Chapter 730 - Discovered Z

Chapter 730: Discovered Z

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Bo Jiu glanced up at the Almighty’s dashing face. As there didn’t seem to be any trace of anger, he must have forgiven her.

She moved the ice cubes aside, lowering her head to spray more ointment at his hand.

That seriousness seemed as though she was in the midst of a grave operation.

Qin Mo’s lips lifted, his chin inches from her head, with a downward glance, his pale lips brushed past her furry head.

That image.

Their position and the feeling it gave off were beautiful.

If the camera hadn’t been covered, the main director would have been driven into excitement once more.

It was a pity that such a loving scene would never be shown in the program.

Due to the presence of the filming crew, it took a while before the members could truly fall asleep.

During the night at 1 am, all the lights went off.

With the Almighty in the same room, Bo Jiu maintained high alertness. Sinking into a light sleep the entire time, she only managed to enter a deep slumber at 3 am.

The next morning, the sun rays shone in, awakening her.

Unknowingly, she was only mere inches away from the Almighty.

The corner of the camera was exposed and thus capturing the Almighty’s face.

Bo Jiu rubbed her eyes, covering the lens without hesitation before returning back to sleep.

The filming crew: … Didn’t you promise to remove the towel so that we can capture the Almighty in his full glory?!

“It’s good enough,” the storyboard director consoled her colleague. “Edit the footage and broadcast it, the fans will be delighted!”

The assistant coughed. “But this footage isn’t enough.”

“What choice do we have?” The storyboard director reminded, “Have you forgotten about what happened when they guessed the participants and during the escape room? They might expose our ideas to the other nation again if we aren’t careful.”

The filming crew kept their silence as the memories engulfed them.

“Should we wake them in a while? We have to continue filming at 6 am. But I heard that Almighty Qin doesn’t like being disturbed.”

“Who did you hear this from?”

“My uncle, he works in the Qin Group. When I told him Almighty Qin was participating in our program, he started to panic and specifically warned me that Almighty Qin doesn’t like talking and doesn’t like having others around during breaks.”

“Don’t worry, we have Big Spade, give him a call to wake him up and get him to wake up Almighty Qin.”

“Big Spade is becoming the film crew’s savior.”

They exchanged glances.

At 6 am, the sun rays weren’t at their mightiest.

The phone vibrated and the youngster’s slender arm reached out. Without changing her expression, her voice came out nasally. “Who?”

At this one-word reply, the little assistant’s little heart seemed to stop.

“It’s the film crew, it’s time for your mission, you will need to wake up and, the heavy responsibility of waking up the Almighty will be entrusted to you. We are counting on you!”

Bo Jiu widened her eyes, turning over towards her right side.

Light rays splattered into the room, hitting that elegant ravishing face and placing his defined features into clear view.

That collarbone and arm both peaked out from the white blanket, even his dimple were irresistible.


Her puppy’s current state shouldn’t be shown.

Bo Jiu tugged onto the blanket, which therefore landed on the wooden floor.

With the phone still in her hand, she agreed before placing the phone back into her pocket.

It wasn’t safe to shower at this hour, but she had to change. She settled rapidly.

Taking another glance at Qin Mo, she concluded that he was irresistible.

As she approached, there came a deep voice with an early morning hoarseness. “What are you planning to do by being so close?”

Bo Jiu paused. Why did he have to wake up at such a moment? She couldn’t do anything bad now!

Qin Mo glanced at the visible moody expression, pulling his blanket to stand up.

Full-length black pants, long slender legs and an exposed upper body ━ the oppression seemed stronger than usual.

Bo Jiu took a step back.

Qin Mo didn’t probe, but his next actions left her in confusion.

He tugged her arm, pulling her into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, the Almighty released her arm and unzipped his pants.

Bo Jiu widened her eyes. “Brother Mo, what are you doing!”

“Can’t you tell? I’m taking a piss.” There wasn’t any hesitation, his voice being simply alluring and irresistible.

How could anyone look so ravishing at this moment?

The Almighty was probably the only one who could achieve such a feat.

But why was he taking a piss in front of her?

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes.

Qin Mo raised his brows, his attitude leisurely. “Why? The first time we met, didn’t you say that good friends would take a piss together?”

