Chapter 717 - Sweetness (8 in 1) Expensive

Chapter 717: Sweetness (8 in 1) Expensive

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Couple photo?

Bo Jiu arched her brow, placing the utensils down before lifting her lips into a faint smile. “How can we take a photo without our phones? Besides, isn’t the program going to be broadcasted after the filming is done? Aren’t you afraid it’ll kill the surprise?”

“It’s to create attention,” the storyboard director explained while passing her the phone. “You can use it for the photo and once it’s done, we’ll have to collect it back. All three teams will send photos out at the same time. This can also be considered as fan service since the program has announced the esports theme beforehand, and the fans have been guessing the guests for the past two days. The photos can be used to curb their curiosity for a while.”

Bo Jiu glanced over at the Almighty. “They would never have guessed Brother Mo.”

“They didn’t guess you as well.” The storyboard director chuckled. “They didn’t believe it would be an episode based on esports and had assumed we had only gotten one or two guests.”

Bo Jiu understood instantly. They wanted to send out explosive news since the date the filming ended and the date the program would be aired wasn’t very far apart.

But a couple photo…

“Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo turned, catching sight of her waving her phone with her lips tilted upwards. “Do you want a couple shot with the wall-jumping student? Without your face.”

Bo Jiu laid out the conditions first. Even though the Almighty seemed rather cold at the moment, it wasn’t likely for him to reject her.

Qin Mo swept her a glance. “Come over.”

Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up.

She still enjoyed taking photos with him very much because putting a dent into her opponent’s sense of abstinence was also considered an accomplishment.

“Add a pair of ears?” Bo Jiu asked as she moved the screen.

Qin Mo watched as the youngster moved around, his gaze deepening when it landed on his slender pale neck. With a hand on his head, he used another to lift the phone up high, snapping a shot.

They got the shot, there was a pair of black fluffy ears and a long cat tail but both… were added on the youngster.

In contrast, Qin Mo still had an enigmatic smile plastered across his face. It was the sort of expression used when trying to discipline a mischievous cat.

“It’s a good photo.”

Before waiting for Bo Jiu’s opinion, the photographer had already spoken.

The storyboard director hadn’t processed the situation.

She would never have expected Almighty Qin to cooperate.

And to have taken a photo so full of love!

She had the feeling that such a photo would be a hit once uploaded onto the web.

As a main character, Bo Jiu tugged on her collar.

When she turned, the Almighty had already entered the official Weibo account.

Bo Jiu wanted to comment, but Qin Mo arched a brow. “Don’t worry, you look good in the photo.”

With that, she sat back onto her seat to continue with her meal. It was fine as long as she looked good.

The cameraman: … This really was a guest that cared about his appearance.

Although no one expected the Almighty to have a good caption, he added one great line. “Completed selling the coconut, having lunch with someone.”

The restaurant was clearly in the photo with croissants and a white table cloth which were typically found in a French restaurant. Of course, you couldn’t forget the transparent wine glass.

When two striking faces appeared in the same photo, the crowd would definitely be struck.

The photo seemed to have been taken off-guard since there you could clearly see shock in the youngster’s eyes.

However, that only served to amplify his suaveness.

Weibo exploded almost instantly.

“Ahahah! We were clearly fed candies!”

“It’s been a long while since Almighty Qin uploaded.”

“Little Spade is necessary when uploading on Weibo.”

“Little Spade’s expression is simply adorable!”

“Almighty Qin’s expression is a classic and with that stance, this photo was clearly taken by Almighty Qin.”

“He had even added ears and a tail for Little Spade, Almighty Qin must really want him as a pet!”

“Stop talking, let Almighty Qin silently claim his ownership!”

Bo Jiu watched the comments which came in almost instantly and wanted to reply, ‘I’m the one that wants him as a pet’.

But the film crew would never allow her to use her phone, after all, they still had to film other scenes.

That aside, the net was in a frenzy while one netizen had caught something amiss.

“This restaurant looks like it’s somewhere in Lin City.”

“Lin City?”

“Yes, our Lin City, are Almighty Qin and Little Spade in the south?”

“Wait a minute, something’s up!”

They meant the Weibo sent out by Lin Chentao with the same content.

