Chapter 73 - Young Master Qin, Lord Jiu’s First Partner

Chapter 73: Young Master Qin, Lord Jiu’s First Partner

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Qin Club.

That long, slim figure, which seemed to carry all the light and glow of the world, just walked in.

Aside from all the contestants who wanted to see their Almighty Qin, even the media also raised their cameras.

All this just proved how popular Qin Mo was.

He wasn’t in the entertainment industry, but he was even more popular than stars.

Except for Qin Mo, no one else could have such an impact.

That innate nobility, which could belittle everything else, made everyone want to cover their mouths and scream as soon as he appeared.

However, Feng Yi and Secretary Liang both knew that their CEO’s mood was frosty enough to kill, especially after he saw the phone screen.

They were not sure what the other person replied, but it made his eyes cool down completely!

Fu Jiu didn’t think she texted anything wrong, so she added, “You hungry? Come join us, it’s a pretty good place, and the little cutie is really nice.”

This guy needs to be disciplined so badly!

Qin Mo stood there, his fingers completely still. He wanted to take a deep breath, but this place was too crowded to do so, so he said stiffly, “Address!”

Fu Jiu blinked. Why did Almighty Qin sound a bit cold?

Did he get angry again?

She didn’t flirt with him, so why was he angry again?

Fu Jiu sat at the table. She propped her chin onto her left hand, and sent the address over with the other.

Qin Mo saw it and frowned. He told Secretary Liang to get a car.

When Secretary Liang heard the address, he realized that it was where the CEO was supposed to have a dinner appointment.

“CEO Qin, are we heading over now?”

Wouldn’t it be a bit too early?

It was not dinner time yet.

Qin Mo didn’t say anything and took the key from his hands. He sat in the driver seat—meaning, he was not taking anyone with him.

Secretary Liang didn’t have time to ask. He watched CEO grab the wheel with his long fingers as his black hair cascaded down and covered his deep black eyes.

A cool limited edition race car drifted in a smooth trajectory, racing into the avenue heading north!

It was like CEO was going to seek revenge rather than to have dinner…

Fu Jiu was lazily drinking tea at this time. Her long eyes flashed with light as she looked at the boy. “Someone I know from gaming is coming to join us in a bit. Is that alright?”

“Of-of course!” The boy couldn’t get rid of his stutter. “I-I’ll ask them to get one more dining set! We-we-we’ve been talking for so long, but I still don’t know your name?”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu looked up with a smile. “Fu Jiu.”

“Good-good name.”The boy earnestly tried to search for an appropriate word to compliment her, and he was blushing severely. “My-my-my name is Feng Shang, in-game-game name is Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure.”


Even someone as cool as Fu Jiu would laugh at this in-game name.

Not only was it a funny name, it was also actually a really famous player in Hero.

He had great maneuvering skills, loads of money, and one more thing—he was very talkative. Whenever he met a girl, he would say, “Hey babe, wanna join an uncle like me? Let uncle raid dungeons for you and take you flying!”

Fu Jiu didn’t expect that a strong figure in the game would be a pretty cute baby boy in real life… This…this was even more fantastic than her being Spade Z…