Chapter 743 - What’s Wrong with Those Two?

Chapter 743: What’s Wrong with Those Two?

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The next competition flashed across the screen as the 2v2 competitors stood up.

Yun Hu and Lin Feng ━ the Yun Feng couple, which had most rapport!

Once the opponents saw the name list, they stood up.

Supreme Alliance was too much.

And they said they weren’t stirring up trouble?

Both the 1v1 and 2v2 were their strongest line-up.

What exactly were they up to?

Actually, the Supreme Alliance wasn’t planning on doing anything since they were purely thinking about the nature of the match.

The revival competition was unlike the National League, this was a cycle.

Once they had won both the 1v1 and 2v2, there wasn’t a need for the 5v5, which would reduce the stress placed on the other players’ stamina and could also save time.

This meant basically: Don’t back down, just go all out.

The opponents started to blame their luck. They had never expected the revival match to be with Supreme Alliance.

The captain of the opposing team was an experienced member.

He headed directly for the Alliance chat even before the competition had started.

Zi Zhapao: “Supreme Alliance, do you dare to give us concession?!”

He meant that even if their team lost, he still had the win the verbal battle.

Zhao Sanpang loved the hustle. “Aiyaya, it started, Lao Zi, I bet a hundred no one would dare respond to your post.”

Lin Chentao commented, “Two hundred.”

“Three hundred,” a lazy female voice added.

Bo Jiu lifted her lips, sending a video over with the caption, “Almighty Zi, you’re too kind, we have always been giving concessions, why wouldn’t we dare?”

Zi Zhapao: …

Zhao Sanpang could only say, “F*ck, Little Spade, how can you be so heartless?!”

“One hundred, Almighty Pang. I accept both bank transfer or an electronic red packet,” Bo Jiu replied with a voice message.

Zhao Sanpang lowered his stance.

This was the harmonious interaction in the chat.

Zi Zhapao: “Honestly, how strong is Qin Mo? He didn’t even unleash his full strength today.”

“You’ll have to wait till he meets me.” Zhao Sanpang exhaled deeply. “I understand that he has always been anticipating the match against me since we are the ultimate rivals, but if we were to compete based on appearance, he wouldn’t be able to win against me.”

Zi Zhapao grabbed his own hair. He must have been crazy to have brought these matters to the chat.

However, he was happy to be able to compete with such a strong team and that could open the team’s eye to the talents out there.

In the 2v2, they lost as expected.

The team was dispirited.

Zi Zhapao pat one of them on the shoulder. “If this year doesn’t work out, we can always come again the next year and then face them again.”

His eyes lit up. “Mmh!”

They weren’t afraid of losing, but being blamed for the loss.

But in a good team, there would never be blame.

Supreme Alliance took them down swiftly.

With this vigour, they won down two matches.

The fans were ecstatic.

All in all, this was clearly a joyous event, but something cropped up.

Lin Feng tilted to the side, watching the youngster play on his phone while his captain sipped on his water. Even though this was a common scene from before…

The two of them didn’t seem to have spoken to the other.

Was that only his illusion?

What was wrong with them?