Chapter 734 - Jiu in Female Disguise Again

Chapter 734: Jiu in Female Disguise Again

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“Keep this.” Deputy Assistant Zhang raised his hand in salute. When he passed Han Susu, his gaze was chilly and hostile.

Han Susu wasn’t dumb. The moment she caught sight of the envelope, she knew what it contained. It had been a while since she had seen such a thick stack of cash. She reached out, snatching it over.

Old Madam Han looked at her, pounding the dragon-headed walking stick vigorously. “Beast.”

Han Susu remained unrepentant and smirked. “Old woman, I guess you still have your use. Since you weren’t willing to save me back then, this money can be used to repay your sins.”

Han Susu felt her heart easing as she scolded Old Madam Han. With this money, she could continue to live extravagantly and would never have to return to this empty shell.

If the old woman wanted to spend money to get her brother out, she could dig those out herself.

She would never be able to harm her now.

To celebrate, she decided to have a good meal today.

Oh right, she would first have to get a new set of clothes. It had been a while since she had participated in her circle’s gathering; this time, she had to be pretty…

Deputy Assistant Zhang sat in the car, watching as she went further and further. He turned towards Qin Mo. “Young Master, do we need to…”

“No.” Qin Mo held a pen, filling up a cheque. His tone was calm. “This is the one for Old Madam Han. Han Susu can spend the other, once she gets addicted and isn’t able to kick the habit, someone will deal with her.”

Deputy Assistant Zhang glanced down at the cheque, finally understanding why he had instructed him to prepare that envelope.

The progressions in this world would always have a consequence.

As for Han Susu, she would have been fine if she learnt her lesson, but if she didn’t, her existence would turn into a joke in this superficial circle.

She actually stole her only relative’s money for such petty and vain reasons.

Therefore, she would be paying a hefty price soon.

Deputy Assistant Zhang felt a chill down his back as he asked, “Young Master, did you predict this would happen?”

He allowed her to be dealt with effortlessly.

Qin Mo lifted his lids, glancing at him. “I never instructed her to snatch her grandmother’s money.”

But you predicted it would happen . Deputy Assistant Zhang lifted his lids. It wasn’t hard for his young master to see through someone’s thoughts and analyze how it would affect their actions.

That was also why Chinese organizations were both apprehensive and respectful of him.

It had been a while since his young master had taken care of someone like this.

In fact, it had been such a long time that Deputy Assistant Zhang had started to forget his ways, assuming that business and gaming were the only areas his young master was good in.

Actually, besides him, no one else was aware of the damage this young master could inflict.

But after that incident, he had never touched another case. There was also another issue; no one knew the reasons behind the gap in his young master’s childhood memory.

He, himself, was probably the only one aware of the secrets behind.

Other than his young master, there was also Director Huang who had handled the case with him at that time.

Boss and Madam had both questioned him before, but all Director Huang had said had been to give him time to walk out of it because he didn’t know the details.

Deputy Assistant Zhang still remembered how his young master was at that time; a little confused and stripped off any emotion.

He only managed to regain a hint of a human’s touch after meeting Young Master Fu.

Qin Mo swiped his phone screen.

The youngster’s unique voice played through WeChat. “Brother Mo, I’m at your house.”

After sending the voice message, Bo Jiu lifted her head, smiling towards Madam Zhang, who had brought her some drinks. “Thank you, Madam Zhang.”

Madam Zhang found the girl in front of her extremely familiar, but she couldn’t seem to remember who she was.

That was odd. Who exactly was she…