“You guys managed to finish the mission so quickly? The handsome me is still selling coconuts by the roadside, I have given up on this non-superficial world!”

This photo was a couple shot as well. One of them was wearing sunglasses which rested on a high nose bridge while the other was hugging onto a coconut.

“F*ck! It’s Almighty Rao!”

“Am I seeing things or is that really Almighty Rao?!”

“What’s with this situation, Almighty Rao is back?! I’m about to faint from joy!”

“Wait a minute, don’t you think there’s something odd?”

“What’s odd?”

“Why are Almighty Qin and Almighty Rao selling coconuts? And why are they doing it in Lin City?”

The moment the question was asked. Zhao Sanpang was sending his post. “I’m just asking, what’s going to happen if I drink all these coconuts?”

The esports fans went crazy!

“This isn’t right, this definitely isn’t right!”

“Did my Fatty decide to let go of his rivalry with Qin Mo because of a cart full of coconuts?”

“That’s not possible, my Fatty is always calling your Qin Mo his rival.”

“What’s with this situation? Have the esports Almighty’s all decided on a career switch to sell coconuts?”

“F*ck, I know what’s happening!”

“What’s happening? Hurry and tell us.”

“The one upstairs, type faster!”

“Didn’t channel Orange just send out news previously? This weeks theme would be esports! My Fatty must be one of the guests! The others must be guests as well and they must be filming at the moment!”

The conjecture quickly turned into one of the hottest comments ━ because which fan wasn’t curious about how their idols were in private?

But was this possible? Just pushing the fact aside how so many esports players could appear in one program, the sole problem was laying with Almighty Qin.

According to his personality, Almighty Qin would never appear on a variety program, right?

Rumour had it that if Qin Mo had wanted to enter showbiz, his popularity would definitely be higher than the current hottest stars.

But ever since the day he had started esports, he had been super private unlike the other esports players.

Before his background had been exposed, others had assumed that his arrogance was because of his looks and that he would regret one day.

However, then Qin Group announced the establishment of the club and the boss came on stage; the sole heir of the Qin family.

Why didn’t he accept any endorsements? Because there wasn’t a need ━ it had nothing to do with arrogance.

It was purely because he was way too rich.

In fact, he was so rich that some media companies weren’t even able to find out the identity of his mother.

Of course, some might have found out, but no one dared to publicize it.

Hence, if Qin Mo didn’t approve of a photo, it wouldn’t be leaked out.

Would such an Almighty Qin participate in a variety program?

Qin fans swarmed to Orange’s official Weibo, their words were polite.

“Hello, dearest account manager, I would like to ask, did my Almighty Qin, the Almighty Qin that is private beyond words, really participate in the ‘Big Star Is Here’ variety program? Is this real?”

Such questions flooded Orange Weibo account.

It wasn’t just Qin Mo’s fans, fans from other esports players were also there.

Orange’s Weibo had been noticed before in the past, but never with such intensity. In just one hour, they grew by over ten thousand fans and their popularity was still increasing rapidly.

The Weibo manager acknowledged all of the fans’ questions. “You beauties are right, the guests for this week are six of your most anticipated idols, with each team forming a group. They are currently executing the second mission and earlier this morning, there has been Lin City fans who had encountered Spade and Almighty Qin on the public bus.”

“En-encountered? Public bus?! F*ck, I’m starting to regret cosplaying my Big Spade by skating to school!”

“The students that took the public bus this morning have all agreed both Almighty Qin and Big Spade are ravishing, very, very ravishing! My heart is still beating right now!”

“My Almighty Qin can actually sit on the public bus! I’m in a state of shock, does he even know how to pay?”

“It’ll be fine with Big Spade around.”

“Who said my Big Spade isn’t dominant? He can even take care of Almighty Qin!”

“An obedient and handsome submissive, no explanations required!”

“The one above is telling the truth, ahh, what should I do? I want to see it live, when is the program going to air?! Please send me the time, please send out a preview!”

“Based on my understanding of Orange, they should finish filming by today, it should be out by tomorrow and done the next day, does that mean we can see Almighty Qin sleep? I can feel my nose bleeding already!”

