Chapter 740 - Hoshino

Chapter 740: Hoshino

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Qin Mo’s gaze remained calm, his tone poise yet impactful. “Let’s go.”

With his command, everyone stood up. Even with their contrasting stance and appearance, their uniform attire led to a frenzy.

Under the lights, the camera focused as they walked out.

It seemed as though something exploded because even the cameras were able to capture the glow radiating from the audience’s eyes.

“Supreme Alliance ━ Victory!”

This was the genuine response from the supporters since they didn’t want them to just stop here.

They wanted them to continue winning!

“I never expected Supreme Alliance to be this popular.”

At the extreme end of the spectator stand, a lip was upturned. Just a look at the person’s figure was enough to know that he looked good.

However, he was bundled up tightly and lowered the brim of his cap in order to avoid the fans at his side.

At his left was a lanky figure, his dark gaze fixed onto the silver haired youngster. A ray of light flashed onto his sharp nose bridge, exposing his handsome features.

Although he didn’t say a word, it was obvious he was the heart of the group.

“Aiyayaya, there sure is a lot of Chinese people.”

With them was a doll-faced child, who wore black rimmed spectacles and was carrying a backpack. He pushed his spectacles upwards as he studied the area. “We can only see such a huge crowd during the national competition, revival matches don’t usually attract this many people.”

“There’s a difference in the country’s population. And why are you carrying a teddy bear bag? It’s so childish.” Watanabe flicked his bag.

The doll-faced person widened his eyes. “You don’t understand, this is a disguise!”

As a quarrel was about to erupt, the one on the middle said leisurely with a smooth voice, “Let’s find a seat.”

“Ah? I know!” The child-like person reached out. “Vice-captain, are you looking for a place to sleep? I bought seats in the quietest area, it’ll be suitable to nap if the competition gets too boring.”

“What do you mean by rest? Look at the beautiful girls around.” Watanabe had always been a typical casanova. Some people even believed that he fell in love with esports and had never been faithful to anything else.

The three of them sat down, but only Hoshino was focusing on the arena.

Another was playing on his phone while the third pushed down the brim of his cap.

Basically, they didn’t care about the revival match.

They were, after all, international esports players.

It wasn’t arrogance, but rather an understandable reaction.

When the revival match began, the sign above reflected a clear row of words.


The member of Supreme Alliance ━ Qin Mo!

That was the only name in sight.

The scattered rainbow lights merged into one while whispers came from all corners, discussing the person in front of the computer.

Elegant, ravishing, emotionless. Such a person ignited an emotion within his opponent; chilling fear.

Was Supreme Alliance really here for a revival match?

They were clearly here to reclaim their place!

Almighty Qin started the competition.

Didn’t they consider the competitor’s emotion at all?!