Chapter 724 - Who Do You Sleep With?

Chapter 724: Who Do You Sleep With?

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Bo Jiu tugged the towel aside, her brows lifting. “You have to film us resting in the hotel?”

“Little Spade, don’t you watch variety programs?” Lin Chentao was appalled by Bo Jiu’s question. Which era did he come from?

Bo Jiu lowered his lids, pulling his collar. “I don’t.”

“Then what do you normally do?” As an avid fan of variety shows, Lin Chentao couldn’t comprehend those that didn’t watch them.

Before Bo Jiu could reply, Qin Mo took a step forward, replying calmly, “Overbearing President Falls in Love With Me.”

“Mmh?” Lin Chentao was confused.

Droplets formed on Qin Mo’s smooth chin, his dark hair slightly damp. “It’s the sort of books he reads, including Sweet Little Wife Escaping and Keeping the Esports Almighty.”

Bo Jiu: …

Why did he have to remember her dark past so clearly…?

Lin Chentao glanced at the youngster’s face, tapping his shoulders comfortingly. “Geez, reading such books clearly shows your passive personality.”

The novels were placed on the shelves in the Fu mansion, hence, it wasn’t convenient for her to deny. Breaking into a suave smile, she said, “I bought them to gift the girls I chased.”

The girls he chased?

Qin Mo paused while wearing his shirt, his fingers stilling slightly before buttoning his white top. His gaze was turning cold while Lin Chentao was still whispering to the youngster. “Don’t underestimate my intelligence, who would gift such books to the girls they chase?”

Bo Jiu replied lazily, “Me.” She headed up to go rest, not bothered if Lin Chentao had bought the lie.

Lin Chentao continued to educate the youngster on the basics of a variety program. “The view counts are typically the highest before the guests fall asleep and after they wake up. Hence, it isn’t really resting time, the cameras will still be around.”

As a hacker, she had the urge to hack into cameras. It was a habit she had to change.

While Bo Jiu listened, she told herself to control her natural instincts.

Fortunately, there was still good news: They would finally get their phones back.

Days without access to the Internet were simply unbearable for esports players.

The moment Zhao Sanpang got hold of his phone, he planted kisses on the white device. “You must have been upset without your dad’s company.”

The filming crew: …

“Fatty, hurry over, some fans managed to guess that we are filming a program from our previous post on Weibo.” Lin Chentao glanced at the reposts, caressing his chin seriously. “I’m going to be famous soon.”

Zhao Sanpang pointed towards a comment. “Look, someone complimented my looks! The crowd has sharp eyes! You guys aren’t able to match up.”

“Almighty Fatty, you should take a look at his nickname.” The youngster swept a glance at the screen, replying lazily and advising nonchalantly as Fatty indulged in the compliment.

Zhao Sanpang smirked. “Nickname? That isn’t important, the important… F*ck, what’s the meaning of this? Blind! This guy has no culture at all!”

“I find him rather cultured, hahaha!” Lin Chentao burst into laughter.

At this very moment, Almighty Sun, who had been silent the entire time, asked, “Who are you sleeping with tonight?”

He was directing the question at Qin Mo!

Qin Mo!