“Cough, I can only imagine that scene filled with pink hearts and don’t forget, channel Orange would usually arrange for two guests to sleep together…”

Sleep together successfully sent ‘Big Star Is Here, Passionate Esports Players’ into the top results of search.

The film crew was caught off guard since they had never expected such a great response.

Alas, this surprise came unexpectedly.

“Sending a thousand thumbs up to the program crew. It’s amazing how you made Almighty Qin send a post out personally.”

When the storyboard director was done reading the comments, she glanced at the youngster, who had gathered at the seaside.

It wasn’t the program crew’s ability.

It was Big Spade’s!

“What’s next, are we perhaps going to swim in the sea?” Zhao Sanpang asked seriously. “My figure is too good, I’m afraid the fans would fall in love with me so just get rid of this activity since rejecting others is making me bothered.”

Lin Chentao wanted to kick him aside, but regardless of how hard he tried, Zhao Sanpang still hadn’t moved.

Bo Jiu rushed over, and with a forceful kick, Zhao Sanpang fell over.

“Fun?” Zhao Sanpang turned. “You guys are just jealous of my looks!”

Bo Jiu was momentarily speechless before she lifted her lids. “Brother Mo, for the first time, I’ve found someone more shameless than I am.”

“Get used to it.” Qin Mo pulled her to his side so that she wouldn’t be influenced by his mischievous ways.

Rao Rong stood at the side, stilling when he read the card.

“What is it?”

Rao Rong turned the card around for them to read.

“Shuffle the grouping?!”

“What’s this situation? Xiangnan is the only group I’ll be in!”

“I’m good as long as I’m not in the same group as Fatty.”

“Little Assassin Lin, are you itching for a fight?”

“Come on!”

Regardless of the commotion, they still had to separate into new teams.

Zhao Sanpang felt greatly burdened as he stood behind Qin Mo, feeling a coldness radiating from the person in front.

It was really chilling.

The main director had the same thoughts while Boss Qin glared at him with a frosty stare.

Meanwhile, Bo Jiu was still studying the card. “What’s the mission after we separate into new teams? It’s not written on the card.”

The storyboard director replied, “Since you are all masters of gaming, you are tasked to save three hostages and the person who used the least amount of time can choose their partner in the next round. In front of you is the biggest escape ground in our city and there are three themes inside, each team is allocated a different one. Now, would the three guests wear your blindfolds, our staff will lead you in.”

“F*ck, what’s this? Escape room?” Zhao Sanpang was shocked.

Lin Chentao put on a brave front. “Little Spade, if you see anything scary ahead, don’t forget to grab onto me!”

Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket, her lips lifted. “Don’t worry, I’m not afraid.”

Lin Chentao exclaimed, “I’m afraid!”

Bo Jiu: …

At this moment, Qin Mo had already worn his blindfold. While his hair was pressed inside, only his white nose bridge and kissable lips were being exposed. He stood there upright, and when the wind blew, there would be leaves falling onto around feet.

It was a sight which send many teen girls screaming.

At Bo Jiu’s side, it was an entirely different scene. She looked very much like a devil.

Even with blindfolds on, this sight could still send girls heart fluttering.

The cameraman couldn’t help following behind them.

Lin Chentao entered the escape room behind Bo Jiu, turning towards the cameraman. “This is finally not a gay program.”

Cameraman: … They have never been a gay program!

Bo Jiu walked in front, and could vaguely hear Fatty’s voice. “Qin Mo, you are younger than me, you can ask Brother if you meet anything you don’t know, Brother’s intelligence is really unimaginable…”

It was indeed unimaginable.

He had been screaming since he had entered!

That shrill scream had travelled all the way to Little Spade. “Little Spade, what exactly did Fatty see to warrant such a scream?”

Bo Jiu had already removed her blindfold and was watching the dim room ahead, a dangling white dress with long hair attached to the ceiling. She stuffed a hand into her pocket, a smile on her face. “It’ll be better if you keep the blindfold on.”

“Why? I don’t feel safe like this!” Lin Chentao wanted to move, but Bo Jiu raised her arm to stop him. “Have you seen ‘A Wicked Ghost’? That’s the theme.”

“A-a…” Lin Chentao was so frightened, he seemed possessed by Baby Feng.

Bo Jiu pulled him to a corner. “Sit here and don’t make any noise.”

