Chapter 721 - Never Allowed to Strip

Chapter 721: Never Allowed to Strip

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Qin Mo lowered his voice. “Feels good?”

Bo Jiu was probably still in a daze because she nodded seriously. “Very good.”

Ever since she found out that the Almighty was the puppy pet she reared when she was younger, she started acting without restraint.

Since she had tackled him so many times before, caressing didn’t seem like much.

The youngster smiled widely, looking adorable and alluring.

Qin Mo inched towards his ear, smirking.

Lin Chentao shook his head. Somehow he had a hunch that Little Spade wouldn’t be let off so easily.

Instead, he directed a smile towards Qin Mo confidently.

Smiling at the tiger?

Would the tiger be able to take it?

Little Spade, where did your intelligence go?!

“Next up, we have the final mission.”

The filming crew glanced at the darkening skies.

“A swimming competition.”

Lin Chentao had thought it through, he would be able to accept as long as it wasn’t a gay content.

And… he had managed to live through the horrifying escape room; there wasn’t anything that could faze him anymore!

Moreover, he wasn’t the one swimming, his captain was here after all!

The storyboard director hesitated.

Should she get Big Spade or the Almighty to strip?

The latter seemed like a lost cause as his background was there, after all.

He was someone she couldn’t offend.

Hence, she turned towards the youngster.

Bo Jiu replied decisively, “I have aquaphobia and can’t swim, not even with life-saving equipment. I’ll faint.”

Qin Mo turned to look at the youngster.

Even though he hadn’t gotten the full set of information, he was still aware of some basic information.

Young Master Fu was indeed a useless chap, but even a useless chap had at least one expertise ━ in his case it was swimming.

Qin Mo’s eyes deepened, his gaze sweeping past the youngster’s face.

Bo Jiu remained unfazed under his scrutiny before finally exhaling. “I’m still injured.”

“What injury?” Qin Mo lifted a brow.

Bo Jiu raised her black t-shirt slightly, biting onto her lips. “Do you see the red mark?”

Qin Mo’s gaze landed on the inch of flawless white skin. From his angle, the youngster’s abdomen was in full sight.

Even his belly button seemed different from others, small and white.

Much less to say the two curves at the side, which were alluring enough to drive one crazy.

He didn’t see any red markings.

This person was clearly itching for a beating.

Qin Mo reached out and tug the youngster’s shirt back down.

At this moment, he only had two thoughts: First, he would never allow the youngster to strip in front of so many people, especially not in front of the camera. And tonight, he was going to let a certain someone get his hands filled!

Bo Jiu couldn’t understand why her puppy was looking at her so viciously.

It was indeed a pity of her foresight, she had predicted there would be water games and had done some work to prevent the situation from escalating to such a state.

Ah, right, she almost forgot, her puppy acquired the arrogance from the Almighty.

Bo Jiu chuckled, slightly mischievous.

Qin Mo still held on his collar, turning towards the storyboard director. “I’ll swim.”

“Then I’ll swim for my team.” Almighty Sun stood up, his legs lengthy and his features defined as he glanced at Qin Mo, looking photogenic.