Chapter 720 - Caressing the Almighty’s Tummy

Chapter 720: Caressing the Almighty’s Tummy

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The youngster must have glanced back too many times with that alluring expression because Qin Mo glanced up, his lids slightly upturned as he took large strides over.

In the past, Bo Jiu had never been guilty before, but this time… Perhaps it was because of how often she used to tackle the Almighty when they had been young, she couldn’t seem to associate the puppy-like pet with the Almighty, who was standing in front of her at the moment. Hence, she acted slightly overboard, tossing the phone at the storyboard director as though it was a piping hot potato.

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. “What’s that?”

“The main director’s phone.” Bo Jiu laughed lightly. In order to divert his attention, she went all out. “Do you want another ice cream cone?”

Qin Mo kept his gaze, focusing on the youngster’s smiling face, the suppressed thought surged back up.

Such enthusiasm ignited an urge within him… to do bad things!

Somehow, Almighty Qin’s expression looked dangerous. Bo Jiu reached out and caressed her nose.

“F*ck, Little Spade, hurry and look, Fatty is about to strip!”

Lin Chentao could be heard from afar.

Even though Bo Jiu couldn’t understand what there was to look at, it was better than being here in front of the Almighty. Hence, she ran.

Before she ran, however, she didn’t forget to signal for the storyboard director to leave.

Big Spade seemed to be acting weirdly after looking at the photo, but the storyboard director couldn’t explain why exactly was it odd.

The news of the unexpected reunion with her childhood pet seemed to haunt her endlessly.

Qin Mo reached out and grabbed the youngster’s collar. “What exactly is there to look at? What’s with the enthusiasm?”

Fatty was speechless. “Hey, Qin Mo, I’m right here. Why can’t I be looked at? I’m so handsome!”

“Hahaha, your tummy is indeed impressive,” Lin Chentao added ruthlessly.

Fatty blushed. “What do you know? This is called muscles!”

Bo Jiu caressed her tummy before caressing the Almighty’s. Breaking into a cheeky smile, she teased, “Fatty, look, these are the real muscles”

Qin Mo glanced down at the hand which had appeared on his abdomen. The fingers were long and slender, but much smaller than his, the white flawlessness dimming his eyes.

It must have been deliberate.

Caress him?

And at that spot?


Qin Mo smirked.

Lin Chentao glanced over, feeling a chill run through him.

Looking back, whenever someone tried to caress a tiger’s abdomen, they were either killed or eaten. Wasn’t Little Spade aware?!

Zhao Sanpang glanced over, even though he was humiliated, he couldn’t seem to rebut.

The hilarious scene was captured by the cameraman. Such a scene would be the perfect preview.

The youngster lifted his chin arrogantly, looking high and mighty, just like a young master.

When Almighty Qin glanced sideways, his lips were lifted and his gaze indulgent ━ a look that could easily melt the hearts of many.