“Is this safe?” Lin Chentao caressed the area. “Will there be anything jumping out?”

Bo Jiu glanced at the skull he was sitting on. “Nope.”

Lin Chentao said, “Then why can’t I make any noise?”

Bo Jiu knelt down to examine the skull as she replied, “Because I want to win against the Almighty and you would distract me.”

Lin Chentao tried to calm her. “Youngsters shouldn’t be so hard pressed on winning. Qin Mo won’t win with a dumb partner like Fatty.”

The filming crew: … How dare you say that when you are dumb as well!

Meanwhile at the other side, Qin Mo held his blindfold, ignoring a certain grown man, who was shivering in fear, his deep gaze taking in the bloody prints on the wall.

“Who exactly came up with such a theme? What do you mean by messenger from hell, move your hands and you can enter the Styx River? Qin Mo, I’m not afraid, but I think we need to seek help for this question, you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Mo turned to place his palm on the bloody handprint.

With a creak, the door opened!

“Wait, wait a minute!”

Zhao Sanpang watched the silent man who moved like a heavenly machine.

He silently turned towards the cameraman. “Can’t you set a harder question next time?!”

Cameraman: … Weren’t you the one that needed help on that question?!

The three escape rooms were side by side and thankfully, with Fatty around, Bo Jiu was clear of her rival’s situation. “Stand up.”

“The seat isn’t bad, why are you…”

Before he could finish speaking, Bo Jiu pulled his blindfold off.

Lin Chentao froze, bolting upright, “F*ck, what’s this?”

“The demon’s chair is the only pathway to the other shore and this is clearly the road.” Bo Jiu lifted her lips, maintaining her previous posture. Using some force, a turn could be heard and with a creak, something seemed to pop out. It was a door!

Lin Chentao tugged on the youngster’s sleeves. “Little Spade, you don’t have to force yourself in such a moment, it’s so dark inside and even the cameraman doesn’t dare to enter. I’m totally fine, but the main point is, you wouldn’t be able to sleep well tonight, you’ll get nightmares.”

“Since you don’t have an issue.” Bo Jiu stepped aside. “You can lead.”

Lin Chentao: …

He wasn’t willing!


The barriers were getting increasingly difficult and horrifying.

Also, what was with Almighty Qin’s increasing speed?!

Over at Bo Jiu’s side, Lin Chentao was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move. The youngster dragged him, oblivious to the coffins that were floating about. Her face was so handsome that it actually seemed to belong there.

After watching the clip, the main director started brooding and turned towards his assistant. “This wasn’t the effect I wanted.”

The assistant comforted him immediately, “It’s fine as long as someone is afraid, both Almighty Lin and Fatty are very invested in the show.”

“If they continue to advance so quickly, netizens will question the program’s intelligence.” The main director smoked like a chimney. “Are you sure this is the hardest escape room in the city?”

The assistant raised his phone, he had the comments as evidence!

The main director didn’t bother looking, clicking onto the screen. “It’s only been ten minutes and Boss Qin has broken down the second door.”

“Fatty will be there to slow Almighty Qin down!” The assistant clenched his fists.

The main director’s eyes deepened. “I believe that, but how long can he stall him for…”

The assistant watched the screen, realizing that Qin Mo had already found the second last key. His actions were radiating an elegance which relegated him into being a fan.

He was so photogenic even while playing an escape room ━ a heavenly detective indeed.

Almighty Qin was probably the only one who could be this handsome!

No, that wasn’t right, there still was someone else.

The assistant glanced to the other side where the silver-haired youngster bit onto a black metal piece, a smile lifting his lips. “Since there isn’t time to solve this, I’ll have to use extreme measures.”

“An expert lock picker, f*ck!” Lin Chentao was so overwhelmed that he forgot his fear. “Little Spade, tell me, how did you use that piece of metal to open the lock?”

Bo Jiu pushed open the tiny wooden door, splitting the metal aside. “It’s one of the subjects a student specializes in, I’ll tell you for a million dollars.”

Lin Chentao: … Which school teaches that?! It’s definitely a lie!

“Last round.” The assistant clenched his hands. “I wonder who would be out faster, Almighty Qin or Little Spade?”

