Chapter 735 - Jiu in Female Disguise Again (2)

Chapter 735: Jiu in Female Disguise Again (2)

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Madam Zhang didn’t dare to stare since there weren’t many people who could enter through the Qin family’s gates.

Moreover, she seemed to be looking for Young Master!

Madam Zhang couldn’t quite believe it and turned to take another peek at the lady.

Just then Bo Jiu caught her scrutinizing gaze and she lifted a brow, breaking into a faint smile. “Madam Zhang, what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing.”

Madam Zhang was in a daze. If only Madam was here! Then they could both analyze this situation.

However, at this moment, she was the only one in the house.

Ah, right, and a cat was there, too.

Princess had been prancing on the coach the entire afternoon, but right now, he was infuriated as though a wicked presence had just entered his territory.

Madam Zhang couldn’t seem to understand why Princess hadn’t pounced over to claw the girl.

In the past, whenever Miss Wu had come, he had attacked her relentlessly!

Why wasn’t he attacking this lady?

Why was he reacting differently?

Only Princess knew.

This demoness had the same smell as a certain someone who always threatened to cut off his tail.


He’s just here in a disguise, meow!

Princess purred ecstatically as Bo Jiu rested her chin lazily on her arm, a cat toy in her other hand.

Princess hated her natural instincts. That cat, who couldn’t help chasing the toy, definitely wasn’t her!


Bo Jiu lifted her lips, seemingly trying to say, a cat won’t be able to win against me, just behave and be an obedient cat.

Princess started to purr again when Bo Jiu bent down, pouring water in her bowl.

Princess smirked. I guess you know your stuff. He lowered his head and stuck his little tongue out to lick the water, his body fat and chubby.

Even then, he still possessed a laziness and elegance no ordinary cat possessed; his thick snowy coat of fur and perfect posture were that of a king.

Bo Jiu reached out to caress his head, waiting patiently for a reply. This image was so harmonious and right that Madam Zhang started to wonder if she was seeing things.

Princess actually allowed a girl to caress him, this was simply unbelievable.

Normally, Young Master had to personally bathe him. If anyone else were to do it, he would always give them a tough time.


Bo Jiu’s phone vibrated, breaking Madam Zhang’s train of thought. Princess shifted his head towards the sound of the vibration.

Bo Jiu pressed the voice message, hearing a familiar deep voice speaking, “I’ll go back now.”

“Alright.” After Bo Jiu replied, she caressed her tummy, sending another note over. “I’m hungry, what are we having later?”

After she had sent the voice message, the Almighty didn’t even bother replying, calling her directly.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “Hey, Brother Mo.”

“What do you want to eat?”

Bo Jiu listened to the sound of the lighter at the other end. Since the Almighty wasn’t picky, she decided lazily, “Meat, spicy hotpot.”

An enigmatic voice replied, “What else do you eat other than hotpot?”

Bo Jiu replied with utmost seriousness, “Rice.”

A burst of laughter erupted.

Was it that funny?

When did the Almighty become so easily amused?