Chapter 729 - Young Master of the Hacker World

Chapter 729: Young Master of the Hacker World

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"Wait a minute," the mysterious person said because he had detected a commotion from afar. Shifting to the side, he hid by the walkway. His back was leaning against the wall while his dark eyes were watching the two people walking over.

"It doesn't seem convenient for you to talk."

"Indeed, there are cameras everywhere because of the program." He laughed deeply and was prepared to say more, but the youngster who had walked a distant suddenly paused, looking in his direction.

"What is it?" Lin Chentao lifted a brow.

Bo Jiu took a step back.

"Hey, Little Spade, I'm talking to you, what is it?" Lin Chentao persisted.

Bo Jiu's gaze deepened, curling her lips. "Nothing, my vision went blurry."

"Have you been gaming too closely to the monitor? You're becoming paranoid." Before he could finish speaking, Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket with a faint smile on her lips. "Let's just assume I was being paranoid. I thought I saw someone."

She didn't seem to be wrong, there had been a flash just moments ago, which was rather odd.

Why did he hide?

She took large strides over.

There wasn't a soul in sight.

Lin Chentao tapped onto her shoulders. "There isn't anyone, you must have been seeing things."


Bo Jiu caressed the wall, her gaze deepening at the yellow sand. Moreover, there were footprints on the floor.

Even though it was faint, someone had been here.

She would never believe otherwise.

The person wore a battle outfit.

Obviously… everyone wore a different outfit.

Both her and the Almighty wore the outfit of Supreme Alliance.

The other teams wore their respective attire as well.

What exactly was it? Why did he have to hide from them?

Bo Jiu lifted her lids towards the naive Lin Chentao. "Let's go and get the ointment."

"Go, go, go! I was still wondering what it was. Let's get this straight, just now while we were playing the escape room, in order to protect you, I kept enduring the horrifying imagery, which is still affecting my mental state right now. You really can't provoke me anymore or I'll faint." Lin Chentao has always been straightforward.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. "Then I'll have to thank you for your protection."

"You're welcome."

The ruckus started to quieten down as they walked further away.

"What's wrong?" The voice from the other end of the phone pulled the man's attention back.

Once the youngster was away, he held onto his phone. Leaving the darkness, his gaze darkened. "Nothing, but I almost got found out."

"Found out?" The person stopped typing.

"It's a misunderstanding." He glanced upwards, the rays splashed onto his face.

This outlined his distinctive features along with the symbolic attire, especially as every smile was carrying a leisurely vibe. Who else could it be other than Rao Rong?

"Be careful, especially when you face Qin Mo, don't slip up."

Rao Rong took in his warning, his lips curling upwards. "I'm no longer my past self, I know how to handle the situation."

"That's good, you can go now. It's about time we made a comeback."

After tapping on the spacebar, the letter Z appeared in his sight.

Rao Rong lowered his gaze. "You seemed to have thought of a plan to deal with him, but who exactly spoiled our plans for the Maiden's Sacrifice? Based on your hallucination and the network activation, how could she not have taken action?"

"I'm still looking into the matter." His fingers slowed.

Rao Rong lifted a brow. "Honestly, I thought you created the live broadcast to expose how many things needed to be destroyed in this world. I never expected it to be someone else."

"Regardless of who it was, he won't be able to escape for ruining our Maiden's Sacrifice. With my skills, do you really think he will be able to escape?"

Rao Rong broke into a faint smile. "I never thought that way, I have faith in your hacker skills. Alright, the ball is about to begin. Those who have been used to be at the pinnacle should experience the feeling of being trampled upon. Besides, we might be able to use it against Qin Mo."

"How so?"

Rao Rong was pressed against the wall, his lips still upturned. From afar, he seemed harmless and ravishing. "Qin Mo seems to care a lot for the latest MVP and vice-captain of Supreme Alliance."

After getting the news, he started researching the youngster, letting out a laugh. "Bo Jiu, an elder son who was chased out of his household with gaming as his only skill. Why would Qin Mo care about someone like him?"

"You'll have to ask Qin Mo." Rao Rong's gaze shone in the darkness. "I'm just letting you know that he holds a special position in Qin Mo's heart. Perhaps it's because of his gaming skills."

