Chapter 718 - Jiu’s Reaction to the Photo

Chapter 718: Jiu’s Reaction to the Photo

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The storyboard director glanced over at Almighty Qin. When she caught his eye, she lowered her volume. “A photo of the young Almighty Qin is with the main director. This won’t be shown in the program, but I can show it to you secretly.”

“I understand, but how did your main director get a childhood photo of Brother Mo?” Bo Jiu lifted a brow. According to the Almighty’s personality, this sort of photos would never be able to see the light.

The storyboard director lowered her voice. “It was sent to the main director by a friend in the industry. He didn’t reveal who the person is, but he did describe her as a beauty.”

Beauty? And a good friend of the director? It was definitely Movie Queen An. Bo Jiu reached out to tap the storyboard director’s shoulder. “Your program has potential.”

The storyboard director: … What’s with this odd feeling she felt from the compliment? They have potential just because they were able to obtain a childhood photo of Almighty Qin?

Big Spade, are you sure you don’t have ulterior motives?!

“Bring the photo over, I’ll make sure Brother Mo doesn’t come over.” The youngster stuffed a hand into his pocket, looking suave as usual, intelligent and crafty.

When the storyboard director met the main director, the main director was still deep in thoughts from the kiss from before. He turned towards the storyboard director, remarking seriously, “This is a good scene, it has a good effect. Mmh, we can get them to kiss a few more times.”

The storyboard director: … Boss, what sort of variety show has so many kiss scenes?! Could you keep it together?!

After half a minute and explaining everything, the storyboard director managed to get hold of her boss’s phone. She seemed jittery as she walked towards Bo Jiu. “You have to keep it a secret from the Almighty.”

“Don’t worry.” Bo Jiu winked.


The storyboard director coughed heavily, passing the phone over to the youngster. A photo that was obviously taken in secret appeared on the screen.

The photo was taken in Qin family’s mansion, the main character of the photo dressed in a white tuxedo. He had exquisite, doll-like features and was seated in a garden during summertime. There was a table amidst the greenery, a hot cup of tea stationed on the table top and a book in his hands. He seemed to have realized someone was taking a photo of him as he shifted his book to the side, both eyes looking straight into the lens distastefully, that arrogant puppy-like appearance distinct and unique to that one person.

Bo Jiu felt a shock run through her!

It was more shocking than a thunderbolt.

“This-this is the Almighty?”

Bo Jiu didn’t know how she managed to piece that sentence together.

This was probably the first time she had seen the youngster speak like that, the storyboard director nudged the youngster’s shoulders. “Did the young Almighty melt your heart?”

It didn’t just melt her… Bo Jiu took another look at the photo before turning to glance at the Almighty. That feeling… couldn’t be described!

The storyboard director continued, “The young Almighty is simply adorable, I would love to caress his head of kiss his cheeks.”

Bo Jiu’s thoughts ran way back.

That day, her father had suddenly suggested introducing her to a little friend who was the same age as her.

It had been a strange suggestion since she wasn’t good at making friends and spent most of her time with her keyboard.

In order to show her sincerity, she brought a tiny rocket she had assembled herself, awaiting the same aged friend seriously…