Chapter 742 - Qin Mo’s Movements Are Average

Chapter 742: Qin Mo’s Movements Are Average

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Watanabe remained silent.

He was rarely so serious. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Watanabe was probably analyzing how he would resolve such an attack. After he was done, he broke into a smile. “Even though it isn’t bad, it isn’t invincible.” The attack wasn’t without flaw. After thinking it through, it wasn’t that great.

The doll-faced person couldn’t understand why he was bothering about the captain of a team which was participating in a revival match ━ all he wanted to see was the skills of the person who had won against him.

Of course, he didn’t think that person was that great since his teammates had been the backup players and not his real partners.

However, he had to admit that his movements had indeed been ravishing.

He pondered, tilting his head. Just then, he stilled.

His vice-captain wasn’t asleep, instead, he was watching the competition.

This was unbelievable because whenever they attended such events, he would be asleep.

“Supreme Alliance won this round.” Watanabe was suddenly interested. His arm was leaning against the railing while a thumb was caressing his lips and his gaze was watching Qin Mo as he moved his mouse. “Such a player makes me want to play as well.”

Hoshino lowered his lids, following his gaze.

The doll-faced person spoke softly, “Watanabe, hurry back to your seat, there’s someone looking at you again.”

“Such a bother, if I had known, I would have worn a mask.” Watanabe lowered his cap, retreating back to his seat.

At this moment, they weren’t that fearful of female fans because male fans were more frightening.

Since those who gamed were mostly males, guys were more likely to watch gaming tutorials once they entered the gaming world.

Thus as a familiar face of many international competitions, it was more possible for Watanabe to be recognized by a male.

If not, the group of otakus wouldn’t be taking so many glances at him.

The doll-faced person was starting to worry. “Why don’t we leave?”

“How can we leave when they just started?” It wasn’t easy for him to be let out for a breather. Besides, Watanabe genuinely found the captain’s playing style interesting.

The doll-faced person appeared slightly depressed. “We came out without informing the club, if we are discovered…”

“They can blame me,” Hoshino replied with a smile.

The doll-faced person paused, startled by his comment. Vice-captain had never acted in such a way before; was he perhaps unwell?

“It’s over.” A hunter’s gleam started to shine within Watanabe’s eyes. “How long did he take to win?”

The person with the doll face wasn’t interested. “What’s so interesting? The opponent’s too green, if you play with a bit more effort, you would be able to win this quickly as well.”

While he remarked this, he seemed to have completely forgotten that Qin Mo was using one hand to play and the other one was just serving as an aid.

Which meant that this wasn’t his true ability.

Once the battle was over, the opponent removed his headphones, his head falling in despair. After a moment, he seemed to have grievances. “Almighty Qin, can you go all out the next time we compete?”

Qin Mo took a moment to consider. “Alright.”

Just one word, but didn’t that mean he admitted to not going all out?

“Almighty Qin, in this moment, you could be a little humane by praising me.”

How could he admit it so readily? His fans were still watching!

Qin Mo turned back towards the person. “Your ambush isn’t bad, but be careful of being killed.”

That person: …

If it was this sort of compliment, he would rather be without it!