Chapter 727 - Irresistible Kiss

Chapter 727: Irresistible Kiss

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The main director, who was watching the screen, choked on his tea, reaching for his intercom. “It’s too early to sleep! Get him to shift the towel so that we can get more footage.”

“Can you tell him yourself?” None of them had the guts to order Almighty Qin.

The main director coughed, diverting the topic. “Erm, after such a long day of filming, they must be tired, let’s allow them an early rest.”

Both the assistant and cameraman lifted their lids silently. Indeed, they weren’t the only ones afraid of Almighty Qin.

The only person who didn’t seem afraid was Big Spade, who was going to sleep with him.

Actually, Bo Jiu was at a loss because of Qin Mo’s actions, but she recovered quickly and whistled.

Turning, she pulled their microphones, which was a piece of cake for a hacker.

Bo Jiu smiled leisurely, lifting a brow as Qin Mo headed towards her.

The Almighty was obviously going to take action.

Bo Jiu wanted to move aside, but Qin Mo wasn’t prepared to let her off, pressing himself forward, forcing the youngster against the wall.

There was a chilliness in his gaze.

This gaze…

In her past life, Bo Jiu saw it whenever she opposed Qin Mo.

There wasn’t an ounce of warmth, just like every time he arrested criminals.

This time, he was really infuriated.

Or perhaps, he had discovered something about her.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow.

After finding out he was her puppy, it was harder to see him as an enemy.

But deep down, she knew that they would definitely end up as rivals.

The crime squad never stopped tracking her.

Since she was reborn, she possessed more advantages as even the surroundings were helping to keep her hidden.

Hence, the Almighty wouldn’t suspect her much.

However, that was only temporary because one day, the Almighty would uncover her real identity, tossing her gender aside.

As she had her duties, it wasn’t possible for her to be completely away from the computer.

Ever since the beginning, they were already on opposing sides.

“You don’t think a person’s disappearance is important?”

He tightened his grip on her wrist, sensing a shift in his mood.

Bo Jiu sighed heavily. “Brother Mo, that wasn’t what I meant. I just don’t think a second personality would disappear once it has taken shape. If a second personality is stronger than the first, it would be able to take the lead. But regardless, once it has taken form, it would be remembered. Besides, I don’t think a second personality would bear to disappear once it has taken form.”

Qin Mo watched her intently, carrying a hint of interrogation. “Which means that, if it was you, you would not bear to disappear?”

“Of course.” Bo Jiu knew that it was a hypothetical question, but she didn’t want to disappear. At least not until they became the champions of the National League. She still enjoyed her current state.

Qin Mo glanced down at the youngster, seemingly trying to calm down.

Once the hostility left his gaze, Bo Jiu heaved a sigh of relief. The next moment, she was tossed onto the bed.

While the youngster widened her eyes, Qin Mo was already back to his original calmness. He tugged his collar, as he lowered himself. Bo Jiu stilled slightly.

Her wrists were secured, preventing her from escaping.

Bo Jiu glanced towards the celestial-like good looks. “Brother Mo.”

“Mmh? What is it?” Qin Mo pressed his lips near the youngster’s ears. His voice was deep and smooth. “Didn’t you find it sweet a while ago?”

His warm breath splashed onto her neck, a ticklish numbing sensation spreading through her.

Qin Mo inched nearer, his fingers holding down her mischievous long legs as he remarked lightly, “Good reaction.”

Bo Jiu broke into a smile, thinking of a rebuttal. “Brother Mo, normal people don’t usually do this after a confession.”

“That’s normal people.” The sight of the youngster smiling beneath him caused his gaze to deepen. If it weren’t the bad timing and the bunch outside eavesdropping, he would have ripped her clothes off. But once the thought was formed, it was hard to suppress, especially for a guy.

Bo Jiu wasn’t so forthcoming regarding such matters.

Both her face and neck were flushed, even the back of ears was a sea of red.

She had to retaliate and thus threw a bait. “Brother Mo, I’ll tell you the mastermind behind the coke incident if you let me go.”

“Do you think your brother is so useless that he won’t be able to find the mastermind?”

Qin Mo inched towards her neck, his thin lips pressing down, the chilling sensation sending a shock through her.

The Almighty had never been in a relationship, but preyed on a body’s weakness so expertly.

So where did his skills come from?

“Stop plotting.” Qin Mo glanced at the youngster’s teary gaze, so dark it seemed bottomless. He lowered his lips, planting a kiss on the corner of her eyes. “Have you forgotten that you were the one who ignited this flame?”

The kiss was irresistible.

Bo Jiu couldn’t move because any wrong movement that made physical contact would expose her secret.

“Brother Mo, you should know I’m not gay. You’re just a really good friend.”And pet.

Qin Mo lifted his lids and paused. “It’s a pity I don’t intend to be a good friend. You weren’t gay before because I wasn’t in your life. I remember you saying you like handsome ones, Jiu.”

His voice deepened, carrying a slight coolness and intimacy which splashed onto the tip of her nose. It seemed almost bewitching. Even his uniform was tugged open, exposing a faint view of his abs. The defined lines were mesmerizing.

“Look at me, isn’t your heart stirring, mmh?”

It was an inborn seduction, which he had buried deep, his voice elegant and luxurious.

As long as he wanted, he could bewitch all the women in the world.

Qin Mo belonged to that sort of man.

His restraint and distinctive features with his white shirt half open lead to him looking like a royal vampire.

Be it esports or between the both of them, he was always at the highest level, at an unreachable position ━ like a demon that robbed humans of their souls.

His long slender fingers brushed past her back, landing onto the kiss mark on her neck. His breath was fleeting, perking up all her senses.