Chapter 738 - Mo Jiu

Chapter 738: Mo Jiu

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Madam Zhang had wanted to ask her young master who the lady was, but the moment she caught sight of his stoic expression, she forced the question down her throat.

While setting the cutlery, she heard another deep voice. “When did he come?”

“Around 5 pm, she has been waiting for the entire time.” Madam Zhang studied Qin Mo’s expression, having no clue about his thoughts.

It wasn’t until the silver-haired youngster came walking down in a black t-shirt that Madam Zhang widened her eyes. “Just, just now, that…”

That young lady was Young Master Jiu?!

That explained her young master’s concern.

If she was Young Master Jiu, everything would add up.

But… were boys all like that now?

They liked cross-dressing?

Bo Jiu noticed Madam Zhang’s expression, turning to smile at her.

Madam Zhang hadn’t processed the situation. After all, the ravishing youngster was a stark contrast to the beautiful lady from before.

“Let’s eat.” Qin Mo’s voice appeared calmer now.

Madam Zhang knew her young master wasn’t feeling too happy at the moment, but she wasn’t sure of the reasons behind his feelings.

This hotpot was probably their quietest meal, which wasn’t how they had interacted in the past.

The youngster in particular didn’t have much to say.

However, Bo Jiu remained respectful. After finishing her meal, she even waved her goodbye. “Madam Zhang, I’ll head off now, thank you for the hotpot.”

When Madam Zhang came out while wiping her hands, she was only in time to see the youngster’s smile.

Qin Mo tightened his grip around his cup, his fingers turning white from the pressure. He stood up. “I’ll send you.”

“It’s still early, I’ll just order a cab online, it’s rather convenient.” Bo Jiu flashed the phone screen at him, showing the order page.

Qin Mo didn’t say much.

After the youngster had left, Madam Zhang realized that something was amiss.

Under normal circumstances, her young master would think of all sorts of excuses to make Young Master Jiu stay the night.

Even if he didn’t stay, her young master would personally send him back.

But this time, he just stood outside. After some time, it started to become windy.

Deputy Assistant Zhang hesitated slightly before walking out with a coat, his tone soft. “Young Master, head back in, it’s getting late.”

Qin Mo’s fingers twitched. At that moment, he couldn’t even feel the cold.

Deep inside, there seemed to be a void within him, allowing the wind in; an empty space.

He never considered the possibility of not being able to convert that person.

The distance between them was obvious.

When he felt it emitting from the youngster, Qin Mo questioned himself again.

What was so good about him?

If he wanted someone good looking, they were plenty out there.

If he wanted someone more gently, they were everywhere…

“Young Master.” Deputy Assistant Zhang called out again.

Qin Mo lowered his head to light up a cigarette, smoke clouding the area. “Call the Fu family, ask if Young Master Jiu has returned safely.”

“Yes.” Deputy Assistant Zhang swept a glance over his hand. “Young Master, the revival match is tomorrow, take care of your hand.”

Qin Mo took large strides into the darkness, allowing the cold air to envelope his body.

Meanwhile in Fu mansion, Chen Xiaodong answered the call.

When he went through, he glanced towards the second floor.

“Mmh, yes, Young Master is back, yes…”

Honestly, there seemed to be something wrong with his young master.

How should he put it? His young master didn’t say much, even his smile wasn’t the same as normal and he went straight into his room after coming back.

Was he perhaps stressed by the revival match?