Chapter 726 - Second Personality

Chapter 726: Second Personality

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The storyboard director started to fret as she watched the footage. Should she keep it?

If she kept it, she would have to link it with the earlier footage, but that contained sensitive content which wasn’t suited to be on the broadcast.

But after today’s incident, the film crew had gotten more information; there were other reasons behind the coke splashing incident.

In the past, they assumed such nonsense belonged to the entertainment industry, but now they realized that as long as someone became the center of attention, there would be hate.

Almighty Qin showed a clear, protective behavior.

The storyboard director took a moment before deciding to keep the footage of Almighty Qin teasing Little Spade because it was simply overflowing with love. As for the other footage, they could just have some minor edits.

The youngster glanced at them, her pretty brows lifting. “Aren’t you guys going to follow Brother Mo?”

“We’re going to stay and film you.” The storyboard director was starting to turn into a fan of Spade Z and an unknowing desire to give her more screen time rose within her.

Bo Jiu rejected firmly. “Hurry and film Brother Mo. With you guys around, Almighty Xiao won’t dare to take action.”

The storyboard director: …

“Someone will be filming,” the cameraman mentioned.

Bo Jiu smiled. “Alright, then it’ll be fine.”

The storyboard director couldn’t help asking, “What do you think Almighty Xiao is going to do to Almighty Qin?”

“With such an obvious gaze, what do you think?” Bo Jiu asked instead.

The storyboard director coughed.

Bo Jiu took a moment before smiling. “But he won’t have the chance.”


Bo Jiu lifted her brows. “He isn’t Brother Mo’s type.”

Was the youngster going to spill Almighty Qin’s ideal girlfriend?

The storyboard director’s eyes lit up. “What type does Almighty Qin like?”

“Someone as handsome and aggressive as me.” Bo Jiu took a step back, both legs stretched out as she opened Hero on her phone, a mischievous smile on her face.

The storyboard director: …

“Are we going to keep this footage?” the cameraman asked his colleague.

The storyboard director rubbed her temples. “No, it’ll just arise hate.”

“It’s fine, I’m already hated.” While the game loaded, she turned, lifting her brows. “Want to play Hero? I’ll bring you guys along.”

The film crew was ecstatic to hear an esports almighty offering to bring them around because they had been fantasizing about the game recently.

After being asked, the cameraman wavered, but the storyboard director remained firm. “I’m still working.” Mainly because you have so much hate, which isn’t something to be proud of, you worrisome youngster.

“Playing games with the guest is also considered working.”

The cameraman took a sit instantly. “Which zone?”

“Hey.” The storyboard director remained persistent.

The cameraman added, “Did you forget what the A team said about us? Eternal losers.”

The storyboard director’s attitude took a drastic change. “Since we’re doing esports this week, it’ll only be right to include gaming footage. We can film Big Spade’s hand speed, let’s go.”

The little assistant never expected to be handed the paramount responsibility of filming, but when she saw the lowered heads, which were focused on their phone screens, she realized that experience was necessary to discover the good in others.

The youngster didn’t say much, but he unexpectedly had a soothing presence.

Almighty Qin had the same sort of presence.

Initially, they assumed such a presence would have a tough personality, instilling fear in them.

But now, even though Almighty Qin might seem aloof, he wouldn’t cause trouble for the film crew.

For the first time, she had an urge to do something well.

While spreading joy, she also wanted to show the fans how the almighties were really like; the beautiful personalities of their idols.

As opposed to the engrossed gaming in the room, the restaurant was elegantly decorated. There was even a pianist performing live.

Ever since the comment Almighty Xiao had made on the bus, the film crew was dying to dig deeper.

The captain of the champion team and the most sought-after player Almighty Qin… What exactly was their relationship?

But that was just a thought, they didn’t dare to act on this.

Instead, the main director instructed them to film elsewhere, giving them privacy.

At that moment, their identities seemed to hit both of them.

One of them was Young Master Qin from Jiang City and the other was Young Master Xiao from Lin City.

They were both wealthy and powerful.

Simply put, other than esports, they possessed a formidable background.

“I have answers to the matter you asked me previously. Those that are constantly being suppressed would probably ignite a hidden second personality after certain experiences. There might be a change in their personality, you can take a look at this information.”

Qin Mo glanced at the documents he passed over.

Almighty Xiao took a sip of wine. “Who exactly are you investigating this time?”

“No one.” Qin Mo turned to light a cigarette, his long fingers positioning it while an image of the youngster flashing past his mind.

No, that wasn’t a reaction that arose from a second personality.

