Chapter 741 - Qin Mo’s First Battle after Returning

Chapter 741: Qin Mo’s First Battle after Returning

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The starting music blast through the speakers.

Before the audience could react, Qin Mo’s slender fingers were already on the keyboard.

The computer version of Hero was unlike the mobile version as hand agility was essential.

However, Qin Mo appeared unhurried and composed.

When the audience finally processed, they realized he was using one hand to operate while the other was just there as an aid.

His competitor was infuriated. Impatient, he dashed out of the wilderness, prepared for an ambush!

At this moment, there was an abrupt shift in Qin Mo’s movements, but the opponent didn’t seem to detect it.

Only the audience, who had a full view, could tell.

Qin Mo was switching the page rapidly, shifting before anyone could remember the order.

Before the audience could understand what he was doing, they heard the clear tapping of the keyboard.

The mess on the screens didn’t seem to affect Qin Mo’s performance because once the mouse was adjusted, he made a clean kill.

In this moment, everyone witnessed as the brilliant glow morphed into a pike!

The sharp edge advanced at a tremendous speed, seeming like a shooting star heading straight for the person who assumed an ambush was impossible!

The opponent wanted to hide, but it was too late.

The gun straightened and it was the end.

His movements seemed to slow as he turned, trying to stab Qin Mo’s character.

Hand speed aside, before he could even figure out the images, a flash of light exploded on the screen.


The first kill!

He was dead.

And the person in front of him.

Black strands pressed against the headphone. Qin Mois side profile was perfect and defined, his movements maintaining his speed.

He wasn’t just fast, the movements were also extremely stable.

After he had died, it didn’t even take a second until his defense tower was attacked!

The audience fell into a sea of silence. Motionless, they could only gasp with their mouths wide open.

They were still thinking of how Almighty Qin moved his fingers, but the speed was too fast for them to remember.

“Explain,” Qin Mo spoke at this moment.

Even the shoutcaster required his reminder.

“Cough, Almighty Qin’s attack…”

But before the shoutcaster could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by another eruption of cheers.

The audience didn’t need an explanation, all they wanted was a replay!

How could Almighty Qin kill with such feelings?

He conveniently destroyed a tower, killing the entire way.

In less than a few minutes, the match was over.

In fact, it lasted indeed only a few minutes.

Bo Jiu leaned her chin lazily on her hand, her long tilted eyes lifting at Qin Mo’s movements. When the cameras captured that smile, the audience exploded once again!

“The Chinese fans are so passionate, I’m envious.” The doll-faced person took in their reaction, a hint of yearning in his tone.

Hoshino focused on the middle of the screen; the fleeting glimpse of the youngster and that ever familiar expression.

Other than Z, there wasn’t anyone else like that.

But how did she disguise herself to look that much younger?

“The captain of Supreme Alliance isn’t bad,” Watanabe remarked lazily as he swept a slow glance towards the screen, his narrowing gaze deep. “Not bad at all.”

The person with the doll face was still young, laughing nonchalantly. “No matter how good he is, he won’t be able to beat you. Besides, there’s also Vice-captain ”