Chapter 728 - A Clear, Distinctive Slap

Chapter 728: A Clear, Distinctive Slap

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Before Bo Jiu could escape, she was dragged into his embrace.

Although she wasn’t 18 years old yet, her body responded readily to his seduction ━ she didn’t even stand a chance.

Besides, his alluring and good looks reminded her of the first time she had tackled him.

His ruffled hair and different gaze.

Women aside, perhaps even men wouldn’t be able to keep it together.

He was aware of her lack of resistance towards seduction and yet, he did seduce her.

Bo Jiu lifted her hand, circling them around Qin Mo’s neck. Her thin lips inched closer.

Qin Mo lifted his lips.

Just as he touched the corners of her lips, it was yet another frenzied mess.

With a beautiful maneuver, their positions exchanged.

The youngster pressed an arm beside Qin Mo, dimming her eyes. “Brother Mo, even if my body reacts, it’s all physical and doesn’t mean anything.”

Bo Jiu lifted her hand. Gathering Qin Mo’s white shirt, she was prepared to get up.

Qin Mo held onto her wrist while black strands of hair were falling downwards. He seemed to be laughing, but his voice held a hint of chilliness. “Why don’t you posses such resistance towards others?”

Bo Jiu was aware of his skills and she also understood that by objecting him in this state, she would pull their relationship apart.

However, if they continued, her gender would be exposed.

Besides, the Almighty had always wanted to convert her.

“Since you started it, shouldn’t you take a little responsibility?”

Qin Mo lifted his lids, not allowing the youngster the opportunity to back out by pressing her hand onto his hard-on.

The youngster flushed instantly and even her shoulders were red.

Qin Mo’s lips broke into another smile. He displayed a danger fitting of a devil with his white teeth and his elegant air. “Haven’t you said it felt good, mmh?”

The Almighty was probably the only person who could act this way.

As he spoke, his hands started moving and the temperature started to rise. A flush inched up her face.

Qin Mo lifted his lids. “Such lack of spirit? Jiu, this shouldn’t matter between guys and even less between good friends.”

“I don’t think good friends act like this.” Bo Jiu bit her lip. Her ears flushed as she tried to retract her hand.

Qin Mo wasn’t willing to back down. Even his breath started to heat up while his entire sight was filled with the youngster’s figure. “Is that so?”

He was clearly intoxicated, but that only increased his allure.

It was an odd feeling, which Bo Jiu had never experienced before.

To have control over someone’s breathing and even his gaze…

She could see her reflection within the depths of his eyes.

She could also see a sight of him which had never been seen by others.

That ravishing face, which could melt hearts, was tainted with desire and arousal. His dark hair falling downwards created an irresistibleness which let her barely keep her senses.

Aside from the arousing noises, there was the heated breath.

Bo Jiu could feel her palms heating up.

At the next time she regained her senses, she was faced with a pair of dark eyes.

“Your skills aren’t that good.” Qin Mo licked his lips. “Totally unlike the legendary prince of the club.”

The Almighty was probably the only one who could bring up her dark history under such circumstances.

Bo Jiu wanted to escape his breath, but the sandalwood scent had already started to dissipate.

She averted her gaze. “I’m the little nouveau riche of the club.”

Qin Mo paused. Then he burst into laughter, a certain body part perking further. “Do your work properly.”

“Brother Mo, do you confess like this to everyone?” Since Bo Jiu was a female, after all, her face reddened even further.

Qin Mo inched towards her ear. His entire gaze was filled with darkness as he said something out of character. “You’re the only one. The desire is so great that I want to lock you up and do as I please, listen to your hoarse begging or just watch you like this.”

The heated sensation sent a tremor through her and in the next second, her lips were covered.

She was robbed off her breath while her entire mind went blank.

Her heart beat so fast that she could feel herself quivering.

Bo Jiu could feel the numbness spreading up her spine and her energy sap dry.

“I guess you don’t hate this?”

The magnetic smile, the accompanying kisses brushing past her ears, the musk which couldn’t dissipate, and the heated breath.

Even the hands which pressed her wrists were inching downwards, moving past her waist towards her abdomen. He was planting kisses on her uniform and as his hands were about to reach between her thighs, Bo Jiu’s eyes bolted open.


A clear, distinctive slap.

The piercing sound felt out of place and was jarring to the ears.

Qin Mo didn’t look at his hand, but instead glanced down into the youngster’s red and teary eyes.

