Chapter 733 - Keep an Eye on Wu Zhen

Chapter 733: Keep an Eye on Wu Zhen

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Deputy Assistant Zhang opened the door the moment he saw Qin Mo walking out.

The moment the young master arrived in Jiang City, he asked him for the investigation result before heading over to look for Han Susu; not a moment’s break in between.

Malice clouded his gaze while he was emitting a frosty air.

“Send the man we retracted back to the Wu family.”

Qin Mo sat in the backseat on the smooth sheepskin covers, his ravishing features partially hidden amidst the gradual darkness.

The Wu family wasn’t the same.

Deputy Assistant Zhang held onto the steering wheel, glancing back hesitantly. “The Wus seem to have restrained themselves. Besides, with Old Master An around, sending them back seems…”

“Send them.” Without any other excessivity, his exquisite and defined features were like a porcelain doll, but this wasn’t a commonly seen Qin Mo.

Under normal circumstances, this young master would never alter his decisions.

“Do we continue to watch Miss Wu and report the people she interacts with and the things she does?”

Qin Mo shut his eyes, his legs slightly bent. “Mmh.”

“Yes.” Deputy Assistant Zhang understood. Miss Wu must have managed to hit his bottom-line for him to take such actions.

Just as he was wondering, Qin Mo added, “Head over to the Han family once you are done, bring Old Mrs Han the things she might need.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Even though he was targeting the Han family, he wasn’t going to implicate Old Madam Han, which had always been his young master’s principle.

Old Madam Han was someone worthy of respect and everyone from the army knew about her.

She lacked funds at the moment because after the fall of the Han family, their finances were an utter mess.

Old Madam Han had always been a loyal person, but now, the incompetent descendents were affecting her later years.

It wasn’t a convenient time to send her excessive amounts, hence, Deputy Assistant Zhang followed his orders, withdrawing a sufficient amount to tide her over the days.

The moment he entered, he heard glass shattering.

Han Susu shouted, “Your voice carried weight in the past when everyone depended on your connections, but now that the Han family has fallen, don’t even think about controlling me! Old woman, your heart must be filled with darkness! I’m your biological granddaughter, but now that I have lost my job, you won’t even go to the Qin family to say a few words!”

Old Madam Han clenched her walking stick, her gaze clear.

Han Susu hated the look in her eyes and headed forward, prepared to hit her.

Deputy Assistant Zhang grabbed her arm and pushed her aside, his gaze turning to Old Madam Han.

Old Madam Han shook her head. “I’ve made myself a laughing stock.”

“Don’t say that.” Deputy Assistant Zhang held Old Madam Han in high regards, thus his actions were very respectful.

Old Madam Han shook her head again.

Han Susu scrambled to a corner to hide, afraid that he would harm her like how Qin Mo had.

Deputy Assistant Zhang ignored her, passing Old Madam Han the thick envelope. “Young Master instructed me to pass you this. Back in the days, you would always cook up a feast for the kids in the courtyard. In the future when it gets too tough for you, you can head over to the North Home for Senior Citizens. There are many elderlies like yourself, it won’t be bad living together.”

A simple and clear solution for her old age.

Old Madam Han understood, her eye reddening. “Tell that youngster Mo that Grandma Han isn’t old yet, she’s still aware of things.”