Chapter 732 - Qin Mo’s Revenge

Chapter 732: Qin Mo’s Revenge

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The program’s popularity persisted, but there was a place without television.

Although Han Susu had started the problems in the Han family, her father was the one who was caught.

Their predicament was considered the norm in the circle, but Han Susu couldn’t accept the situation.

The Han family was investigated and their inheritance was all confiscated.

How could Han Susu get used to such a lifestyle?

But some people had an unconventional mindset.

Since she was broke, she decided to become a waitress. Wasn’t that how desolate young ladies meet their prince charming?

The Han family was shunned, but Old Mistress Gu still held a certain authority, hence, they didn’t reject Han Susu

Han Susu seemed to believe she was living in a novel. Even though she was a waitress, she didn’t respect the customers and continued to behave arrogantly as though she was still a young miss of a wealthy household.

Of course, she didn’t think she was in the wrong and saw it as her pride.

When she was feeling down, she started complaining about her grandmother’s ruthlessness.

She didn’t seem to realize that her current benefits were because of her grandmother.

The manager couldn’t seem to stand her any longer because she was unable to control her behaviour.

Han Susu basked in her former glory, taking on the job to meet the people in her previous circle and hoping that someone would take her away.

She still had her looks after all. Han Susu headed straight for the top floor.

Although the manager stopped her, she was unrepentant.

“You can leave if you’re going to continue behaving like this.” The floor manager could no longer endure her spoilt behaviour.

Han Susu paled, pinching her skirt fabric. She couldn’t leave this place.

Just then, a deep voice with a hint of distant commanded, “You can leave.”

Han Susu lifted her head, her expression one of surprise. “Brother Qin!”

She never expected to see anyone familiar.

As was prepared to pounce on him, Qin Mo stuffed a hand in his pocket, taking a step back. Even though his lips were lifted, there wasn’t any warmth in his eyes. “Splashing coke and leading the questioning online. While you were executing such actions, didn’t it occur to you that I’d hunt you down?”

Han Susu froze. “I-I, I didn’t…”

“You did.” Qin Mo took a step forward, lowering his voice. “Why did you do that?”

Han Susu clenched both her hands. “Because he is a disgusting gay. I spent so much money supporting him, but he still treated me with such nonchalance. His official fans are the same, they seem to have paranoia and keep trying to guard against me. Brother Qin, don’t be cheated by him, he’s not at your side to just be a brother, he has an ulterior motive. If it wasn’t for Sister Wu, I would still be in the dark.”

“Her again.” After Qin Mo got his answer, he straightened.

Han Susu felt something amiss.

Just then, Qin Mo added, “Who told you I see him as a brother?”

Han Susu widened her mouth.

Qin Mo then turned towards the floor manager. “Fire her.”

“Yes, Boss Qin.”

Han Susu starting screaming, “Brother Qin, you can’t treat me like this! You’re good friends with my brother, you’ll get retribution for treating me like this!”

Hearing her piercing shrieks echoing through the lobby, Qin Mo wasn’t the least bit bothered.

His slender form was dressed in a black suit, his figure tall and unwavering…