Bo Jiu broke into laughter. “You sure have a good memory.”

“I’m only alright when compared to the wall-jumping intellectual.” Qin Mo zipped his pants suavely. Turning to her, his voice was calm. “Your turn.”

Any other girl would probably be blushing at his actions. “I can’t, I used the bathroom a while ago.”

Qin Mo took another look at the youngster, his voice warm as he brushed past her. “Don’t worry, before you become accustomed to his presence, Brother won’t touch you.”

“Accustomed?” How was she going to get accustomed to that?

Qin Mo had seen through her thoughts. “I’ll just bring you along when I take a piss, after a few more glances, your hands won’t tremble the next time you see it.”

Bo Jiu: …

On such matters, she was always on the losing end because the Almighty had always kept his word.

He might really bring her along every time he needed to pee.

This entire program was really a huge trap set up by Feng Yi.

As compared to the other two teams, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were more time-conscious.

In the other room, Rao Rong turned towards the bed at the guy still hugging onto his bolster.

It was a test of his patience. He lowered his voice. “Lin Chentao, wake up.”

That guy flipped, continuing to sleep as though he hadn’t said a word.

Who was the one who insisted he would wake up earlier to wake him up?

In the end, he was the one who woke up half an hour earlier to wake that person up.

Rao Rong smiled coldly, grabbing onto a bottle of mineral water. Without bothering about being filmed, he splashed water onto his face.

Lin Chentao trembled from the cold, cursing out loud. When he realized who was in front of him, he broke into a wide grin, showing his row of white teeth. “Captain is really back, I haven’t been dreaming, after all, you’re still here after a night’s sleep.”

Hearing his subconscious words, Rao Rong’s expression shifted slightly.

But he turned swiftly, not allowing the camera to capture his face.

Was this guy really rooting for his comeback?

Rao Rong turned back, his gaze deepening.

When the three teams gathered, Zhao Sanpang was still in a daze.

The film crew knew it was too early for missions, but they didn’t have a choice because they were afraid that more fans would turn up, affecting their progress.

Hence, it would be better if they filmed earlier.

Fortunately, the footage was sufficient and the missions were interesting.

After one last location, they would be able to end this week’s episode perfectly.

“It’s 8.10 am right now, it’ll be an hour before we reach the next destination. Everyone can use this time to take a break.”

The filming at this moment was more focused, but since they had just woken up, the participants weren’t very enthusiastic.

Bo Jiu hadn’t opened her eyes ever since she had boarded the bus.

Qin Mo sat beside her, their sleeping abilities on par.

Their heads leaned against each other. Their contrasting hair colour yet similar handsomeness were all captured by the camera.

The youngster’s head was slightly lower, but it didn’t affect the image captured. The storyboard director’s heart stirred as such watched the scene.

As the participants were asleep almost the entire journey, Weibo was awake much earlier than even the film crew.

Or it was more accurate to say, ever since the news had been shared, the commotion caused hadn’t calmed down.

Many of the fans headed over to the program’s Weibo asking for photos and asking if the team was willing to sell it to them.

Due to the popularity and the fans that followed them religiously, the film crew made a last minute decision to divulge their last filming location on Weibo ━ Lin City University. They made sure to warn the fans to be careful and not to wait blindly.

Such transparency was to ensure that no one could exploit the information.

After receiving the information, the fans went crazy.

The fans in Lin City in particular were ecstatic.

The previous missions weren’t related to esports, but this one had to be linked!

Since it was located in an Internet café near the university, they wanted them to take a walk around the café and see how many of them really understood what esports truly was.

It was almost late afternoon when they completed the filming. By then, fans had arrived in swarms.

After watching them leave, the storyboard director for Bo Jiu’s team broke into a smile, turning towards the cameraman. “Wait and see, they’ll be even more popular after this episode airs, especially Spade Z.”

As per her words, the youngster’s fans rose exponentially.

There was even an emergency announcement made in order to rush the next episode that it could be aired a week earlier.

Those doing advertising knew about building up hype, but this time, it wasn’t necessary.

The moment the episode aired, the view count exploded.

Even the storyboard director hadn’t expected the final product to be so entertaining.

Since the youngster had teased the film crew with the chemistry he had with Almighty Qin along with the other interactions and the scenes were included in the episode, viewers were starting to become fans.

