Chapter 744 - Handsome Spade Z Is up Next

Chapter 744: Handsome Spade Z Is up Next

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Before Lin Feng could ask, Bo Jiu had already stood up, a left hand on her slender neck was pulling it to the left.

“It’s finally my turn.”

Her personality and the way she wore her gear were so fitting.

She never fastened the zipper entirely, this time exposed the white t-shirt inside.

When she stood up, the t-shirt straightened.

But that wasn’t even all ━ because the crowd went crazy.

Not for any other reason, but for the small row of words imprinted on the youngster’s t-shirt.

Supreme Alliance. Spade Z.

The words were black, written in a beautiful calligraphic style and followed by a green emblem.

Everyone knew what this emblem represented: It was the principle behind the initial formation of the Spade fans.

Support wasn’t just superficial.

They strived to accomplish positivity.

But why would that shirt…?

The official supporters stood up, wrapping a hand over their mouths before they relegated to a screaming mess. “That-that’s, the fans…”

Yes, that was the supporter t-shirt which all Spade Z’s fans wore.

No one expected the youngster to be wearing that!

Only fans would understand this emotion.

The youngster turned over, directing a smile in their direction. Her teeth were gleaming and her eyes deep.

Because of their immense adoration, they couldn’t seem to forget the image of his failure.

Not too long ago, the youngster stood in this arena filled with battle scars, splashed by coke and being subjected to harsh accusations and disdain.

Strong people would never allow their scars to be exposed when they came back.

That clear tap of the keyboard!

The moment the animation blasted, all they could see was the wind-like movement. The assassin’s glow was spreading from behind him, dashing and nourishing to the eye.

The youngster sat in front of the computer. The headphone cable was resting on his shoulders and his flawless white side profile was ravishing.

A hint of a smile tainted his pale lips as his eyes were staring at the screen lazily.

His expressions magnified on the screens. He looked calm and composed with his curled lashes.

Whether you liked him or not as an esports player, you had to admit that he was handsome.

Her fingers flew across the keyboard, so quick no one could see their landing clearly.

One hand continuously switched between the different map angles.

A series of map switches appeared on the screen.

The commentators were in a daze!

That-that was so fast, how was he going to comment?

Some believed that esports was about preparation and patience.

No doubt, that applied, but sometimes, when you meet someone with such god-like speed, no amount of attack power would be useful because he could always escape your attack!

The cannon clearly aimed at the incoming figure, but with a shift and a bayonet in his hand, he dodged the flames.


Without a glance backwards, the bayonet was lifted with a gleaming ray and chilliness.

No one could win Spade Z, the assassin, in close combat.

A series of skills exploded with suppressed speed, attack and retreat before the final blow!


“Beautiful!” The shoutcaster pumped his fist on the table uncontrollably.

The audience glanced over, their expression obvious. There was finally something slow enough for you to comment.

Shoutcaster: … You were blaming me now?!