Chapter 723 - Peaked at Him Showering

Chapter 723: Peaked at Him Showering

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What a joke.


When they had been younger, she had tackled him all the time ━ but a gentleman shouldn’t be flaunting his past glories.

Besides, the Almighty was indeed not that easily suppressed right now.

The youngster stuffed a hand in his pocket. “I’m not gay.”

Lin Chentao replied seriously, “I believed that in the past.”

This meant he didn’t believe it anymore.

“You must have forgotten about kissing Qin Mo while you held onto the ice cream cone. Little Spade, the cameras caught it, you can’t lie.”

Bo Jiu ignored him since the Almighty seemed very much like her childhood puppy at this moment, especially with his soaking wet hair.

She still remembered that she had once been busy with her keyboard, forgetting about the gaming session her pet had invited her to.

For the next three days that had followed, he had refused to speak to her and even the adults couldn’t persuade him.

His face had been stoic, seemingly irritated at the entire world.

Bo Jiu had been at her wit’s end, entering his room secretly.

Her ability to climb walls must have come from back then.

After entering the bedroom, she had realized that it was empty.

As a witty child that was going to become a hacker in the future, she had followed the sound of water towards the bathroom.

Who would have expected… She had pushed the door open with tree branches in her hair, glancing straight at her puppy, with his soaking wet hair, flawless white skin, and narrowed eyes.


Bo Jiu had been there purely to apologize, she had never intended to peak at him showering.

In the end, her puppy, who had originally planned to ignore her for three days, had extended it to ten days and always watched her cautiously as though she needed to be defended against.

Bo Jiu couldn’t remember how many items she had used to placate her pet, but at the very end, her pet finally forgave her and had even grabbed onto her collar to warn her. “As a lady, you have to be reserved.”

Bo Jiu wasn’t skilled with her language, especially Chinese. “Reserved? What’s that?”

Her puppy was so infuriated, but he still just smirked.

If he hadn’t gotten ill, Bo Jiu was sure her puppy would never have discovered her good side.

Thereafter, she continued to rear her puppy.

At that time, they had always been playing Super Mario, advancing through the levels.

Of course, most of her memories were of him forcing her to learn Chinese.


At that time, the Almighty didn’t seem to detest girls so much.

How had it escalated to such an extent?

Was it because she was too adorable back then? Was that the reason behind his adoration?

Bo Jiu always possessed an unbelievable amount of confidence.

Even though she seemed to neglect a point, which was that no one would find the girl they were tackled by in their childhood adorable.

It was more plausible to associate her with a bandit.

When Qin Mo was done, he caught sight of the youngster’s bewildered expression. He wasn’t far away, his face clean and clear beneath the warm evening glow. Such a person should have been dealt with earlier!

But as they weren’t in the hotel right now, it wouldn’t be convenient.

Qin Mo stood up, picking up a white towel to toss at the youngster’s face.

He had to stop looking because the more he looked, the more he couldn’t control herself.

Fortunately, the filming crew had a conscience. After watching the three almighties walking up together, they cheerfully announced the end of their mission. The next step was to head back and rest!