Even those who didn’t understand esports were asking about the silver-haired pretty boy in the episode.

Thus Spade Z fans swelled in numbers.

Even though the numbers weren’t comparable to Qin Mo fans, it was on the rise.

At the end, the film crew wanted to leave them craving for more.

The footage of the youngster waking up was irresistible; how she rubbed her eyes, not forgetting to cover the camera lens.

But none of this was the main point.

The main point was that the youngster slept beside Almighty Qin.

That image was screenshotted by a countless number of fans, turning into their wallpapers.

It was adorable.

Especially during their sleep, when the youngster had her head leaned against the Almighty’s shoulder; both of them having their eyes shut, long lashes, and both looking ravishing.

Some fans commented, “They are the best brothers within Supreme Alliance, whenever one of them was absent, the other would shoulder all the responsibility. Between them lies a belief stronger than emotions. He has an aloof personality and has been highly regarded since young, but even so, he is willing to trust his back with him, they even sleep together sometimes. They seem like the most compatible pair of princes.”

The comment had been viewed by many, with countless comments and reposts.

“The princes’ relationship is so enviable!”

“My main almighty slept next to my second almighty, what should I do? Alright, with their good looks I can only give my blessings.”

“I wish they remain an unwavering pair that stays together forever.”

After the episode was aired, fans of the couple started to actively search up their past intimacies.

The more they searched, the brighter the glow in their eyes became.

“Let me say, when I saw Almighty Qin suddenly lower his head to kiss Big Spade with the paper separating them, my entire face flushed! My mom then asked me what the matter is, but how was I supposed to tell her that the pair I love was finally together and kissing so publicly. It was different not to think otherwise! Let me feel agitated for a moment!”

That scene was swept into a wave.

The fans reacted cheekily.

“Almighty Qin, the next time, do you dare to kiss Big Spade without a paper in between?”

“Kudos to the film crew, lending the couple such a mighty hand.”

“Based on my understanding of the Almighty, no one is able to force him to do anything he doesn’t want to, perhaps, deep inside, he doesn’t object to being intimate with Big Spade.”

“I doubt it’s just ‘doesn’t object’, he was taking the lead the entire time, or am I the only one who thinks this way?”

“I agree with the one above and did you see my Big Spade? He’s so well-behaved in front of Almighty Qin, and where does this child get his strength from? He managed to push the cart filled with coconuts by himself while the Almighty walked leisurely at his side, and he still managed to look to happy as though it wasn’t tough. Such a naive little one.”

“More importantly is Big Spade’s expression when he woke up midway, after taking a look at the Almighty, he turned towards the camera, in the end, he raised his hand, that confused expression was both adorable and ravishing.”

“He seems much cuter while being obedient at Almighty Qin’s side, just like a little puppy.”

As the discussions went on and on, Wu Zhen’s eyes started to dim as she read through each comment…

The more she read, the more the hatred within her grew.

It was only at the end when she saw the kissing scene.

Wu Zhen raised her hand, tossing both the mouse and keyboard onto the ground.


Why was she in such a plight?

Why could the youngster attend a program with Brother Mo?

She wasn’t just tossed out of the crime squad permanently, she wasn’t even able to meet Old Master An ever again.

The Wu family had money, which could bring her other opportunities or even let develop abroad, but Wu Zhen never intended to let this matter rest!

Regardless of the situation, she had to maintain her appearance.

This has always been her belief.

She took a deep breath before standing up, calling for a maid to tidy the mess.

“Young Miss, there’s someone looking for you.”

The Wu family’s butler was more experienced than the maids. He didn’t expose much of his thoughts after glancing at the shattered bits on the ground.

Wu Zhen swept him a glance. “I don’t wish to see anyone during this period.”

She wasn’t able to accept her loss.

“The person comes from the Fu family and wishes to discuss about Fu Jiu, she believes Young Miss would be interested.”

Wu Zhen’s eyes lit up. “Send her in.”

“Yes, Young Miss.”

In less than three minutes, someone appeared in the Wu family living room.

The person didn’t seem to be in a good state. She was usually particular about her appearance, but now, she didn’t have excess money for that.

