Chapter 737 - Jiu in Female Disguise Again (4)

Chapter 737: Jiu in Female Disguise Again (4)

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The next second, before Madam Zhang could react, her young master pulled the girl up to the second floor.

This… this!

Madam Zhang raised her hands to cover her mouth, her entire expression changing.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. Before she could speak, she was pressed against the door.

Qin Mo glanced down while his gaze was approaching and his breath carrying a hint of coldness from outside.

He hadn’t forgotten why he concluded he was gay.

His dreams were all of the person in front of him because he had dreamt of ripping the youngster’s clothes a countless number of times.

Right now, was he out of his mind?

He had the guts to cross-dress in front of him after his confession?

Qin Mo exerted strength.

Bo Jiu never intended to retaliate. Instead, she gazed straight into his eyes, her lips upturned. “Brother Mo, do you think girls are better right now?”

The surge of heat within him calmed instantly.

Qin Mo looked at her, his voice frosty. “Is that the reason you cross-dressed? Just to tell me that a girl is better?”

Bo Jiu wasn’t dumb, she knew the Almighty had been angered by her actions.

Qin Mo’s gaze hardened. Without any hint of warmth. Even his elegance wasn’t able to suppress that coldness. “I like guys and I will always like guys. Does my attraction make you that uneasy? To the point you cross-dressed just to change me? I guess you really can’t accept me, but my intentions aren’t going to change. Keep your thoughts, stop making me angry.”

Bo Jiu opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, a familiar coldness covered her lips.

This was someone without any warmth.

His entire body was cold, just like his heart at the moment.

Bo Jiu was so fixated on converting him that she seemed to have forgotten something: Someone’s sexual preference couldn’t be altered.

Even if she didn’t want the Almighty to be gay.

But… she also realized that it was just her desire and this was reality.

Amidst her daze, the thin lips inched towards her ear with a hint of a threat. “Jiu, you don’t seem to know your brother that well, I never let go of the things I’m attracted to.”

Qin Mo kept his hands, his back straight. Somehow, his voice carried a hint of hostility. “Change before coming back down.”

Bo Jiu stood at the same spot, watching the disappearing figure, the lights darkening.

Should she maintain a distance?

The Almighty’s attitude was clear, he didn’t like the female her.

But she was female…

Bo Jiu lifted her lids, her gaze dark with an underlying resolve.

However, it was fine as they didn’t belong in the same world and her life as Young Master Fu would end in a month.

Before leaving, she would be confess everything.

Then she would forget her life here.

Bo Jiu pulled on her black t-shirt, showing a dagger stuck between her waist.

She lowered her eyes while laughing.

This was the very reason she couldn’t be Fu Jiu.

She was Bo Jiu, born in the darkness and bound to the darkness.

She would always carry a knife ━ just like she would never give up on being a hacker.

With that very resolve, they would end as rivals; never friends and definitely not… anything else.

Bo Jiu glanced at her hand. Lifting a side of her lips as the silvery strands fell downwards, a hint of loneliness was surrounding her…