Bo Jiu stated, “Apologies, I don’t need it.” She stood up swiftly. Qin Mo paused when he heard her words as it wasn’t a response he wanted to hear.

As a criminologist, he knew when a guy was most susceptible to seduction.

Hence, he used such a way to convert the youngster.

Qin Mo turned towards the closed bathroom door. The clear water streaming could be heard behind it.

It clearly was a chasm he wasn’t able to transcend.

In the bathroom, Bo Jiu watched as the white substance washed off her hands and then glanced at her reflection.

After washing her hands with soap, she washed her face.


Just a bit more and the Almighty… Bo Jiu leaned against the mirror. He had caught her off guard.

Any lower and her secret would have been exposed.

Her thoughts were a mess.

Bo Jiu knew that usually, no one could drive her to such a state.

It was really a mess.

The Almighty still thought of her as a guy and had voluntarily seduced her.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes.

This couldn’t go on, she had to convert him back.

She had to.

Bo Jiu caressed her temples, sweeping a glance at the cigarettes the Almighty had placed in the bathroom.

The youngster pulled one out and lit herself a stick.

The stance was ravishing. Her silvery hair was falling downwards, forming a contrast to the rising smoke.

Qin Mo thought the youngster couldn’t accept what had happened and was hiding in the bathroom.

However after opening the door, he realized he was wrong.

He didn’t seem to be bothered about the incident.

In the past, he would ponder about it, but now… He felt an ache in his heart.

The media, which accused him of being cold blooded, really ought to take a look at him. Even though he treated him well, he never seemed affected.

Qin Mo didn’t walk over. “How long are you going to stay there?”

Bo Jiu moved her gaze, mumbling, “I need time for the cigarette after.”

Qin Mo originally felt an ache in his heart, but after hearing her words, he swept a glance at the youngster. “I should be the one with the cigarette, not you.”

Bo Jiu kept her peace, thinking about the day she would take revenge if she had the time.

Qin Mo carried her out. “Explain how a high school student like your know about cigarettes after sex.”

“Ain’t I a little nouveau riche of the club?” Bo Jiu didn’t love smoking, yet she did it sometimes when her emotions were a mess. Still, she had to set things straight. “Brother Mo, don’t do it again.”

Qin Mo’s fingers stilled, the light in his eyes dimming.

He turned around, lighting a cigarette.

His actions were unlike Bo Jiu as there wasn’t a hint of smoke in him, remaining cold.

He didn’t continue the conversation.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door and Lin Chentao’s voice was coming from outside.

“Hey, has Little Spade slept? How about a round?”

Bo Jiu was glad to have someone break this stalemate, but she wasn’t willing to expose the Almighty’s current state.

After pulling the door open, she was prepared to agree. But when she turned her head, she caught sight of the slight redness on the Almighty’s hand. She turned aside to ask Lin Chentao about other matters.

Lin Chentao paused, asking, “What do you need it for?”

“I scraped my knees while selling coconut.”

Lin Chentao shook his head. “Such a baby.”

In reality, after Bo Jiu left, all the air seemed to have left the room.

Qin Mo reached out to button his shirt one by one.

Towards the end, the chilliness weighed heavily in his eyes.

It seemed as though someone had abandoned him, which was a ridiculous description.

No one would expect Almighty Qin, who was well loved by millions of fans, to be abandoned or rejected by anyone.

When he lifted his head, all emotions were wiped off it, but the back of his hand still stung.

He titled his gaze, realizing the red patch.

However, all these things weren’t important.

Only the youngster’s words were.

“Brother Mo, don’t do it again.”

To be able to say it with such clarity and composure showed either how much he hated it or how… he had reached his limits.

Qin Mo’s fingers tightened, black strands dancing with the wind and blurring his expression.

Outside, the skies darkened.

Soon, it was so dark that no one would even know what had happened.

Then, a low, pleasant male voice could be faintly heard from outside the door.

“Yes, I’m back, heh. The esports world is really a magical place; I never expected them to still be around. Me? You should already know about my disappointment. As for the person you care about, he’s no longer the same. I never expected him to treat a youngster so differently. Do you think a person like him has emotions? Don’t worry, he won’t realize anything. Isn’t it your idea to approach him with this identity? I understand. Because of him, the chat is over and you can’t come back immediately. Don’t worry, the other matters aren’t convenient, but collecting information is fine…”