The main director glanced up at the sky. “It depends on whose partner is more useless.”

A segment testing one’s mental prowess ended up becoming a battle of whose partner was worse.

In the screen, Zhao Sanpang saw a ‘corpse’ the moment he opened his hands. Just as he was about to scream, Qin Mo swept him a glance. His voice was low as he spoke, “If you dare make another noise, I’m going to stop solving this and we will both stay here till the end.”

Zhao Sanpang was silenced instantly!

With one less disturbance, Qin Mo’s attention increased.

Actually, Zhao Sanpang wanted to speak. He wanted to ask why he was staring at a bunch of numbers because it wasn’t like the numbers were going to blossom!

Lin Chentao couldn’t seem to get used to the silence from the other end. “Little Spade, what do you think happened to Fatty? Did he faint from being too scared?”

The youngster narrowed her eyes, her hands speeding up when she detected something amiss.

Lin Chentao hugged onto her arm. “I think it’ll be better if I wear the blindfold, the thing above you looks horrifying every time you move.”

Above her?

Bo Jiu glanced up. As she was more than familiar with infrared rays, she quickly realized that it was a linked response.

She needed cooperation in order to get out.

“Go over and press that thing’s head.”

Lin Chentao pointed to his nose. “Me?”

“Yes.” Bo Jiu cut off one of the wires, her fingers pressing onto a skull near her while signalling for Lin Chentao to move.

Lin Chentao trembled once, and then began moving extremely slowly.

In fact, he was so slow that Bo Jiu had rotated once.

With a hand on the ground and the left hand on the skull, she moved elegantly, leaping across the middle. Her legs were tapping on the corpse at the most extreme end, forming the perfect electric conductor.

It wasn’t just Lin Chentao, even the main director was startled!

Since her movements and the imagery seemed very much like a world-class action film!

The main director turned towards his stunned assistant. “Is this also a subject that students learn?”

The little assistant didn’t have much confidence while replying, “Probably…”

For Bo Jiu, this was something she did often in the past. Hence, it came naturally.

As the machine sounded, she turned before straightening her legs and tapping the dust on her hands. A sly smile was on her face which made the little assistant want to pinch her cheeks.

No one could stop her, she was about to become a fan!

“Victory is mine,” the youngster mumbled as she pushed open the door.

However, she suddenly realized that only one minute ago, someone had left.

That wasn’t even all.

That person had accurately predicted where they would appear and had appeared in front of the camera.

It was a virtual stage with a long shadow at the highest point.

Before Bo Jiu could look up, a hand appeared.

It seemed very much like the first time she had joined Supreme Alliance.

Bo Jiu smiled while Qin Mo tugged at her.

When she finally caught sight of light, Bo Jiu raised her hands instinctively to shield her eyes.

At that moment, someone pressed her hands down.

The next second, a black blindfold covered her eyes and a masculine aroma surrounded her.

In that instant, the world was so silent they could hear each other’s heartbeat.

Lin Chentao and Zhao Sanpang were startled.

It was mainly because of Qin Mo’s tenderness when he looked down to help Little Spade wear her blindfold.

His tenderness left them speechless.

“The wall-jumping student proceed so slowly?”

When the Almighty’s voice entered her ears, Bo Jiu decided to ignore the words wall-jumping, replying sincerely, “Someone was burdening me.”

Lin Chentao exploded! He was blamed again!

Zhao Sanpang nodded. “Don’t even doubt it, Little Spade is referring to you!”

“F*ck off! You’re speaking as though you aren’t a burden!”

After pulling them away, Qin Mo straightened to push aside the youngster’s sweat drenched hair. “Do you want a teammate that doesn’t pull you down?”

“Of course.” Bo Jiu smiled, grabbing the Almighty’s hand.

Qin Mo hadn’t expected her to act in such a manner. His gaze was pausing sightly before a smile spread across his face.

The youngster looked extremely pleasing with the blindfold on ━ but nothing could beat the feel of his hands clenching onto his.

The main director and his little assistant exchanged glances when they caught the scene.

“Honestly, what do you see?” the main director asked.

As a CP fan, the young fan was extremely agitated. “Almighty Qin treats Big Spade differently!”

It wasn’t just different.