But if it wasn’t a second personality, how could he explain the information he received from Fatty when he was in America?

Someone who had never touched the computer suddenly possessed hacking skills.

Someone who would frown at the sight of games managed to become the new player king in Zone C after just a hospital stay.

Other than a second personality, there wasn’t any other logical explanation.

Qin Mo’s gaze deepened, his features blurred amidst the smoke.

“There’s another possibility that I’m still looking into, I’ll give you a call if I think it’s possible. But there’s something else I want to ask you.”

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows. “What?”

“Your hand, is it really alright or did you shorten your treatment for other matters?”

When Almighty Xiao finished asking, the smoke lessened instantly.

Qin Mo tapped his cigarette. “Investigating your love rival?”

“There isn’t a need.” Almighty Xiao placed the wine glass down, standing upright. “It’s clear between the both of us that Supreme Alliance will never surpass Xiangnan if your hand hasn’t fully recovered.”

Qin Mo took a puff and their conversation ended there.

In the room, after Bo Jiu decided she had played enough, she decided to remind the Almighty. She opened WeChat. “Brother Mo, you won’t be able to fill your stomach with alcohol alone, what about barbecue?”

After listening to the recording, Qin Mo extinguished his cigarette. “Hungry?”

“Mmh.” Her hunger wasn’t a priority, she was more worried about what the other person was going to do.

An unknown emotion tainted his tone. “Come down.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu paused, then asking, “What about Almighty Xiao?”

Qin Mo lifted a brow. “Why are you worrying about him?”

“Aren’t you having drinks with him?”

Qin Mo replied, “We’re done.”

Bo Jiu was pleased with the reply. She knew her puppy wasn’t into someone like Almighty Xiao. She kept her phone, stuffing a hand into her pocket as she headed down.

Qin Mo continued to look at the screen.

If it really was a second personality, and the personality suddenly disappeared, what was he going to do?

At the sheer possibility, Qin Mo clenched onto the wine glass in his hand, even his breathing seemed to slow.

He would never allow such a circumstance to occur.

The lights dimmed, the tune being played changing.

The moment Bo Jiu arrived, she lifted a brow before continuing forward. The utensils had been set, there was even an open bottle of wine.

Bo Jiu walked over and sat down.

However, before she could say anything, Qin Mo held onto her wrist. “Seems like someone hasn’t reflected enough.”

“I was wrong.” An insincere three words.

Qin Mo glanced at him, pushing the plate of steak over. “Finish it, then get some sleep.”

Bo Jiu was famished. While she ate, she didn’t forget to ask about her love rival. “What did you and Almighty Xiao talk about?”

Qin Mo’s gaze swept past the youngster, his voice calm. “About a second personality in humans. Some people would change drastically after experiencing psychological damage, even their preferences may alter.”

Bo Jiu knew he wasn’t just filling her curiosity, but she wasn’t going to fall into this trap ━ otherwise, it would be admitting her problem.

She continued to eat her steak, her lips lifted upwards. “It sounds interesting, I have assumed your conversation would be about esports. I never expected it to be about psychology, I guess an intellect’s mind will always be so profound.”

“A second personality would impact a person’s life.” Qin Mo moved his wine glass. He didn’t end the conversation and had instead directed his deep gaze towards her. “For instance, past expertise may be lost and a past flaw may be awakened after certain simulations. But all these aren’t interesting because a second personality isn’t the primary personality. Are such perishable things interesting?”

Bo Jiu couldn’t understand the reason behind his dampened mood, but her instinct told her that the second personality was definitely linked to her.

The Almighty was starting to investigate her.

Perhaps it was because of the previous operation when she was caught in the convenience shop.

Regardless of the situation, it would be a matter of time before he caught on.

Bo Jiu chewed a mouthful of steak. “The fact that it exists makes it interesting.”

“Is that it?” Qin Mo’s voice was chilly while Bo Jiu smiled. “Yes.”

The meal ended unpleasantly. They went to their shared room while Bo Jiu thought about the situation.

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure how much the Almighty had found out, but he should already be aware of the vast differences between her current and past self.

So the next step was to investigate the reasons.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes.

Fortunately, even though most of the film crew was near them, the cameraman wasn’t here.

Just as Bo Jiu was asking the storyboard director to arrange a separate room, Qin Mo tugged her into the bedroom.

The shut door kept the film crew out, but there were still cameras in the room.

This was a moment for the guests to act naturally.

Unexpectedly, before the Almighty had even done anything, he turned towards the camera. “Sleep.”

He pulled the towel, tossing it over the lens.