A faint chilliness fell over their conversation. "I guess I'll have to meet this person and find out what exactly stood out to Qin Mo."

"There's a camera ahead, I'll hang up for now." Rao Rong watched the person running towards him, keeping his phone calmly before stuffing a hand into his pocket.

After catching sight of him, the storyboard director slowed, sighing. "Almighty Rao, I finally found you, I thought I lost you. Where exactly did you go? I searched the entire floor."

"I was looking for food, but I never expected the hotel to be so big. You should know how bad I am with directions." Rao Rong broke into a faint smile before asking, "Where's Lin Chentao? Aren't we supposed to form teams for a match?"

The storyboard director diverted her attention instantly. "Eh? That's right, where's Almighty Lin? Where did he run off to…?"

Rao Rong didn't inform her of the direction he had headed off to.

In fact, he didn't wish to face that person, especially after returning to the team.

Meanwhile, Bo Jiu and Lin Chentao were in a slight predicament because the hotel didn't provide medication and there was a sea of fans at the entrance.

Someone had to divert their attention.

"Almighty Lin, do you have any desire to affirm your good looks?" Bo Jiu glanced out at the crowd, smiling towards the person beside her.

Lin Chentao wasn't that dumb. "Hey, don't even think about throwing me out there, the fans might faint from excitement."

"You won't need to go out. Can you see the window over there? You'll just need to sit and game while I keep track of the numbers that take your photo, what do you think?" In order to convince him, she would have to appeal to him.

Lin Chentao wavered and Bo Jiu continued, "You can take the chance to prove to Zhao Sanpang that he isn't in charge of looks, you are."

"Do you really think so?" Lin Chentao's face lit up. "I guess I really am better looking than Qin Mo."

Bo Jiu broke into a faint smile. "Of course."Of course that's uncomparable.

"Little Spade, having a friend with such impeccable taste makes it all worth it!" Lin Chentao headed over to the window. "Where should I sit? I should show my side profile, it's my best angle and looks the most profound; that's where my title as the coldest assassin originated."

Bo Jiu scanned the surroundings leisurely as she plotted. "Over there, a bit to the left, that's right, sit there for a whole minute, they have already started to use their phones, they're prepared to take photos, be mindful of your expression."

Lin Chentao sat expertly. His white flawless skin, single eyelids and sharp nose were all captured in his side profile.

The moment the fans caught sight of them, they immediately came hurrying over.

While they were preoccupied, the youngster left, grabbing an attendant's cap to place on his head.

Bo Jiu moved hastily.

She wasn't just fast because everytime she moved, it was when everyone else was occupied with something else.

That swiftness and accuracy was irresistible.

Once she was out of the hotel, she seemed like a completely different person.

Just like a magician, she headed towards the north.

Lin Chentao was still mumbling, "Little Spade, say something, how's my stance? Will it look better if I lower my head or… F*ck, where is he?"

Lin Chentao looked left and right, but he wasn't in sight!

Bo Jiu didn't go far. After taking a cab to a medicine shop, she headed straight back.

She didn't spend much time and even though it was less than ten minutes, Lin Chentao was infuriated.

As Lin Chentao still managed to divert the fans' attention, it was easier to enter when she was back.

With the cap she took earlier, she passed the entrance and had even helped to park someone's car.

None of the fans realized she was Spade Z.

When he entered the hotel lobby, Bo Jiu placed the cap back onto the attendant's head before walking towards Lin Chentao.

He even posted on the group chat.

"Guess what Little Spade did."

"Did he beat you up? That's great!" That was Fatty's response.

Lin Chentao: "Shut up, he abandoned me in front of the fans, I was starting to worry they would dash into the hotel and attack me."

"Since it's taking such a toll, you can just leave."

Lin Chentao: "No, I'm still soaking in their admiration."

Zhao Sanpang: "Insolent, tell me your location, I'll soak it in with you!"

"The one upstairs, hurry down." After sending the text, he lifted his head, looking straight at a smiling youngster.

The fans outside seemed to have caught sight of Bo Jiu as their screams intensified.

Lin Chentao was about to complain when he saw the ointment spray in his hand. "Where did you get that?"

"I bought it." In order to prevent the Almighty from finding out she had left the hotel, the youngster adjusted her clothing.

