Chapter 716 - Another Nosebleed

Chapter 716: Another Nosebleed

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Physics was still understandable, but was climbing walls even a topic?

The storyboard director looked towards the youngster in confusion.

Bo Jiu refused to comment!

She was starting to doubt the confession from before, it must have been a hallucination.

Time trickled by slowly.

No one in Jiang City knew about Young Master Qin’s business methods, but in less than ten minutes, Qin Mo walked out with the manager.

The manager was extremely enthusiastic, giving thanks repeatedly.

They weren’t locals, after all, and the French restaurant was indeed in need of fresh fruits because French cuisine prioritized the use of quality ingredients.

Ingredients that weren’t up to standard would not uphold the reputation of French cuisine. Besides, French cuisine had the ability to vary with the location. Hence, it was important to match the palette of the locals and use whatever ingredients were in season!

If such fresh fruits could be delivered every day, it would serve as the best ingredients.

Bo Jiu slouched on the sofa, a smile spreading across her face.

What should she do? Such an Almighty ignited the urge within her to bring him home.

This was originally just a variety show.

In fact, there were many other methods to sell fruits, but the Almighty was obviously thinking on behalf of those old grandfathers that had to drive their motorcycles, with a huge sack of coconut under this blazing sun.

Qin Mo glanced over at the youngster, heading over without hesitation. A hand placed beside her ear before lowering himself to ask in that silky smooth voice, “Hungry?”

“Since earlier.” Bo Jiu lifted her lids, her gaze falling onto the thin lips inches away. The memory of the paper… The next second, she tilted her gaze away from that bottomless pair of eyes.

Qin Mo’s raised hand retracted, his eyes dimming from the youngster’s repulsion.

Qin Mo had never been expressive. Under the camera, his face remained ravishing and no one noticed the slight contraction of his pupils.

However, both the storyboard director and the cameraman could sense the change in the air around Almighty Qin. It seemed much colder than before.

“Lobster or steak?”

Qin Mo straightened, stuffing a hand into his pockets. At that moment, he was back to his distant and aloof self.

This seemed more like the Almighty Qin they were used to.

Perhaps the multiple smiles from Almighty Qin today was causing them to forget how he was before.

But… “Almighty, we don’t provide lobster.” The storyboard director interrupted softly.

Qin Mo tilted his gaze. “They will be treating in order to repay us.”


Who were they?

The manager smiled, igniting the romantic vibe typical of the French.

The filming crew was in shock because they had never expected any guests to be treated to a meal.

Were smart people all about to do this?

That depended on the situation.

French cuisine was particular about the wine used as an appetizer. Just the look of Almighty Qin with the wine glass as he spoke to the chef was enough to advance the program to another level!

“Big Spade.” The storyboard director lowered her voice, not daring to interrupt the Almighty’s conversation. “Don’t forget to post a photo of you and the Almighty on the official Weibo after selling all the coconuts. That will indicate the completion of the mission.”