Chapter 736 - Jiu in Female Disguise Again (3)

Chapter 736: Jiu in Female Disguise Again (3)

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“That’s easy.”

Rather than being easy, it would be more accurate to say she only a few specific few things: hot pot, meat, rice, instant noodles, and chocolate lollipops.

Moreover, every time she ate those foods, her entire face would light up in bliss. Remembering this placed a certain someone in a cheery mood.

Qin Mo held his phone, glancing out the windows at the shadows outside. His gaze was filled with warmth and tenderness. “Pass the phone to Madam Zhang.”

Bo Jiu: “Oh.”

Just his voice was enough for Qin Mo to imagine the youngster passing his phone over.

Moments later, someone else came to the phone.

“Hello, Young Master?” Madam Zhang was still doubtful because she couldn’t believe that this lady could contact her Young Master!

Qin Mo said, “Madam Zhang, listen and move further away.”

“Alright.” Madam Zhang was still confused, but followed his words.

Qin Mo spoke calmly, “Prepare hot pot for dinner, with less meat since his eyes get sensitive easily. Cook a pot of rice. I’ll be back in an hour. Heat the rice and let him have some first. Watch him and make sure he drinks more water.”

Madam Zhang widened her eyes. This was the first time her young master had shown such concern to anyone.

Bo Jiu wasn’t accustomed to wearing a skirt. Without pockets, she wasn’t able to carry her sweets. She took a glance at Madam Zhang’s reaction, wondering what her puppy had said to have triggered such a reaction. Why did she seem startled?

“I understand.” Madam Zhang nodded in disbelief.

Qin Mo held his cigarette, lifting his lips into a cheeky smile. “Is he standing by your side trying to eavesdrop on the conversation?”

“Mmh.” Madam Zhang had never seen this side of him.

Qin Mo chuckled deeply. “There’s a packet of sweets in the cupboard in my room. Hand him the chocolate flavored before you cook…”

“Yes, Sir.”

After the call ended, Madam Zhang took another look at the lady. This was starting to become so unbelievable because her young master actually instructed her to give this lady candy and he seemed to have specifically prepared it. Something was definitely amiss.

Bo Jiu blinked under her scrutiny. Madam Zhang seemed to be treating her as a foreign object.

However, soon after, she tossed the matter aside since Madam Zhang returned with a bag full of lollipops.

With food, life was perfect.

Bo Jiu sucked on the lollipop as she flipped open the magazine, prepared to make the Almighty straight again using this stance.

If it didn’t work, she would think about other methods.

Qin Mo would never be able to guess what the youngster was thinking about and he would never be able to predict the outfit she was dressed in.

The moment Qin Mo entered the house and caught sight of the slender figure sitting beside the piping hot steamboat, he stilled.

Madam Zhang was the first one to notice his arrival. “Young Master.”

Bo Jiu turned towards him, her trademark smile spreading across her face. Her eyes were slightly lifted, but she had no longer the same hair colour. A long mess of hair was spreading across her back. Even so, the face remained the same. Dressed in a black lace dress, she exuded a hint of elegance. The mole beneath her eyes gleamed under the lights, alluring and mesmerising.

Their eyes met and Qin Mo gaze deepened instantly…