If the Almighty were to set the price, the ordinary crowd would not be able to afford it. The youngster turned and smiled at the two girls. “We just got into this business and aren’t familiar with the market price, so you can just pay us the amount at which you usually buy them.”

“It’s 15 here and 20 in the city. Some old uncles on motorcycles would sell it at 25 for two, but those are further away, where it’s more deserted.” After they breathed a sigh of relief, the red flush crept back onto their faces.

Bo Jiu smiled faintly, passing two coconuts over. “We’ll take 25, thanks for the information.”

“You’re welcome.” One of the girls blushed a deeper shade of red.

Qin Mo’s gaze hardened, turning increasingly cold. After Bo Jiu collected the money, he tugged onto the youngster’s collar.

Bo Jiu was once again treated like a sack and was tugged about.

The tourist spot was bustling with people, but since it wasn’t afternoon, the beach wasn’t that crowded.

There were around thirty to forty people.

Their sales were obviously not going to be good.

Qin Mo swept his gaze around before landing on a restaurant near the beach. Then he pulled the youngster towards the restaurant.

“Brother Mo, even though I’m hungry as well, but I don’t have any money on me. Are you going to leave your watch as deposit and claim it in the future?”

Since Bo Jiu was starving, she allowed the Almighty to pull her around, her hands caressing her tummy.

Both the storyboard director and the cameraman both felt that Spade Z was visibly more obedient in front of Almighty Qin. This contrast would definitely be a treat for Spade Z’s fans.

But what exactly was Almighty Qin going to do?

Was he really going to pawn something expensive in exchange for lunch?

“Sir, I’m sorry, this is a restaurant, do you…” The server was French and wasn’t speaking Chinese, but it was enough to show the extravagance of the restaurant.

Qin Mo laughed deeply. Ever since he started speaking, his tone carried the typical romantic French vibe.

He had a nice voice.

The main point was… What had Almighty Qin said?!

No one in the program understood French!

Bo Jiu glanced at the confused faces, smiling faintly as she inched towards the camera. After arranging her collar, she explained, “Brother Mo is planning to sell the coconut and mangoes to the restaurant so that we can resolve this issue once and for all, but they are still discussing, the result isn’t confirmed.”

The next moment, the server signaled for them to enter.

Bo Jiu continued to translate. “He’s going to bring Brother Mo to the person in charge.”

The storyboard director: …

Now their program consisted of a business discussion as well!

No, wait a minute.

“Big Spade, you understood the conversation?!” That was French, not English, it wasn’t a common language!

Bo Jiu tilted her head at the camera. “You can call me intelligent.”

“Big Spade, what are the topics you are good at?”

Bo Jiu was about to reply when Qin Mo heard the question. He turned and replied faintly, “He’s best at climbing walls and physics.”

Bo Jiu: …