Chapter 719 - Jiu Tackled Her Childhood Pet

Chapter 719: Jiu Tackled Her Childhood Pet

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But the moment she had caught sight of her little friend, she forgot about her rocket.

Her father must have lied to her because how could they be the same age?

This was obviously a puppy-like doll.

Even the way she spoke was extremely well-mannered.

The rocket she made paled in comparison!

Hence, she wasn’t able to control her excitement, tackling him during their first meeting.

The little friend wasn’t appreciative of her enthusiasm. Instead, he caressed his forehead, using an icy cold tone to warn her. “Get up.”

She was enthralled, finding the little friend extremely adorable. Once again, she wasn’t able to control herself, planting a kiss on his face.

The little friend’s face changed instantly, a blush creeping onto his infuriated face as he glanced at her disdainfully as though she was a virus he could exterminate!

At that time, Bo Jiu thought that his dislike for her was because he hadn’t understood her enthusiasm. She caressed the bump on her head feeling slightly down. Then she took out her best possessions before asking, “How much are you per kg?”

“What?” The doll seemed interested in her keyboard. His tone was calm, his question brief.

Dolls did have a temper, Bo Jiu understood that!

“I’ll buy you, you can be my pet.” Bo Jiu lowered herself to grab her mini bank.

The doll seemed to have run out of patience, knocking her head. “Are you dumb? Humans aren’t sold by their weight.”

“Oh.” Bo Jiu was disappointed for a second before persisting. “Then I won’t give you money, I’ll just rear you in the future.”

A vein seemed to have popped out. “I don’t need it.”

“Don’t be shy.” Bo Jiu understood how it was like to be new, but the doll just glared at her. “You had better keep your mouth shut.”

“Alright, you’re shy and won’t let me speak, I understand, I understand. You ate a lot of chocolate just now. Since you like it, I’ll go steal more.”

Bo Jiu found the doll hard to please and she couldn’t seem to read his thoughts.

Alas, since she was prepared to rear him, she could only endure.

Since she couldn’t control her enthusiasm, she would have to pamper him.

Ever since then, whenever she saw her pet, she would tackle him, caress him and shower him with kisses.

Her pet was perfect: He was pretty, looked good while eating and could even read books which gave her a headache. Even though he seemed to scold her dumb increasingly, he was still handsome. He didn’t have a good temper, felt shy easily and would often feel embarrassed in front of others.

In the past, Bo Jiu couldn’t understand.

Her puppy was great, but why was he so easily embarrassed?

But now, Bo Jiu understood.

If the Almighty knew that she was the one who had tackled him in the past, he would definitely narrow his eyes while tossing her to the sharks.

The storyboard director watched as the youngster stood motionlessly. “What are you thinking about?”

Reminiscing the times she tackled the Almighty. It was best to keep this to herself.

She would keep this happiness to herself.

Surprisingly, she was reunited with her childhood pet and it was even the Almighty.

This seemed rather special.

Honestly, Bo Jiu would never have expected the adorable puppy-like doll to end up like the Almighty.

With his divine good looks, the aura of mixed blood and a hint of an aristocratic devil…