Chapter 739 - Passionate Revival

Chapter 739: Passionate Revival

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Chen Xiaodong couldn’t find an answer.

While a group was having fun, the one who couldn’t fit in would feel unusually lonely. Chen Xiaodong felt as if he was this certain someone.

This day was the day of the revival match.

This was considered the last chance for the Supreme Alliance members.

The youngster used his skateboard, moving like the wind through the long lanes while the fans waited in enthusiasm outside the arena.

The fans support remained unwavering because they knew Supreme Alliance was here!

However, that wasn’t all.

What really sent the fans ablaze was the return of that person!


The doors flew open.

The first ones who entered wore a pure black uniform, which flew with the wind.

The female fans couldn’t help gasping.

The media had once said that the reaction Qin Mo aroused was definitely no less than an A-list superstar.

Especially at this moment as he positioned himself in front of the car with a straight posture and his perfect side profile. The white bandage wrapped around his left hand was spreading like thousand petals of a blooming flower while he remained cold and indifferent.

The words Supreme Alliance flew high and mighty in the winds.

When the teams at the sight caught sight of them, they knew it wouldn’t be an easy battle because Qin Mo was back.

Qin Mo prompted teams who weren’t participating to be present as an audience as they wanted to see if Qin Mo had recovered and how good his skills were at the moment.

Meanwhile in the rest area, Lin Feng bent to adjust his shoelace. In the next moment, his arm naturally headed towards Yun Hu’s shoulder. “Worried?”

“Why would I?” Yun Hu turned with his lips lifted in arrogance.

They were dressed in the same uniform and standing together, they seemed like a fitting pair.

The revival match wasn’t just a test of their skills, it also challenged their ability to withstand stress and their stamina.

That’s right, stamina because it was chain of vigorous battles.

Five matches in a day and each matches would go on for about two hours.

Such intensity wasn’t only a harsh test to the participant’s eyes, they also had to consider their battle strategy and how they were going to recover their hands after each match.

Every team had to asses their member’s physical condition and acceptance before arranging the sequence.

It wasn’t the same as the battle strategy.

Qin Mo held a cigarette between his slender fingers, looking as ravishing as a celebrity. “Make it quick, don’t waste time.”

A short few words.

Lin Feng lifted his brows and turning towards Bo Jiu, who was still fastening her attire. “Little Spade, if I were to translate his words, it would mean: Don’t back down, just go all out.”

“A fast win would be good.” The youngster lifted his lids, his shining white front tooth biting onto his zipper. With a sharp pull, his uniform was fastened. The cheeky smile was still on his face. “How else are we going to show our skills?”

“Heh.” Both of them were the same kind; shameless.

However, they had to be mindful of the other member’s feelings.

While others were discussing strategies, both were trying to reduce the competition duration.

“Take it easy, if you kill so quickly, Sister Yao and Baby Feng won’t be able to keep up.” Lin Feng opened a bottle while eyeing Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu returned his glance with a smile. Without a word, she rolled up her sleeves, a lollipop dangling in her mouth as she stretched her legs out leisurely. She was relaxed with a confident sly air around her.

“It’s about time.” Yin Wuyao leaned against the wall, glancing down at his watch.