When the storyboard director asked why Qin Mo had finished the missions so quickly, he replied, “In order to win someone back.”

Lin Chentao placed his coconuts aside. “Captain, did you feel the same way just now? In order to win me back, you had been persevering with the questions.”

Rao Rong choked on his coconut drink… Where had he gotten the idea from?

“I understand, I understand everything, that’s why I tried to stall Little Spade, but I never expected it to be useless.” Lin Chentao looked upset. “I let down Captain’s love for me.”

Rao Rong gave him a sideways glance. So you were just finding an excuse for your uselessness. He felt an urge to beat him up!

On the other side, Bo Jiu wanted to remove the blindfold, but Qin Mo didn’t let her. “Your eyes are sensitive, remove it after your eyes have gotten used to the light.”

As Bo Jiu halted, Qin Mo reached out to remove the blindfold.

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t just let it go. “Little Spade, why are you as docile as a lamb towards Qin Mo! Retaliate!”

Bo Jiu was indifferent to his taunt. Once she opened her eyes, she flashed a smile towards the storyboard director who followed Zhao Sanpang. “Sis, do you have a backup of brother Pang’s cry just now? Could you send it to me? I’m going to share it on WeChat. It’s the segment he was so scared he said he was going to wet himself, it has to be just his voice.”

Zhao Sanpang: … F*ck, he wasn’t a lamb but a cunning wolf!

The sky started to darken.

The main director realized something, Boss Qin was no longer glaring at him.

He heaved a sigh of relief, but he couldn’t rejoice for long as he quickly choked on his second inhale because of the next mission.

Even in the seriousness of his drunken state, he would never have written such a mission.

There was actually a mission where the participants ate from the same ice cream!

Who had written this?

It was definitely not by the naive him!

Bo Jiu paused slightly when she received the mission.

However, the content was public and thus couldn’t be altered.

The youngster stuffed a hand into her pocket. “Who exactly wrote the script for this program? Come out and let’s have a match.”

While the main director shrunk his neck, the storyboard director understood Almighty Qin’s intentions and was no longer apprehensive about the mission. Instead, she passed a cone over.

Bo Jiu didn’t take it.

The storyboard director took a moment before speaking in a low voice, “There’s a prize linked to Almighty Qin for completing the mission.”

Bo Jiu perked up. “What is it?”

“The program crew managed to get their hands on a childhood photo of Almighty Qin.”

Bo Jiu turned towards the beach not far away where Qin Mo sat. The temptation of a tiny Almighty…

“Bring the cone over.”

Unable to resist the temptation, Student Jiu went straight for it.

The storyboard director immediately signalled for the cameraman, who positioned the camera, focusing the lenses on the two of them.

The youngster walked forward, placing the cone by Almighty Qin’s lips.

Then with a suave turn, she placed a peak on his lips.

Qin Mo’s gaze changed instantly, becoming dark as the sea with a depth that couldn’t be explained.

He could still taste the sweetness from the ice cream on his teeth. In this climate, it was undoubtedly a delight, especially when the youngster had his face so near him.

The youngster’s fine pores flawless!

The film crew couldn’t help exclaiming.

That scene throughly shocked Lin Chentao. “I’ve always thought Little Spade is the one below, never would I have expected, it never occured to me…”

Rao Rong arched a brow, glancing over with an unreadable expression.

The main director was the most agitated one. “I have always wanted to film someone kissing Boss Qin like this! But no one dared to do it!”

The little assistance turned back with pride. It couldn’t be helped, my Big Spade was the dominant one, after all.

“Mmh…” From afar, the youngster released herself. With a hand still stuffed in her pocket as she licked her lips and her silver hair gleaming under the light, she looked very much like a rich heir. “As sweet as expected.”

Qin Mo didn’t move. His side profile was perfect and he didn’t seem to have moved as though he wasn’t affected by the youngster’s actions. But his entire attention was fixed onto that little pink tongue, his gaze darkening and deepening…

Then, with an enigmatic smile, he brushed his hands over his lips.

It was sweet?

Tonight, he was going to let him have a good taste of it!

After she was done molesting Almighty Qin, Bo Jiu didn’t bother about his reaction and instead scooted over to the storyboard director. “Mission completed, where’s Brother Mo’s childhood photo?”