Chapter 731 - Find Z, Hoshino

Chapter 731: Find Z, Hoshino

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When the name flashed past his mind, even his breathing slowed.


Both the comic book that fell onto the floor and the expression on Hoshino’s face left the doll-faced person bewildered. “Vice-captain, what is it?”

Hoshino paused slightly before removing his headphones, his gaze focused on the screen. His white shirt matched with the khaki sweater gave off a warm emotion.

Anyone that knew him could tell that something was amiss.

“Which team does he belong to?”

Hoshino pointed towards the screen. At that moment, the youngster broke into a smile, her eyes bright and teeth shining.

“Ah? Him? He seems to be from Supreme Alliance, it’s definitely not Xiangnan.”

The Xiangnan team was the only Chinese team they considered worthy.

But even so, their full strength wasn’t even needed to win against them, much less to say the others.

Hoshino lowered his lids, his dark hair falling downwards, the ends falling across his sharp nose bridge. “Supreme Alliance…”

“Vice-captain, are you interested in them?” The person on the couch lifted himself. Jumping off, his lips were upturned. “I’m interested as well. I’d like to see the player that won against our team’s little cutie. Oh right, they will participate in a revival match, how about watching the live match?”

The doll-faced person was startled. “Watanabe, are you crazy? Watch the live match? Do you know how many of our fans will be at the revival match? We’re international, your face in particular has appeared in so many broadcasts and variety shows. Besides, Vice-captain would never agree to your bored request.”

“Alright.” Hoshino retracted his gaze from the screen, interrupting him. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and headed straight out the door.

It was to prevent anyone from seeing his expression.

The doll-faced person and Watanabe froze, seemingly startled.

“Vice-captain agreed?” Doll face was a face of disbelief.

Watanabe was elated. “Hahaha, I can finally have some fun. I heard that the food in China is delicious. I’m about to rot in this apartment, hurry, find the items we can use as disguise; a mask is a must or we would definitely be found out.”

The person with a doll face couldn’t understand why his vice-captain would agree, he would usually use his sleep as an excuse to avoid large scale events.

Why would he agree to watch such a small scaled revival match?

The smart Watanabe tapped his head. “Didn’t you see? Your vice-captain and Spade Z.”


“That bothered expression…”

Hoshino was indeed bothered.

That appearance and vibe clearly belonged to Z, but the youngster in the screen was younger than Z.

The hair colour wasn’t right either; Z had dark hair.

The dressing wasn’t the same either.

The Z he knew, had a habit of wearing black, hooded trench coats and would never allow anyone to see her appearance.

That was clearly unlike the youngster in the screen.

But the feeling that came from that lifted brow couldn’t be wrong.

Z was an expert in disguising.

How had he found the real Z?

It had always been because of the chemistry they had developed throughout years of partnership.

He had to see the youngster in person to clarify certain things.

How had Z become like this?

Hoshino tightened his grip. The next time he lifted his lids, his eyes were brightly lit…