The bruises near her eyes were still visible. Who else could she be other than the mistress between Fu Zhongyi and He Honghua?

“You are?”

Wu Zhen had never met her before.

In her heart, there were different circles among the wealthy.

Regardless of her or Brother Mo, the person in front of her wasn’t worth anything in their eyes.

Su Mei naturally lowered herself in front of Wu Zhen. “Miss Wu, you must have forgotten, but we once attended the same dinner event. Since there were too many guests that day, both me and my husband Fu Zhongyi could only see you from afar.”

“Fu Zhongyi?” Wu Zhen lifted her lids. Wasn’t he the homosexual guy’s father?

Su Mei answered, “Yes, I’m aware of your recent troubles. Because of that person, I can’t enter the company, and even my son’s esports career was put to a stop because of him. Even if I end up in hell, I’ll make sure to drag him along. Miss Wu, I’m sure you share my sentiments.”

Wu Zhen lifted a brow. “There isn’t anyone in the world with the ability to send me to hell.”

“Of course, of course, I’m just making an analogy.” Su Mei was worthy of her experience in the business world, she knew how to capture a person’s inner desires and had a high EQ. “I have some information from a private investigator I hired a while back, he mentioned that He Honghua has a birth secret she is struggling to hide, but I’m not sure of the exact details. I’m here today to seek your help in finding out that secret and ask if Miss Wu is willing to team up with me to send him to hell.”

“A birth secret, what sort of birth secret could it be?” Wu Zhen was clearly intrigued.

Su Mei didn’t let her guard down. “Once we reach He Honghua’s old home, I’ll let Miss Wu know. Don’t worry, we share the same hatred and desire to send him down to the deepest abyss. This secret would be enough to ruin his reputation to the point he would no longer participate in any esports competition.”

“Alright.” Hatred and malice engulfed her gaze.

Indeed, Su Mei’s every word hit the right spots.

Although Su Mei knew that an enemy’s enemy made the best partner, she was still too green behind the ears to make use of Wu Zhen.

Once Wu Zhen had discovered the secret, she would get rid of this middle-aged women.

Did she really think the Wu family were that easy to make use of?

The skies started to change and the only constant was the frenzy on Weibo.

The revival match was two days away, but the fans were clearly not in the mood.

They were still busking in the sweetness.

The program’s popularity skyrocketed.

They were the first variety program which had invited esports players as guests.

Hence, the viewers weren’t all fans.

It also consisted of the Sakura Stream Squad, who was preparing to attend the National League.

“Their appearance isn’t too bad.”

“Appearance can’t be used during the competition.”

“Really? But I remember you lost to them on the Japanese server.”

“What? It’s them?”

One of the shorter ones, with a doll face and yellow hair, directed his attention to the television. “Which one? Which one beat me?”

A pretty man laid on the coach horizontally, but he didn’t look Chinese. He raised a brow, pointing casually. “Mmh, the chatterbox and the silver-haired pretty boy. I heard he became the first King of the Zone the moment he started and has won on the Japanese server, your loss wasn’t that wrong.”

The doll-faced person glanced back to the screen, pointing towards Bo Jiu. “Him?”


He pouted. “That’s ’cause he’s older.”

Which was true as he was the youngest player in the Sakura Stream Squad.

He became an official member before graduating from junior high, hence, his skills weren’t that easily dismissed.

However, he tended to underestimate his enemies.

“Vice-captain, what do you think of Spade Z?”

The pretty man turned to ask the guy who was constantly half awake. He yawned, a comic book in his hands as he sat on the wooden grown. His features were clean. “What?”

“It’s useless to ask Vice-captain, when has he ever cared about other teams’ players?” Even though that’s what the person with a doll face said, he still wanted to hear an answer and thus jumped over, pointing to the screen. “Vice-captain, this one, the silver-haired one, what do you think about him?”

Hoshino lifted his lids, moving his gaze towards the direction of his fingers lazily.

At that moment, the youngster was trying to move from the escape room.

The suave skills which sent countless fans screaming entered Hoshino’s eyes.

However, unlike the others, Hoshino didn’t just take in his handsomeness.

Instead, he took in his gaze, the faint smile and the slyness in his upturned lips which could obliterate everything.

The fluidity in his movement and that familiar gaze.