Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Almighty Qin Asks Where Was Fu Jiu, She’s Eating Hot Pot

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Qin Mo left him there after saying that.

His words contained no warmth. Manager Li was completely stunned, and his body started to severely tremble. His face was right next to the computer screen, and he slumped into the seat. He didn’t get his senses back even after Qin Mo was long gone. He was scared sh*tless.

He knew that his career was over. There was no need for CEO to say this out loud; he knew that he was going to get fired, and that there was no future left for him in Jiang City anymore!

Why… Why was that prodigal son recommended by CEO Qin?!

At the same time, Fu Jiu’s hand speed showed up on all the computer screens in the room.

Everyone was shocked to see that kind of result, and an unbelievable uproar erupted!

More than 90%!

Everyone quieted down instantly.

Shock, astonishment, and surprise swept the entire exam room!

Even if they practiced for a lifetime, they wouldn’t be able to achieve this kind of hand speed!

Who was No. 19?

Everyone was extremely curious as they asked around!

But his profile was in the trash can now… What an incredible slap to the face!

Qin Mo stormed out of the room. His back emitted a freezing cold aura, and Secretary Liang’s and Feng Yi’s faces turned pale white from fear.

Especially Feng Yi.

He was the one in charge of this internal signing.

Who knew that his subordinate would kick Spade Z, who was scouted by CEO, out of the door?

Disregarding the fact that CEO was mad, even he wanted to kill that b*st*rd Old Li.

Now, Secretary Liang didn’t even dare to mention CEO’s dinner appointment later. He just wanted to be invisible at ths moment.


Qin Mo stopped and took out his phone. He pressed on the screen and tilted his head slightly. “Where are you?”

Three very simple words. Was he messaging someone on WeChat?

Secretary Liang and Feng Yi shared a few looks and immediately realized that the one that the CEO was messaging was…

That evil fairy (Spade Z)!!!

At that moment, Fu Jiu was still checking out the hot pot store that the boy had talked about. She raised her eyebrow. “So this is the ‘ordinary’ hot pot store you were talking about?”

The only three Michelin star restaurant in the entire three northern provinces.

Aside from being rich, people still needed to have status and power in order to eat here.

Ordinary hot pot store?

There were fewer than ten similar restaurants in the whole entire world.

That boy smiled and scratched his hair. “What-what-what do you want to eat, I-I-I’ll go get it for you.”

“Meat, I’m a meat eater.” Fu Jiu didn’t look at the menu. She sat there with her crafty temperament and attractive smile. “I never thought that I would pick up a second generation rich kid from a silly contest.”

That boy started to stutter again, “I-I-I’m not rich myself! I-I-I can only take you to hot pot. I-I-I will treat you to better food when I make money!”

“Why are you so cute?” Fu Jiu blinked with a smile as she emitted flirting vibes using her entire body.


The boy blushed again. “You-you-you always talk like this?”

“Like what?” Fu Jiu watched a waiter serve the base of the hot pot, and she started to make her own dip sauce.

The boy nudged his glasses up a little. “F-F-Flirty.”

“This is what happens when you are handsome.” Fu Jiu rested one arm on the back of the chair. Her silver hair and black eyes brought about the aura of an evil fairy.

The boy paused and laughed. “That-that-that’s true. Wa-wa-wait a second, is your phone buzzing?”


Fu Jiu turned and took out her phone. It was from the Almighty, so she put the chopsticks in her mouth and started to reply.

“I picked up a little cutie at the contest, and he is treating me to hot pot. Are you done with the meeting?”