Lin Chentao pointed to the fans outside before pointing at the youngster's face. "You managed to go out with that crowd?"

"An intellect's technique; you would never understand." After making sure there wasn't anything wrong with her appearance, she lifted a brow. "Heading back?"

Lin Chentao shook his head. "I can't, I'm meeting Fatty."

Most importantly, he still reminisced the feeling from before.

Bo Jiu eyed the window, breaking into a smile. "I'll head back now, have fun."

"Don't go, my captain might be coming down soon. We can have a match and familiarize with each other's technique. You haven't played with my captain before. Do you still remember the previous match?" Lin Chentao's attitude shifted. "You were injured that day, but, Little Spade, with Captain back in the team, even if you aren't injured, we will still be the winners. The result will always be the same."

Bo Jiu paused, her tone was calm. "You seem to have forgotten, during that match, our captain wasn't around either."

One sentence was enough to shut him up as he stared ahead thunderstruck.

Bo Jiu glanced at him. "How well do you know your captain?"

"What are you saying, the entire esports scene is aware of how much our captain loves me."

With that one line, Bo Jiu knew he wasn't going to provide any useful information.

Just as she was about to leave, the clear emotionless voice added, "I have always been waiting for him to be back and the day is finally here."

Bo Jiu turned, looking into that pair of bright eyes.

"Little Spade, I'll let you see my true ability during the National League."

Bo Jiu chuckled. "I'll be waiting."

"F*ck, I should be the one waiting, don't forget, Supreme Alliance hasn't revived yet."

Bo Jiu didn't turn back, waving as she walked off.

With the youngster's long slender frame, even Lin Chentao understood the reasons behind his massive fanbase.

This was a superficial world after all!

Bo Jiu had her suspicions, but she wasn't ready to question them.

There were two sorts of people she avoided.

One was the Almighty, filled with righteousness and insusceptible to corruption. He wouldn't be influenced even if he was thrown into darkness.

The other sort was someone like Lin Chentao.

Even his gaze was erupting with passion, just like the members of the Supreme Alliance.

That was how they should be like; shining at the esports arena.

Even if one day their age and skills could no longer match up and they would relegate into the mass of mediocre players, they would still be a reminder of their fiery passionate youth.

Bo Jiu glanced at the ointment in her hands. She would wait until after the National League.

Once it was over, she would give him an answer.

She had never had such an experience, which increased the urge within her.

She knew, someone like her, who was engulfed in darkness, no longer deserved such innocence. But even then, she still couldn't control that desire.

When she was young, she had held onto her favorite keyboard while watching her mother's tomb.

The priest had been singing; everything had seemed harmonious, even the expression on her father's face.

"Once someone loses an important person, he would become incredibly depressed. When you grow up, you have to find someone you deem to be important, understand?"

She had raised her head, not understanding his intentions. "But, Dad, didn't you say a hacker can't expose his identity to anyone? Does Mom know about your identity?"

"What do you think?"

Were adults all like this, asking a question whenever they met a tricky one?

She shook her head.

"Someone who truly cherishes you would feign ignorance even if they found out certain things. There are many hackers in this world, but they will only take action online and in reality, they could be a banker, a teacher, or a young student. You should know, you're the youngest within the community."

"Dad, you mentioned that it's because of my good looks."

"Hehehehe, yes, you're dashing. You should still remember the hacker's rules."

"I have it memorized."

"The first one?"

"No theft of any financial property through the internet. If you wish to get back at someone, be straightforward about it."

"The last one?"

"Hackers don't attack irrationality, but would sieve out loopholes through an attack, ensuring the security of the system."

"Our Little Jiu's memory isn't bad at all."

"Mmh, Dad, don't you think we should add one more?"

"Oh? What should we add?"

"Hackers that aren't handsome won't be good."

"Hahaha, we can indeed add this for the Bo family."

"Dad, are we really going? I can't bear to."

"You can't bear to leave your little friend?"

"He's my pet, can't I bring him along? I have money, I can take care of him."

"He has money too."

"Alright, can I write him a letter before we leave?"

"That's a possibility, but he won't be able to read your letter, your handwriting is horrible."

"… I'll draw, we have always been telepethic."

"It's telepathic, you really need to work on your Chinese. Do you still remember what I told you? You aren't just the Bo family's successor, all hackers have to abide to the rules. If someone breaks the rules, you will have to take care of them. If someone wants to harm the hackers, you have to take the front line. Jiu, you can have an important person, but you can't have friends, always keep that in mind. You are the young master of the hacker world."

Bo Jiu pulled herself back to reality when she was already back at the door.

The storyboard director stood outside.

"Big Spade, you're finally back."

Even when they were outside, the chilliness and hostility from inside seemed to seep outwards.

"It's getting late, you guys should rest." Bo Jiu smiled. "Don't worry, when I go for a night-time pee, I'll remove the towel so that the Almighty's beauty can be captured."

The storyboard director responded, "It's in order to capture the both of you."

"No problem."

Bo Jiu pushed the door open, heading in.

The Almighty was smoking.

A calmness tainted his ravishing face, his stance alluring.

She recalled how he had seduced her.

That had probably been the first time he had made a move on anyone.

No one would feel good after such a rejection.

Qin Mo lifted his lids, reaching out to extinguish the cigarette. "I didn't think you were coming back since you left so quickly. Other than the inability to accept, you probably feel disgusted, right?"

"No." Bo Jiu objected almost instantly, but she felt as if the Almighty wouldn't believe her since she had shown such a huge reaction.

She raised the ointment spray in her hands as evidence. "I went to buy this for you."

Qin Mo paused. Millions of possible replies went through his mind, but this wasn't one of them.

Bo Jiu didn't elaborate. Instead she pulled his wrist over and lowered her head to spray the back of his hand, but her actions weren't gentle at all.

She recalled the times the Almighty blew her eyes or applied ointment on her lips, his actions had always been tender.

Indeed, her pet was better in such things.

She continued with more tenderness.

Bo Jiu had another thought; turning suavely, she blew onto the back of his hand gently.

There really… wasn't any comprehensive sequence in her actions as she wasn't well versed in caring for others.

Qin Mo watched the youngster, finding her actions familiar.

Very long ago, he was…

Such thoughts assaulted his brain, sending a shock through his mind, and even his temples started to hurt.

Qin Mo held his head because of the excruciating pain.

Bo Jiu wasn't sure what went wrong. She had never seen him like that; those originally pale lips stripped off colour.

"Brother Mo!"

Bo Jiu started to panic. Back when she was younger, she had made a meal that he hadn't been willing to eat.

Afterwards, while he was nagging at her, he still had finished everything. But after a short while, he had been in the same state as he was right now.

That was the first time she had experienced fear ━ and right at this moment, that fear was back.

Qin Mo held onto her wrist, his gaze deep. "Why are you panicking? I'm fine."

A stark contrast from before, but the beads of sweat on his forehead were a testament to the pain.

He was still pale, not the least bit of colour.

This was exactly how she was when her period came.

It must be painful, but she couldn't share insights on her period with him.

Bo Jiu stood up, bringing a bottle of mineral water over, before unscrewing the cap.

After Qin Mo had drank a mouthful, Bo Jiu asked, "Brother Mo, what happened? Does it happen often?"

"It's the first time." Qin Mo seemed to be thinking of something, his gaze sweeping past the youngster. Memories he had never seen before started to flash in his mind. The memories weren't clear, but he knew it was of himself when he had been young.

As a criminologist, Qin Mo instantly identified the anomaly.

In the past, he never took his grandfather's words to heart.

For instance the events that had happened when he was from four to six years old.

He wasn't bothered about his lost memories.

But now, when it suddenly struck his mind, he realized a problem; there were broken fragments in his memory.

He tilted his head, which was redder after the youngster's 'care', and his gaze towards said youngster, who was still scrutinizing him.

"I'll get more ice cubes."

Bo Jiu lifted her lids. She too had realized such pain wasn't common.

However, they seem to have a silent agreement to not probe about certain matters.

"There isn't a need," Qin Mo remarked.

Bo Jiu didn't care, she brought the ice cubes over regardless, kicking the stool aside, looking not the least bit adorable… Sometimes, Qin Mo would start wondering what exactly he liked about this youngster.

But he still had the urge to caress her head just by looking at her.